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Beautiful poetryI especially connected with the later poems in this book where I felt her true soul was being laid bare Those painful images resonated with me I felt the journey these poems took you on was very emotional The prose was sometimes abstract and sometimes vivid but always beautiful This collection was raw and real and worth reading Won this in a giveaway Although I love poetry I did not enjoy this collection It felt very awkward and juvenile and throughout the whole book I felt I was reading lines from hal. In this emotional thriller of contemporary prose and poetic reflections you will discover the many sides to love from nrestrained joy of the first flutter of a new romance to the pain of heartbreak and the journey to healing and finding the inspiration to try at lov.

Lmark cards or nfinished song lyrics Heartfelt poems pour from every page of this bookI found this poetry collection well written and oddly moving with each piece all of which are short and punchy evoking a different part of a love affair a rich tapestry of love showing in an extremely creative imaginative way all the good and not so good elements of love With a colorful picture the initial poems are partially inspired by a hummingbird Then we experience a tightrope a free fall and a trusting of the fall Through analo. E againIt is organized in the following three sections; The Love In the Dark and The Light to help you connect immediately to the emotion you are experiencingWith poems as short as the four lines of Sparks to longer and thought provoking verse such as Wasted there is.

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Gy metaphor and sumptuous verses the author entrances s with words and tastes The sound of a piano a poem brilliantly orchestrated with words flames and music all telling How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose us of the different stages of a love affair and much And amidst this a bracing for the fall This is an extremely creative imaginative collection each poem related to the one before and the one after the whole of the book creating an enduring tapestry of a love of all love Two thumbsp and five stars for a niue collection by a writer of exuisite poetr. Something for everyone to connect to as their ownAnd whether you are picking it p in a snatched moment during a busy day or settling down for an evening of reading with a relaxing glass of wine When Love Rises offers something that will touch the soul of any reader.

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Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers' FavoriteWhen Love Rises by Michelle G Stradford is a contemporary poetry book which would appeal most to young adults and adults who love poetry as well as romance lovers The book holds a diverse collection of contemporary poetry and reflections that explore the many different sides of love The author explores themes like heartbreak new love and reliving past love The book is split into three sections that divide the poems into the categories of love rising in the dark and the light Are you ready for your very soul to be touched by the emotions these poems evoke during readingWhen Love Rises by Michelle G Stradford is a well written poetry collection that I found myself getting wrapped up in very uickly I really liked that the author did not force the poems to all be long poems but rather wrote each poem to the perfect length for both the topic and the emotion that the poem was meant to express So many authors ruin their poems by trying to force them to be longer than they should be so I was much relieved to find that was not the case with these masterpieces My favorite poem in the book was “Summer”; the poem was so vivid that I could really picture it in my head and it felt like there could be a whole story behind the poem Overall this book took me on an emotional roller coaster as each poem truly showed me a different side of love and each one was imbued with such emotion that I felt like I could connect to each poem on a personal level