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The super slow burns that take an entire book for just a kiss the books that take several books to develop believable and meaningful relationships between the characters with kissing and sex sprinkled throughout the way it would be in a regular romance novel and the books that are erotica than romance This book falls into the latter category It s a light read with scorching ot scenes that will ave you grabbing your significant other or your battery operated boyfriend when you reach the end If you re a fan of the authors erotica or reverse arem I recommend this one to you There are tiny bits of mm action like touching and licking though no sex or side relationships occur between the Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, heroes Reversearem and a bodyguard themeClove is a girl in danger and Seb Leo Ford and Zac are Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society her security detail for the past six yearsLots of sexual tension and when the five of them end up alone running away from a murderer they will notesitate to explore these feelings of lustThere is no serious plot and there is also an other woman drama that got in my nerves I also did not particularly liked Clove The guys were interesting but after a while there all looked the same to me I couldn t distinguish which one s point of view I was readingI believe for a ot boring summer night it is an okay read 3 Sexfest Stars Reverse Harem romances are not for everyone as its predictably a sexfest Although Share Me is no different we at least get an enjoyable storylineClove Sterling is only 17 years old when she inherits er four saviours better known as P.S. Im Pregnant her security team As the daughter of a politician Cloveasn t Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, had a typical upbringing because she s been groomed for the limelightIntegral Defense Securityave been Cult Science Fiction Films hired to protect Clove SterlingThe teamFord CrossLeo King Sebastian Constantine Zac StoneFast forward 6 years Clove is a young woman starved of attention affection and sexual gratificationFour men that eually adore and lust after Clove ander golden vaginaThis story started strong the plot line interesting Unfortunately once the 5 of them gave into the temptation there was an abundance of polyamorous loving Can one actually say too much Yep It s not competing if you share I really like this author pairing so I was excited to see Crime and Punishment how they wouldandle a reverse Sailor Moon Episode Lists harem book And I liked it As you can imagine they packed it full of dirty nasty sex But there was also a fairly decent storyline as well All four guys were smokinot and sexy as fuck and the Attentions Throbbing heroine was uite likable and not a virginthank god However I wasn t a fan of the clich OW drama Both these authors are fantastic writers and they don t need to fall back on overused clich OW stuff to make a story awesome Itonestly just made me roll my eyes because the whole scenario was one I Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, have read in about 5000 other romance books at this point Plus the whole besties thing at the end was ridiculous But as I am always saying I am WAY over OW stuff in my romance books at this point I m sure it won t bother many people and that is fine To each their own rightOverall though this was a great read and I am dying to get myands on CHOKE ME. Uded and alone lines blur and control uickly loses to needSomeone is trying to snuff out my life but they may not get the chance if I’m devoured whole by my saviors fir.

For the most part I enjoyed this story So why not stars you may ask Wellsome of the dramas just felt a tad forced and in parts a little poin Genre Erotica Reverse HaremType Book 1 of KKinky Reads collectionPOV First Person MultipleRating Clove Sterling always Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 had someone arranginger life As the daughter of a igh profile politician everything was about maintaining an image and safety with a security team comprised of four men that looked out for er After a traumatic event the team took Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity her to a secluded secured location where the close contact making theeat between them too much to ignore If she s going to carry on a sexual relationship with four men all at once then she s going to The Doughboys have to trainer cunt to take four dicks like a champ Being a reverse 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] harem book this one was appropriately dirty There were many variations of sex scenes to keep things enticing However there were little teasesere and there that I wish turned into full blown scenes Four sharks swimming in 3 StarsARC Generously Provided by AuthorsK Webster Futurity happens to be one of my favorite authors She can take my mind to some pretty dark places but she alsoas written some fabulous romantic comedies She tends to write a lot of seriously dirty erotic novellas and SHARE ME falls in the last category I m almost always automatically signing up to review Ouija in Suburbia her books It s like a reflex I can t control I saw a teaser but didn t really pay attention to the blurb I was expecting an MFM romance but instead I found myself reading a reversearem story I ve never read a romance between one woman and four men Let me just say there isn t much of a story to be ad ere just some truly erotic and downright dirty sexy timesI can t even say this ever was a fantasy of mine and I m not sure Lenora how a normal woman could possiblyandle four men all at once A porn star maybe Is it even possible to love four men at the same time What man would want to share one woman with three other dudes Have any of these people Caz Sanatı heard of using a condom There is never a mention of wearing protection and I don t recall Clove ever saying she was on birth control This was just an out of control never ending orgy I m not going to lie the sex is superot but this really isn t my favorite trope and there was a little journey into the MM side which I did not love at all That being said I ended up reading the entire story and my eyes might Desire Sensibility have popped out uite a few times The book is entertaining but definitely eye rolling inducing as well This is purely meant to be a guilty pleasure read and it does it serves its purposeHere are my overall ratingsHeroes 3Heroine 2Plot 2Angst 1Steam 5Chemistry Between Heroes Heroine 5 SHARE ME releases on May 9th I always want to read the writing of Ker Dukey and K Webster but the two of them together Hell yes Bring it on That said I was a bit disappointed with this one and I know itas everything to do with my expectation and nothing with these amazing writers Besides this being a panty melting reverse arem there is not much of a real story Share Me is a uick ot sexy as fuck read that will leave you The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green hot and bothered. From international bestselling authors Ker Dukey and K Webster comes a steamy reversearem standalone story from their KKinky Reads collection They ave one jobKeep me

I was expecting either a MFM or MMF story but got a whole lot of the MM s Since reverse arem reads are not my choice of read I still am giving this 3 simply because of the dynamic duo Part of Dukey Webster s KKinky Reads collection 5 Sharing Practicing History has never been soot stars But these guys no these virile men stare at me as though my depravity is something to be worshipped and adored It as me tapping into my bravery I m not William s prissy girlfriend any I m not Dad s little media princessI am theirsTheir woman Their whore Their dirty dirty girl Read 2019Re read 30th July 2020GODThis was the Hottest Filthiest S Clove Sterling as been sheltered Some Thing Black her entire life byer politician father For the past six years McClellans Other Story her four security guards kept careful watch and also becameer confidantes Currently at 23 years old Clove wants to act on Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? her fantasies and make all four guyser own in every way When a threat arises Clove believes this may be Leonardo da Vinci her chance I m going to combust No same person could survive these men You dave to be a saint not to want them I m no saint Being a reverse Enkätboken harem theme in the KKinky Reads collection I was expecting a dirty story The kinkery was definitelyot with Clove being wanton and all four guards filling Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy her to the brim yet I wasoping for to occur However I liked Play Me, Im Yours how the men shared Clove andow she was insatiable But if she s going to carry on a sexual relationship with four men all at once then she s going to Health at Every Size have to trainer cunt to take four dicks like a champ As for the four men each The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy had a uniue personality and offering Sebastian is definitely sexy but Zac won me over completely Overall I likedow Clove was comfortable with Polvere alla polvere her sexuality Share Me is a uick and kinky read that will appeal to those looking for a dirty fix I look forward to reading additional books from the KKinky Reads collection An ARC was provided in exchange for anonest review This was a FBR with Twinsie HawkeyFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit Share Me by K Webster and Ker Dukey is the first book from their steamy KKinky Reads collection It s a change your panties when you re done reverse Wyoming Triple Heat harem standalone involving a politician s daughter ander security team If you ve ever read anything by the K Webster and Ker Dukey dream team you know they do steam well and this book is no exception Clove Sterling An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery has liveder life in a bubble trying Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy her best to be the perfect daughter Whener mother dies unexpectedly ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე her fatherires a security team for protection She uickly develops a crush on I, Claudius her sexy bodyguards but the guys always keep things professional between them Seven years later Clove s life is in jeopardy and the team is there to keeper safe After whisking er away to a tiny secluded cabin in the woods the sexual tension between them becomes too much to bear One indiscretion leads to another and soon she s being shared by 4 gorgeous alphas Now that she s ad a taste of Chicken Soup for the Soul her greatest fantasy she never wants it to stop Sharing Me is a uickot read that will leave you craving If you re a reverse Misbehaving harem fan you know there are different kinds of stories in this subgenre There are. AfeBut none of us are safe against the allure weave when we're togetherControl and professionalism used to be something they prided themselves onBut now that we're secl.

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