Marvin S. Antelman: Encyclopedia of Chemical Electrode Potentials

Published EMF data we found that the compilations often paid no attention to disparate conditions and varying pressures and electrolyte concentrationsTo achieve a useful compilation we resorted to Nernst euation thermodynamic calculations to reconcile disparate data We also uti­lized certain relationships to calculate EMF values for inclusion in our tables from association constants.

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This book is an attempt to compile the most comprehensive listing of chemical electrode potentials to date In compiling this encyclopedia many papers articles and publi­ cations often with contradictory data were consulted Of all the par­ published material available the authors found the following of particular interest## G Milazzo and S Caroli Tables of Standard Electrode Poten­.

Tials John Wiley and Sons Inc 1978## A J deBethune and N A Swendeman Loud Standard Aue­ous Electrode Potentials and Temperature Coefficients at 25°C Clifford A Hempel 1964## W Mansfield Clark Oxidation Reduction Potentials of Organic Systems The Williams and Wilkins Co 1960However it was our intent also to include unpublished complex forma­ tion EMF data Further when we consulted.