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This book introduces young readers to some of history s most interesting and influential characters this is a short and sweet biography that has great photographs and gives the world context into which she gave her life to Jesus and the poorest of the poor Also this book is a photographic story of life The general age range for this book is advance because the vocabulary and the story is complicated and definitely is for biggest students The illustrations of this book present the setting and the subject in an accurate manner Also the biographers made use of archival photographs to highlight the subject personalities and lives I personally love the life of Mother Teresa because she was an excellent pe. Filled with archival photographs and amazing fact boxes this groundbreaking series introduces young readers to some of history's most interest.

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Rson and she helped a lot of people and children That is why I recommended this book because this is a way to let the people now who Mother Teresa was A well written biography with a lot of photographs written for the The Good and Beautiful God kids I read it with my 11 year olds The book explains Mother Teresa s life and what she did There are many interesting things that she did that a lot of people don tnow about When she was little her dad was a rich person Mother Teresa father was a contractor he would go all around Europe and Egypt building Mother Teresa could have just stayed home and lived off her father s money but she went out to help the poor Mother Teresa she helps people not to become famous but to do it becau. Ing and influential characters DK Biography Mother Teresa tells the story of Catholic nun Agnes Bojaxhiu from her early work with the poor in.

Se she loved God so much Mother travels many places around the world and helps thousands of peopleI really liked the book it had a lot of information that I did not now about Mother Teresa would go at a young age to become a sister and never see her parents ever again in her life She would leave everything behind at home to go and help the purest countries in the world Mother Teresa would go out and build the first Shishu Bhavan home for abanded babies and children Mother Teresa would help out a lot of the times at hospitals Mother Teresa was a very hardworking and humble person through her lifeMother Teresa dies of a heart attack in Calcutta India Had tons of challenging words But still enjoyed it. Calcutta to the expansion of her Missionaries of Charity to her recognition as a saint after her deathSupports the Common Core State Standards.

Maya Gold grew up in New Jersey a few towns north of Diana’s home in Weehawken Now she lives in upstate New York with her fashion–forward teenage daughter and a very friendly dog Maya writes books and magazine articles and in her spare time she coaches a high school drama club Cinderella Cleaners is her first series for young readers