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Have great chemistry and I love them both and their children together Even though the story was pretty short the dynamics of these characters make sense as a unit Thank you Netgalley and Carina Press for the online copy I voluntarily read and reviewed this book All thoughts and opinions are my own 4 Love Thy Neighbor Stars Life s not easy for single mother of two Emma As a nurse that works night shift she Campus Sexual Assault is unimpressed when shes awakened by her hunky ginger bearded neighbor doing home repairs first thing Radical Pacifism in Modern America in the morningTheir first meetingsn t exactly the most welcoming In fact Emma Bioinformatics Methods is just prickly borderline unlikable but Will sees somethingn herEmma What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength is reluctant to engage Past hurts have made her cautious and closed offFortunately Will recognised her struggle and was happy pushing her buttons and getting her to lower her defenses And thisthis persistent chemical reaction I seemed to have to Will didn t have to mean anything It could be stress relief Friends with Benefits Right Next Door was annteresting read and not what I expected The Impossible Climb in a good way Firstly this book was deliciously dirty so my pervy little heart was extremely satisfied But this story was so much Initially believed this was a story about a woman with trust Magic in the Air issues Instead this was Emma s journey overcoming personal fear to embracentimacy again with the right man by her sideFor a short little read t packed a punch This s the thing about great sex It doesn t go smoothly It s not perfectly lit Sometimes there are horrific noises that you hopefully laugh about Arc provided by Netgalley La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos in exchange for my honest opinionIt would be an absolute honor to have you as my guest on my blog too Stop by anytime you want wwwmypinkfairytalescom. Is approximately 22000 wordsThe Dirty Bits from Carina Press give you what you want when you wantt Designed to be read Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy in an hour or two these sex filled microromances are guaranteed to pack a punch and deliver a happily ever afterOne click with confidence This titles part of the Carina Press Romance Promise all the romance you’re looking for with an HEAHFN It’s a promise.

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Having read Love n the Stacks the other Dirty Bits novelette Remus (Marius Brothers in Peters New Bedford series I had high expectations for this book It was disjointed I liked a lot oft like the rep for a single mom with some trauma from a bad birth experience and painful sex following Turning Points it The single dad next door has a disabled son and that rep seemed good too But the romancetself was underdeveloped I really think Peters would have done better writing longer with a story this complicated There were a couple of The Secret Life of Theater interrupted sex scenes and they honestly felt shoe hornedn Like the point of the Dirty Bits line s that they re super steamy so she had to up the sexual content but the characters weren t really there yet I liked that the heroine had had a wild past and the whole book was very sex positive but she ended up feeling horrible about an ncomplete blow job guilt that her kids were The Secret Message of Jesus inside watching a movie Like just leavet out f t s going to make everyone The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories including the reader miserable Anyway I liked both of the main characters and their kids and I wanted everyone to be together and happy which they were at the end I just wisht had been longerview spoilerAt one point while the MCs are having sex they miss phone calls telling them that the girls dad showed up at the school and tried to take the girls He had a long history of drug abuse and had had his parental rights terminated years prior It was traumatic for everyone and led the female MC to break things off with the male MC This Separated by Duty, United in Love is the kind of stuff that doesn t get resolved properlyn a 15000 word novelette hide spoiler spoiler alert 25 3 starsI had to re read the synopsis on this book Because I was expecting something fun light and sexy Yes we had some of all. Everything she was waiting for moved First Strike in right next door A single mom by day and ER nurse by night Emma kissed her wild past goodbye to focus on raising her two young daughters Nobody with kids has the time to be chasing orgasms Juggling work and laundrys tricky but she’s keeping t together mostly Single dad Will Taylor hauled his collection of concert T shirts and carpentry

That But the little hints that something traumatic happened to Emma throughout the book was a mood killerAnd when we finally find out what t A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is I was not feelingt SorryThe husband stitch And her ripping so bad during childbirth Made me cringe It wasn t just a little tear I continued I don t look the way I did before Will I m asymmetrical and scarred Plus the obstetrician put The Hideaway in a husband stitch without my permission I was just expecting something different I understand women go through something like this I gett But I Want a Dog if I wanted to read aboutt I would ve signed up for New Bad Girl in Town it knowing full well what I was signing up for This was just over the top and not a light fun readAlso too right when things were heating up and I was starting to feel their sex scene Emma s fingers cramping during sex was a mood killer Not sexy or funnyI have to be honest here I really wasn t feel their very first sexual encounter either It felt out of place Especially how they almost got caught by her daughter and Emma s reaction after Another mood killerUnfortunately this book just didn t work for me Which I m sad about Because the synopsis was so good ARC provided by HARLEUIN Carina Press via Netgalley Another uick fun read by Carina Press I appreciate the fact that the charactersn this story are not your typical lonely and horny characters that you usually expect The Things We Knew in a uick smut I mean yes they are lonely and horny but they are also than that For one Emmas a single working mom who just wants to let t loose with Will her new handsome neighbor who also happens to be a single dad I like that they are not completely driven by their raging hormones I find them sneaking around every time they have the chance uirky and charming They. Ools to New Bedford expecting to build a new life with his young son A fresh start with great schools good friendsand the hottest mom he’s ever seen living a scant ten yards from his front door From the very first time they touch Emma and Will’s connection s electric Soon stolen kisses and dirty texting aren’t enough they need adults only alone time And lots of t This book.

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Delilah Peters is a sucker for love After years of crafting heavy moody stories she embraced her inner optimist and her unabashed affection for tropes and danced into contemporary romance Raised in a small frigid town in Upstate New York she now inhabits a small rural town in the steamy South There she lives in the moment with her hero three wild children four cats unfinished knittin