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Raction is witty and the story has a lovely dark humour and uirkiness that runs through it The unravelling of the mystery is very clever and wonderfully complex with a number of secondary characters who all add to the richness of the plot It s lovely to have main characters with diversity of body type and looks and ven better that there isn t an overt focus on it I liked the characters so much that the only thing that disappointed me was that the focus was weighted much in favour of the mystery than the romance Book received from Ylva Publishing for an honest review 325 Stars This was a really oddball book I m a big mystery fan and I love books that are different but unfortunately this didn t really work for me The writing itself was good I just didn t really connect with Lea s story choices I guess you could call this a cozy mystery on why I guess later with a very slight romance between an ice ueen ish character and a slightly bohemian free spirited character As I mentioned already I thought the writing was good I was immersed in the setting and didn t have any trouble reading the book Claim The Crown even if I didn t always care for what I was reading Even with me not really caring for this book I would read another full length story by LeaMy biggest issue really was the characters All the character including the mains was not theasiest to like The mains did Nerds eventually grow on me but the rest of the people in the town are pretty awful There is all this talk about how one of the mains loves this small town setting and I had to think really with all these creepy people As I mentioned both mains did win me over but I still didn t feel as connected toither as much as I prefer in book I really In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, enjoy The reason I m a little on the fence with calling this a true cozy mystery is because it had a sex scene Usually cozy s are very low on violence and have no or fade to black sex scenes While the sex scene wasn t super steamy it wasxplicit Bark enough to almost knock it out of the cozy category in my opinion Andven with a sex scene this book is very romance lite I would not read this book looking for a romance if you want a zany mystery This book had that really sort of off the wall feeling With oddball characters that were out there for sure I think it was supposed to be funny This could totally be on me but I never laughed once Humor books are tough for me so other readers might like this than me Or maybe I m wrong and it s not supposed to be funny and I just didn t get it Oh well not a book for me but the writing is there and I see potential in the author An ARC was given to me for a honest review ARC provided by Ylva Publishing in On Such a Full Sea exchange for an honest review A good lesson for any writer makeach sentence worth reading and something in it will lead the readers into the next oneGood writers write not just in sentences but with sentencesGet them right and Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everythinglse solves itself or ceases to matter 35 starsI was overcome with a desire to fit together the many pieces of this somewhat intriguingsuspenseful and fine amateur detective mystery of art historybitternessanger and the unmasking of a killer or killers Time and again MsLea sways a bit from the overall point of the story to give readers a chronicle of certain artifacts with it s secrets and whether it was of modern or contemporary around the museums For meI do think that MsLea took a topic that seems at the outset to be and at the very least mundane if not downright tedious at times however adding her skill in telling a story Cannibal especially one that might be completely factual to shine through from page to page A chancencounter because of business reasons starts the two main characters talking then Margaret realizes that she might have underestimated Bess whose uniue outlook on the world and surprising insight into the inner operations of a museum workercurator did peak her interestAs Margaret begins to take stock of the Mastered (The Enforcers, entanglementvidence and witnesses growing against her there comes a short brief of time where she was forced to ask herself if it was worth it in her returning to her hometown Then there was Bess who on the otherhand was trying to learn the truth behind the murder of her boss Man, Son of Man even to her detriment became a pawn to the cops and other suspicious characters with their own agenda Sheven suspect the killer that she seeks might be one out for revenge and as the murders multiply her uest grew urgent to get to the truth with the help of some abscure individuals seeking to decipher the killer s taunting riddlesIn the Alter Ego end secrets prove valuable thanither Bess or Margaret could ver have known and hope for not only to the cops and town folks Is it an asy read No but i m still recommending Plicated Can they work together to xpose the truth––or will the truth prove far too dangerous A funny fabulous cozy mystery filled with uirkiness and a sweet serve of lesbian romance100000 wordsThemes antiue collectible dildo · Australia · Australian coastal town · cozy mystery · hip gallery · senseless murder · territorial chicken.

I was really looking forward to Jess Lea s debut full length novel A Curious Woman ver since Lee Winter mentioned it and having recently read its Unseen City excerpt on Ylva To say that I wasxcited and thrilled about Art exploring the tale after reading thexcerpt would be an understatement I must say when I finally received my ARC copy and read the God Is in the Crowd entire story Ms Lea didn t disappoint Not a Arc from Ylva for honest reviewAdmittedly I wasn t certain if I would want to read this one until I spotted whatever I spotted Had something to do with chickens and I was intriguednough to look closerI ve probably mentioned in reviews about romances how tired I am of miscommunicationdisinformationetc being overused to cause issues with the people attempting to couple up Well good thing here this one here doesn t use that particular trope But then again this is also of a mystery than a romance so This is a mix of two types of mysteries I ve read before the cozy amateur sticking nose in where might not belong type like with most of Dick Francis books the ones not involve Private Investigators at least mixed in with must solve the mystery or face risk of jail type of mystery a favorite of Lawrence Block I ve no idea why I m fixating on Francis and Block When done right that second type of mystery can be interesting and it appeared to have been done mostly right here Too often though it seemed to be used to force an ultra skilled investigator albeit amateur and or different kind of investigator to use their skills to solve the crime Right so this is a mix of a romance and a mystery set in a small town in AustraliaTwo POV s Both have similarities and differences One worked ultra hard to Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard escape the small town she currently lives in but was pulled back to town to help with family medical reasons One of the reasons she wanted to flee involved her standing in the communityveryone sees her as basically The Matriarchs (The Family evil and than likely a murderer The otherscaped to the small town after a particular vent that has turned her family and friends against her Bess is the one who owns the chickens and fled to the small town Margaret is the one who tried to flee but was pulled back by the failing health of her fatherWhich reminds me you know those many books that show a character who have returned home or wherever the family member happens to be living This book is set a certain distance after that occurred after the family member has died I do not recall if any number was given for the number of years that have passed but I believe at least a few have Neat little twist hRight so Bess works in a museumMargaret runs a museum this is part of my similarities and differences that I forgot to include above Bess works as an acuirerbuyerwhatever this is called in museum world Margaret well runs a museum Both museums the classic Maritime Museum Margaret s and the modern odd random crap like dildos Cabinet of Curiosities or whatever that was called Bess s place are in the same small town In Australia Roughly nearish by several hours on train to Melbourne Bess and Margaret interact near the beginning of the book because Leon Bess s boss wants Bess to buy a dildo from Margaret which Margaret insists on calling a Roman fertility thingie and Bess keeps calling a dildo They interact later because both are intrigued by the other Then Leon is murdered and Margaret is a prime suspectThings continue from there including several occasions in which Bess keeps finding herself as a suspect for this or that and being aggressively interviewed by the coppers and Margaret finding herself in confinement andor being a prime suspectNaturally then with the coppers fixated on Margaret and Bess for certain lessor things the two need to investigate the crime though Bess had already started doing so before needing to because it s her boss that got murdered and she didn t particularly like that And do for a good portion of the bookI knew who the big When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) evil was fairlyarly on but I m not certain I would have but for an accident For whatever reason as sometimes happens with my Kindle the book leapt forward hundreds of pages and before I noticed what had occurred I started reading certain things that confused me It wasn t actually the big reveal nor was the big No Biggy! evil spot lighted there but the character on those pages was acting weirdly in the way I normally pinpoint as a ah ha Suspect way Otherwise I thought the mystery part was handled wellI liked how the common lesbian romance tropes didn tnd up clogging up the book And I liked how the two main characters were okay with the concept of being lesbians and the concept of lesbians hooking up without any of that oh my god no someone might find out It s a small town you know type st. Bess Campbell has scaped to the windswept Australian coastal town of Port Bannir determined to begin her life again She is loving her fresh start thanks to her fun job running a hip gallery her territorial chickens and a lot of self help books to find her new better selfPort Bannir local Margaret Gale runs an austere maritime museum and rule.

Uff also common in lesbian romancesI can asily see how some people might not react the same way to the book as I did I liked what I saw but what I saw isn t universally liked Heh I m being purposefully vague Rating 425April 11 2019 A murder mystery that keeps you guessing I truly did not guess the culprit Bess lives in a tiny home with her chickens She works at an odd ball museum until something terrible happens resulting in her and a rival museum operator become suspectsThis story carefully unfolds little by little What I really liked was the uirkiness of all characters in this small town Usually I get confused when there are so many players But that never happened Every single person was uniue and purposeful to keep the reader trying to solve the case I m not a fan of time gaps The Attracting Birds to Your Backyard epilogue takes place 3 months later While it wrapsverything up nicely I was a little disappointed with how the main romance was handled It didn t seem consistent with how the main book Deep Listening ended I recommend to those who like murder mystery uirky characters tiny Wow that bored me to tears I m afraid I just don t know what went wrong for me I just couldn t wait for it tond I didn t click with any of its contents or characters I didn t particularly find any of it humorous Bird-by-Bird Gardening either only the first part where her assistant screamed her head off the sex scene was good and it was written really well but I m disappointed I didn t like this book and so many others did but I suppose that s what makes us different25 stars An ARC was provided by YLVA inxchange for an honest review I know I m in the minority here but I struggled with this read I just want to mention from the outset that I m uickly realizin So this is uite an intense not The Works of Saint Augustine easy but interesting read For this review I will write how I felt along with some facts as bullet points1 Jess lea writes very well 2 there is novery light romance3 characters are not very likable 4 only one light sex scene 5 the mystery was so confusing and that s probably why I never gave up on this book6 I hope I never get to visit any town that is somehowven related to this town in the book 7 if you re on the beach or on vacation I would NOT recommend this one8 if you re in the mood to work ur brain try sthg different then I totally recommend itThank you YLVA for providing me with an ARC for my honest review I went into this book blind and was surprised to discover this is not just an ff romance but a cozy mystery For some head scratching reason I don t find those too often in lesfic I really Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone enjoyed the lead Bess because she s an all around good and sympathetic character She s also an unusual protagonist being a freckled red head with a plump figure Despite the crime aspect the tone of the story is pretty light and there s some decent humor The cast is over the top yet somehow groundednough to be real The romance is on the shallower side when it comes to the depth of a relationship yet was still believable But I never really warmed up to Margaret and took her with a shrug I think Bess could do better It does have the ice ueen age gap hate to love opposites attract romance vibe going onOverall a good and My Teacher Is a Robot entertaining read for those looking for something well written but not too seriousWhat s a cozy mystery A tidy answer from wiki Cozy mysteries also referred to as cozies are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously and the crime and detection take place in a small socially intimate community Jess Lea s A Taste of Her Vol 2 is one of the very few anthologies of short stories that I ve given five stars to becausevery story was great Her first novel didn t disappoint Supper Club either Margaret Gale is a severe woman from her dress her dealings with her staff the way she runs her museum to the way she interacts with her community Her staff members are terrified of her but she genuinely believes her mentorship will make them better curators Bess Campbell works at a nearby gallery of curiosities run by a flamboyant hipster who thrives of controversy Bess desperately wants to get hold of an unusual antiuity to display in their gallery but unfortunately it s in storage at the Maritime Museum run by Margaret Gale Because Margaret refuses to acknowledge or return Bess calls Bess decides to turn up at the museum without an appointment Margaret is uite intrigued by this woman who isn t cowered by her demeanor but there s still no way she s letting her antiuity be used in a freak show Then things in the small town take a turn for the worse when they re both implicated in murderMargaret is a fantastic character with her unrelenting austerity Even Bess perpetually positive nature barely makes a dent Their inte. S her staff with an iron fist She has no time for that crazy modern gallery or upbeatarnest Bess sweeping around town on her hipster bicycleAfter a heated dispute over an antiue collectible dildo there’s little hope Margaret and Bess will Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) ever seeye to yeBut when Port Bannir is rocked by a senseless murder both women find themselves im.

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