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Lities I look for in a bookI m not sure how the authors arranged the characters that would be carried over from book to book but I loved seeing glimpses of the same character in a different light Even the ball from different perspectives made for interesting twists Despite the appearance of characters from story to story there wasn t any overlap in details about the ball other than a minute detail here or thereThis is a fun book to read and if ou enjoy history holidays family drama and love then this is the book for FRIENDLY ENEMIES youWe give this 5 paws up A Texas Kind of Christmas by Jodi Thomas Celia Bonaduce and Rachel MilesCentered around a famous Christmas Ball at the Saint Nicholas Hotel in Dallas Texas these three stories with romance for five couples and happily ever endings kept me reading eagerly wanting each couple to find their happily ever after The stories were heartwarming and compelling and I enjoyed each and every one of them Note When I read a book and would like to have the characters be my friends or BE the characters or perhaps be with the male characters in the storiesit is a keeperand this is definitely a keeper I would gladly read each holiday seasonONE NIGHT AT THE SAINT NICHOLAS by Jodi ThomasMiss Jacueline Hartman will marry by New Year s or so says her stepmother A ball men to assess a father who will provide a hefty dowry and no interest in marriage has Jacueline looking for an escape Many men are on their way to woo and win the dowry and one of those is her neighbor Cody Lamar because dowry would provide him that little bit extra he needs to help him prosper Another man Nate Ward is on his way to Dallas too Nate is handcuffed but undaunted and hopeful for a future other than the hangman s noose Katie a maid at the hotel is fairy like while dancing in a borrowed pink dress outside under the stars Katie and Jacueline will find their mates at the hotel and which one each will end up with made for a great bit of readingBIRDIE S FLIGHT by Celia BonduceBrigid Birdie Flanagan is on her last leg and hopeful of finding a job at the Saint Nicholas Hotel Fainting was not in the plan but what s a girl to do She has been on the run and hopes to hide out in Dallas Rachel Rutherford is a bit of a spoiled miss with dresses than she needs but in finding that last perfect gown for the Christmas ball she and Birdie form an unexpected alliance as Birdie becomes seamstress of that gown There is a handsome sheriff a Pinkerton agent a scoundrel and a Captain in the army that will all impact the futures of the two women And two of those men will also provide the HEA both women so richly deserve Loved this one too SPIRIT OF TEXAS by Rachel MilesEugenia Carptenier is on her way from England to Dallas to see her often absent now invalid mother Her expectation is to find Lilly assess the situation then accompany her back to England First she has to travel overland for at least two weeks and w ill do so in the company of her guide the guide s brother and aoung man traveling with the two men There is a book that has allowed her a glimpse of the love one man has for Texas and she would love to meet the author of the book BUT there is one man traveling with her that steals into her guarded heart The two have a bit of a rough patch but do find their HEA by the end of the story Did I like the stories ins this trilogy Definitely big smile on my face Would I Read by these authors Thank Amok you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for the ARC This is my honest review 5 Stars Jodi Thomas is a master at penning historical westerns the words simply melt off the pages right intoour heartMs Thomas has the most uniue way of telling a story and weaving romance through her readers very soulMs Jacueline must select a man to marry or her inheritance will be forfeited Her evil stepmom Margaret has had all she can take of Jacueline s presence on The Double H Her dad has sweetened the pot for any man who will wed his daughter a dowry of land and cattle to be given upon the day of the nuptials As her dad is aging Jacueline knows Margaret wants to have full control of the ranch however her dad put one stipulation in the dowry that no one knows but JacuelineThis was one of Ms Thomas s best stories I ve ever read If And a Bottle of Rum you re a fan of her Ransom Canyon Seriesou will love this story same charm but set in 1859 Dallas TexasAbsolutely phenomenal characterization with Jodi Thomas s inuisitive charm all her fan s have come to loveBirdie s Flight by Celia Bonaduce was an exceptionally well written storyFun adventurous with secrecy and romance mixed into the plot Birdie is running no money and at the end of the trail She only has one ace in the hole her craft as a seamstress Can she find peace and stay one step ahead of the gentleman trailing herThis story truly went well with the previous story by Jodi Thomas both set in 1859 and in the same St Nicholas Hotel in DallasRacheal Miles Spirit Of TEXAS was well written and a fun fun story I loved the history she weaves into this story She created a wonderful banter between her characters She was perfect at giving us readers a twist that perfected Eugenia Asher s romance This book was a great Ode To Dallas Texas and Mrs Sarah CockrellI received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review Put it on my want to read shelf A Texas Kind of Christmas is three separate stories by three different authors published in the one book They all have the same time and place setting St Nicholas Hotel in Dallas 1859 Each story also uses the grand ball which is held on Christmas Eve at the hotel Unfortunately however this is the limit of the Christmas theme I think I whinge about this every time I read what is marketed as a Christmas themed book the fact that there is usually a tenuous connection to the season And here I am saying it again These stories could have been set any time during the ear There is no real Christmas feel to them at all Anyway The first is One Night at the St Nicholas by Jodi Thomas which started with much promise Thomas s writing was really a cut above the average romantic writer s I ve read of late There was an interesting mistaken identity mixed with a Cinderella vibe plotline and I was pretty much engrossed right up to about chapter six From there Thomas faded The plot became a little ridiculous too much love at first sight maybe and the charm disappeared Average despite the strong start I would probably try another of her books though because her style definitely held me captive there for a whileI then went on to Birdie s Flight by Celia Bonaduce which actually had the same basic premise as the first story That is this installment like the first had two sets of potential pairings which led to a bit of mistaken identityidentity swap situation One of the leading females was again in a servant pos. S Newcastle But will a secret from her past keep her from her long awaited happily ever afterSPIRIT OF TEXAS Rachael MilesWhen lovely spinster Eugenie Charpentier makes a trip across the Texas frontier with former Texas Ranger Asher Graham she dreams of an adventure and the rough and tumble cowboy is happy to oblige But both Jenny and the rugged lawman are keeping secrets Can they find each other and love on the dance floor at the Christmas ba.

Anthologies for me give for the buck with multiple stories in each collection A Texas Kind of Christmas is even special Each distinct story shares a theme of Christmas love and setting of a ball at the St Nicholas hotel The hotel and its employees link the whole book together The heroines of all three stories are self rescuing the heroes are the type of men who would easily fit into a Hallmark movieOne Night at the St Nicholas by Jodi Thomas One Night is two sweet love at first sight stories We have the primary story between Nate and Jacueline as well as the story between Cody and Katie Ah Nate If I were Jacueline I d probably fall for Nate in one night too He s an actor great a flirting but most of all he s honest from the start with her Cody on the other hand is completely pragmatic about marriage including proposing to any woman who makes him pie I did wonder at the beginning of the novel if this might be a love triangleuare situation But thankfully the right partners find each other See what I did there Partners At a dance Sorry I couldn t help myself I really enjoyed the ending of this story but I don t want to spoil it for ou Let s leave it at there is a last minute rescue where the usual tables are turned And the epilogue is a must readBirdie s Flight by Celia Bonaduce Birdie walks into the St Nicholas hotel desperate for work Luckily the hotel needs a new seamstress Captain Newcastle the hero of this story is a top notch charmer and flirt It s easy to see why Birdie falls for him both literally and figuratively In addition to Birdie and Captain Newcastle s love story we also meet Charlotte Rutherford and Sheriff Joey Holden Charlotte is a hoot if a bit of a spoiled brat But she is a great friend to Birdie For me though the mystery of why Birdie is on the run is the highlight of this story Why did she leave her home And why is a Pinkerton agent following her That s what I really want to know And honestly I do wish there were details on the mystery aspect and less focus on which dress Charlotte is planning on wearing to the ballSpirit of Texas by Rachael Miles By far this is my favorite of the three stories It s really a love letter to words books and the thesaurus a stalwart friend of mine Asher Graham and his brothers played word games as children with a thesaurus He s a man after my own heart Few women even those born here would have weathered a tornado with as much sangfroid as Playhouse you Come on Who uses words like sangfroid That s is a great word that I ll be working into everyday conversation going forward The definition is coolness of mind calmness or composure in caseou weren t sure Books are also common ground between Asher and our heroine Eugenie Charpentier providing many topics of discussion on the long carriage ride to Dallas and the Christmas ball There is some great banter between the main characters which really drew me into their story The relationship between Asher and Eugenie grows and develops over time during their journey I really enjoyed the Texas survival lessons that Asher imparts to Eugenie including the all important siesta Eugenie has grit as Asher calls it The two are well suited in my opinion I will certainly be checking out books by Ms Miles in hopes of additional great characters like Asher and EugenieIn addition to the main characters I also enjoyed meeting the hotel staff at the St Nicholas especially Cook Madam Durand and Miss uigley the head seamstress Cook is the mothering type making sure everyone is properly fed I m pretty sure Miss uigley has a bit o Leprechaun in her with her Irish heritage and faster than seems possible sewing skills I imagine both women have some great stories Along with Mrs Cockrell these characters appear in all three stories I appreciate each author s perspective on these common charactersI would read longer versions of each of these stories new stories with the same characters or stories featuring the secondary characters I wholly enjoyed each story in the book and would recommend it for anyone interested in history romance or anthologies As an anthology A Texas Kind of Christmas is a heartwarming and enjoyable read There are three separate stories written by three separate authors et these stories definitely belong in the same book Why I ll get to thatThis book is not as Christmasy as most books with Christmas in the title Each story is set in 1859 during the weeks or days leading up to Christmas All of these stories are all Texas That alone is reason enough for me to enjoy the book but wait There s I don t know if this is a uniue concept but it s the very first time I ve come across it to the best of my recollection In addition to all three of these stories taking place in 1859 they also all take place in Dallas They each include a grand Christmas ball at the St Nicholas Hotel in the center of Dallas Further some of the characters appear in each story but there is no further connection between the stories I found that very interesting and enjoyableThe St Nicholas Hotel which has a significant role in each story actually existed at that time Right after the third story some Historical Notes are included that provide some factual information about the St Nicholas Hotel and its owner Mrs Sarah Cockerell Cockerell is one of those minor characters who appears in each of the storesOne Night at the St NicholasThis story has enough good guys and bad guys to make everyone happy Unlike the other two stories this one takes place in a twenty four hour period on Christmas Eve A Dallas rancher plans on using the Christmas Ball at the St Nicholas Hotel to find his only child Jacueline a husband At the insistence of his new wife the wicked stepmother either Jacueline will find a suitable husband or be thrown out of her father s houseFor such a short story about 100 pages there is a surprisingly large cast There are four protagonists a couple of antagonists and Jacueline s father seems to be somewhere in the middle The main characters are appropriately flawed and come complete with their own backstories There is a slight reveal near the end but I pretty much saw it comingClearly well written this story moves along at a pretty steady pace which uickens slightly as we near the climax Considering the short time in which this story takes place I consider the character arcs to be huge This story ties with the second story as my favoriteBirdie s FlightThis story has three protagonists four if ou count the sheriff I think I liked Birdie the main protagonist the best among all the characters in this anthology I found her to be very likable She has a lot of things going against her as any good protagonist does but we really don t find out why until the climaxTaking place in the days leading up to Christmas this story contained a good amount of suspense Someone has been chasing. It’s Christmas Eve 1859 and everyone who’s anyone is headed to the glorious St Nicholas Hotel for the most talked about ball of the season It’s the kind of Texas night where anything can happen even love ONE NIGHT AT THE ST NICHOLASNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jodi ThomasTo escape her stepmother’s plot to marry her off Texas heiress Jacueline Hartman spends Christmas Eve sharing a hideout with an accused bank robber.

Birdie across the United States but we don t know why Birdie makes her way to Dallas hoping to secure a position at the St Nicholas Hotel since it s very busy preparing for the Christmas Ball After getting hired on as an assistant to Miss uigley the head seamstress Birdie meets Charlotte Rutherford Charlotte and her father a retired judge are guests at the hotelBirdie and Charlotte form an unlikely friendship and alliance I really liked the way author Celia Bonaduce created the bond between the two women It forms slowly Birdie is untrusting of anyone and Charlotte is pretty much a spoiled girl who seems to use Birdie as her personal servant But things change and as they do the character arcs may surprise Desire and Deceive youLike I said this story has the most suspense but it s controlled by good pacing The climax happens uickly but those few pages are edge ofour seat good There s a huge reveal at the climax and I ll admit I did not see that one comingSpirit of TexasThis story is very appropriately titled Taking place in the few weeks leading up to Christmas the main character Miss Eugenie Charpentier is on a mission She has been dispatched from her life in England to bring her estranged mother now an invalid back from Texas returning to their homeland Of all the characters in these stories I would say that Eugenie has the deepest backstory She has descended from aristocracy and is used to a good life but she has become fascinated with Texas after reading a book that her mother sent to her for publishing in England Having reached middle age for that time and after a personal heartache she is now untrusting of all men thinking that any man interested in a woman her age is really interested in her wealthHaving finally reached Texas she is taken on the last leg of her long journey by Asher Graham a formidable character who knows pretty much everything about Texas However their journey will be anything but smooth They encounter severe weather including a tornado but their difficulties help to form a bond between themEugenie and Asher are the main characters but Eugenie s mother Lilly also has a pretty big part Lilly is a guest at the St Nicholas Hotel in Dallas Although there is a Christmas Ball in this story it doesn t really have the prominence that it did in the other two stories However I was delighted to see that Birdie and Miss uigley had cameos in this story Mrs Cockerell the hotel owner appears in all three storiesDuring their trip to Dallas in a carriage at the insistence of her mother we learn uite a bit about Eugenie s backstory However we are only allowed a glimpse into Asher s backstory But there will be much revealed after they arrive in DallasBoth of these characters are likable despite the secrets they keep The character arcs are there and the pacing is okay This story however was really missing a distinct antagonist I suppose the nasty weather they encountered could be considered an antagonist but the weather was short lived The book that made Eugenie so intrigued with Texas becomes uasi antagonistic I know I m reaching here Some may even consider Lilly an antagonist but I didn tIn my opinion this story sort of flirted with the limits of believable fiction For example there is a part where the author describes the literal sweetness of a kiss between Eugenie and Asher I didn t live during that time obviously but from everything I ve learned I don t think good dental hygiene and fresh breath were things back then A Texas Kind of Christmas In SummaryThis book was a fun and easy read The three stories are similar in length each taking up about a third of the book The copy I read was an These stories were alright I enjoyed them Not only were these three stories beautifully written they provided a glimpse into Texas history I was unaware of I loved all three stories and ache to know A Texas Kind of Christmas has three novellas by three authors They are loosely linked by place and Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, year The first is by Jodi Thomas and here we are taken to the Texas frontier with a mixture of ranchers lawmen supposed outlaws hotel staff and aoung woman about to choose her husband She has a wealthy father who just wants to see her married off and happy but her step mother has nasty intentions She eventually makes her choice as does Katie one of the hotel maidsBirdie s Flight by Celia Bonaduce is the second story We meet Birdie or Bridget just arrived in Dallas needing a job Thanks to a few serendiptious happenings she finds one as a seamstress We also meet the capricious Charlotte who is looking for that perfect dress for the dance Birdie is fleeing someone just who and why we have to read on to find out By the end of the story both girls find the one they loveSpirit of Texas by Rachel Miles gives us a ride through Texas to Dallas on a coach along with Eugenie who has come from England to seek out and bring home her mother Asher has been designated to guide her to Dallas to the St Nicholas hotel Its a story of second chances and a ride through the wild country side These stories have plenty of a western feel and are a load of adventure and fun They are short but each of them is satisfying and I felt did not suffer from being a novella I picked this book up because of the name of Jodi Thomas however I have to say I enjoyed each story all so well written and engaging Dallas wasn t always the bustling metropolis area I know today and a look back to 1859 sheds new light on how small of a town it really was in the mid 1800sI was fascinated by the history of the hotel and I like that the authors chose to center their stories around a real hotel I always like reading the notes at the end of a book that talks about the inspiration for the story especially when it is an actual location or real people I may live in the DFW area but that doesn t mean I know all of the histories of this area I am constantly learning new things every day and amazed at what I learn So if ou are someone that doesn t read the author s notes startI loved all three of these stories and it is hard for me to choose a favorite I think the one that inched its way past the others was Spirit of Texas by Rachael Miles I loved the humor and the thesaurus and word references It is the book nerd in meIn all of the stories each couple finds love uickly and how wonderful it is to see that love shine through no matter the time frame of how it came to be with the couple Times were much different than they are today but I still believe in that initial spark that each of the main characters experienced in each book But love is found but there are a few hiccups along the way but it wouldn t be a good story without some tension and drama especially when it comes to family drama While each story isn t long approximately 100 pages each there are complex characters action deception and love All the ua. After a night in Nathanial Ward’s arms Jacueline is certain she has met her match after all But will his heartfelt promise of love lead to his demise at the hands of the lawBIRDIE’S FLIGHT Celia BonaduceSeamstress Birdie Flanagan gets the surprise of her life when she receives a beautiful gown and a sudden invitation for the ball of the season Birdie creates a stir from the moment she arrives capturing the eye of the dashing Captain Dougla.

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