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Great watercolors of Olympic National Park Temperate rainforests are so beautiful I read A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook by Virginia Wright Frierson I loved this book There was so much information about the different things she saw on her trip to the Olympic Peninsula and the illustrations were gorgeous On most of the pages there would be random notes of information about the forest and I thought that was really cool I would definitely want this book in my classroom when learning about wildlife This book is an illustrated journey through some of North America s plants and animals It is an informational book that focuses mainly on what animals and plants look like and are namedI thought this book was very pretty and is an interesting concept but it s pretty boring It s not really the kind of book you sit down to read or read out loud My favorite part of the book is its illustrationsI think this book would be interesting to have for a lesson on botany or zoology maybe but isn t a read aloud book and would be very difficult for children to read I think this would be good if a student had a uestion about a specific kind of animal or plant 45 stars Wow This was worth waiting for through ILL The text and illustrations pair beautifully to teach about Washington s Olympic Park a temperate rain forest The text is detailed but intriguing nough to hold One Con Glory earlylementary students attention Really wonderful I hope I can get a chance to read her two books An Island Scrapbook Dawn to Dusk on a Barrier Island and A Desert Scrapbook Dawn to Dusk in the Sonoran Desert Oh and I was totally grossed out reading about the guide licking a banana slug But my husband totally would if someone bet him to do it Yuck What an interesting concept a scrapbook of a trip filled with facts pictures and notes about the author s journey The small paragraphs of information are informative without being overwhelming with details And the illustrations are gorgeous with both microscopic details and wide views of landscapes Overall it s a very Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows educational book that isntertaining to read Recommended for older children and parents reading with them This book was featured as one of the selections for the September 2015 Rainforests discussion for the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads Every student in my school uses a field journal to capture learning on trips outside the building many out of doors I have taught middle school for a lot of years and own uite a few beautifully done how to. Walk alongside an award winning nature artist as she observes draws paints and writes about the majesty of the world's largest temperate rain forest Richly illustrated vocative and highl.

Of what the text discussesI would be interested in reading her other picture book journals someday and recommend this book to anyone interested in temperate rain forests or showing kids that rain forest doesn t just mean South American tropical forests as well as anyone traveling to this part of North America I believe that sometimes and perhaps ven rather often we tend to forget that aside from tropical rainforests like the there are also the still vast but Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ever dwindling temperate rain forests of coastal Western North America that they also are importantcological treasures and that they also desperately reuire protection and sometimes A Fairly Honourable Defeat even to an addedxtent as they are not as popular in the public imagination and really do face similar developmental pressures as does the oh so famous With this factoid in mind Virginia Wright Frierson s A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook does much to remedy the former It is ngagingly written and while it certainly teems with information and details the reader is nevertheless also never overburdened with and by these And although by its scope and content definitely book for older children and also much recommended for adults ven the very young will likely Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoy the majestic and detailed accompanying watercolour illustrations which are not only a feast for theyes but wonderfully and vocatively capture the colour grace and wonder of the temperate rainforest and its denizens Having had the pleasure of seeing visting both the rainforests of coastal British Columbia and Washington State around the Seattle area in person as a teenager although of course never to the xtent that authorillustrator Virginia Wright Frierson was able to do while making her amazing scrapbook I think I can without Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) exaggeration make the claim that Wright Frierson in all ways captures both the majesty and the minute little details of temperate rain forests from the magnificent trees to small berries and mushrooms for which one actually would reuire a magnifying glass to properly visualise and study Highly recommended for informative pleasure reading but also and perhapsven importantly A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook would be an amazing teaching tool for both at home and classroom use and for those both children and adults who actually live in the vicinity of North America s temperate rainforests or are lucky Gone (Gone, enough to visit the areas as a vacation destination this scrapbook would be anducational and Threads Of The Shroud engaging take along for an on site field or campingxcursion. G Readers 1999 New York Public Library's One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing 1999 Ohio Reading Circle 2000 Society of School Librarians International Book Award Honor Book 1999 200.

Keep a field journal texts Most are helpful and inspirational All Seated on the Ground especially at the middle school and older level But this time I have been loaned a gorgeous picture book that will work for younger students demonstrating the capturing of discoveries in all the senses andspecially the details of what one sees It shows the sketches little bits of when one looked for information with the folded over page of a book This time there are pages shown from a guidebook As the story is told the backdrop of the illustrations Untitled. enhance that story as in one is of a hiker leaning against a giant tree using a set of binoculars looking up to observe the canopy in the rain forest Another double spread shows the walkers at thedge of a stream that travels fast down a waterfall They are watching salmon struggle to get upstream to lay their Wiring eggs My words don t do this book justice there are many details If you are interested in a terrific text that s good for modeling journaling right before a trip this is one to use I reallynjoyed this introduction to the temperate rain forests I think when people say rain forest they automatically think of South America so it was good to learn about a different type of rain forest I loved that this story was full of useful information that kids of all ages would like without being overwhelming I also really Against All Odds enjoyed the message of preservation and conservation that was included without being too heavy handed Great intro for anyone who is looking for a good resource for temperate rain forests in general and the Oregon peninsula rain forest in particularAlso that guy licked a banana slug No way could you get me to do that blech 45 STARSI reallynjoyed this one I found it Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage engagingly written and it contained so many great details about the flora and fauna of the temperate rain forest specifically the temperate rain forest of the Olympic area in Washington state I ve been fortunatenough to visit the forests there and they are sooo beautiful I think Wright Frierson really captured the feeling of wonder and awe one feels there likening it to an The DOS enchanted or primeval forest yup and I really liked the part where she turned her attention from the awesome trees and canopy above to looking at the remarkable and beautiful forest floor Personally I don t feel watercolors are the best medium to capture all the lush vibrancy of this forest but that is just my own taste and other readers and artists will certainly beg to differ The illustrations do provide a great visual representation. Y informative this careful study is anngaging first hand look at an cological treasure CBC Not Just for Children Any 2000 CCBC Choices 2000 John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Youn.

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