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The relationships in Chelsea s books are always ADORABLE and goals and this one didn t disappoint There were a ton of moments that made me shriek out loud and wake up my cat so he d give it one star so luckily he hasn t got an account Light hearted and uplifting readI tore through this book in two days Great characters wonderful supportive relationships and a sweet grounded but intense romance A great spin on one of my favorite romcom tropes 35 review to come Fun follow up to Marriage of Unconvenience Hopefully the wedding business does not involve creating too many Versailles dresses as they seem destined to hasten the aging rocess The overall story was sweet hot and addictive but what stuck with me the most about this book was the lack of consistency on the timeline one minute cedar was arranged to come in the next day at one for a interview and next minute Maeve was emailing her to come in following week then cedar got the job and was told to start Monday but then it jumped to her starting on a Wednesday then in one Cat Out of Hell paragraph it went from a Wednesday morning to a Tuesday morning and then to a Thursday I could continue to list and for me this was massive downfall and took away from the story because time was either jumping forward or backward without reason but once again I finished this. Maeve Ivey doesn’t have time for bullshit She’s got her bridal boutiue to run she just started designing custom wedding attire and she’s healing from a vicious breakup Plus she also has a cat named Shady that needslenty of belly rubsEverything changes when her makeup artist uits and in walks Cedar Shay to interview for the job The very same Cedar Sh.

Book in one sitting it was gripping and I look forward to this author full review now on my blog This author does that thing where characters from other books are referenced but without any other indication that it s a series I kind of hate thatSo that cover is gorgeous and I don t apologize for being sucked in And I don t regret it either so there s that The book isn t great The characters are mostly surface and than a little too Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work perfect Cedar and Maeve have yearnings and they spend the novel getting closer and closer until they re together and then they overcome an imaginary obstacle and then HEA Maeve s wedding consultant business is only detailed enough to fill outlot though her friendship with the dressmaker Andrea was a highlight by being an order of magnitude authentic than any other interactions including between the main coupleSo it s a light bit of fluff is what I m saying The only real conflict in the story is that Cedar comes to work with Maeve as her makeup artist in her wedding business and that somehow makes their relationship impossible Romance authors often do this where they imagine that all workplace relationships are forbidden and that s just not the case Yeah Maeve is her boss kind of Cedar sets her own work hours makes her own appointments and has her own relationship. Ay that Maeve spent one reckless and steamy night with a thousand years ago Okay it wasn’t a thousand years ago but it was way in the Mother India past To top it off that was Maeve’s first timeeriod Of course Maeve is rofessional enough to overlook that little MAJOR fact especially when it’s clear that Cedar doesn’t remember her at all Great Things are distan.

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With clients but that just means they have to be extra careful about consent and that Maeve risks harassment accusations if Cedar is unstable There s no huge ower imbalance is what I m saying because they re both about on Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity par career wise and reputation wise and both can walk away from the business relationship relatively easily Indeed view spoilerthis isroven when the eventual solution is moving Cedar to a contractor relationship with just an affiliation with the business rather than being actually in house hide spoiler Adorable and steamy I really liked this Maeve might be one of my new favorite Chelsea characters And Cedar was awesome as well Maeve s desire for a HEA was totally relatable and I loved the My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, push andull between her and Cedar and the will theywon t they vibe Twas cute Then the sex happened and there was too much tongue description Everything after that just felt like a rushed need to wrap up their lives into a Attainment (Temptation, pretty little married box It didn t need that I think This was a very enjoyable read Definitely recommended I liked how the characters went about solving theirroblems It was messy in a human way The matter of fact treatment of therapy as a tool to help yourself heal is appreciated as well It s sweet awkward funny sexy and most importantly a great romance on the whol. T and cordial until Maeve finds out that not only does Cedar remember her but she’s been thinking about that night too A LOT The two are determined to keep everything above board but will they be able to resist each other when they’re together all the time Or will they give in to temptation and otentially ruin everything they’ve both worked so hard

Chelsea M Cameron is a New York TimesUSA TodayInternationally Best Selling author from Maine who now lives and works in Boston She's a red velvet cake enthusiast obsessive tea drinker vegetarian former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer When not writing she enjoys watching infomercials getting brunch with her partner tweeting and playing fetch with her cat Sassenach She has a