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Why rental property always looks so much worse than property occupied by the owner And that is why there are so many slum lords out there I am not sure what the going rate for gold is but I feel safe in stating the old cliche about this book being worth its weight Even if ou have The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, your accountant fileour taxes for Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp you there are some thing they might not be aware of or strategies thatou can take throughout the Memoirs of Hecate County year to betterour position come tax season Taxes can be a little dry and while this book may not cater to the engrossing stories that others might try to use to combat that fact it successfully counters by providing densely packed information useful to both the current and prospective landlordI could not have been happier with this purchase and will continue to use this book as a reference as I prepare my taxes and maintain and plan my rental business The one caveat is that a new version may be reuired to account for recent changes in the tax code but this is money I am than willing to spend THIS BOOK WAS A LAUGH RIOT LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY FROM BEGINNING TO END I BUSTED A GUT LAUGHINGNo it wasn t But there was some good info in there presented well It should carry the subtitle More Reasons You Should Hate Your Landlord That Sniveling Shylock Him And His Big Fat Tax Shelter useful. This edition covers updates on the laws numbers and planning strategies Illustratio.

Summary Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide

Rather than long term solutionsslum lording rather than land lording and discriminates against older investorsExample Three Barnyard Tales you have a leaking roof onour rental house It s an old roof and should be replaced You could 1 spend 50000 and patch it with tar and tar paper or 2 spend 350000 and have it torn off and a new roof installed If A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 you choose option oneou can deduct the entire 50000 as a repair on this If an Elephant Went to School years taxes However ifou choose option two Morse Code for Radio Amateurs you must depreciate the 350000 over 27ears Therefore by doing it the right waythe responsible waythe long term wayyou can only deduct 12727 from The Ideal Muslim Society your taxes thisear Doing it right Linux Networking Cookbook you are in the hole for 27ears Now lets say Marcus Garvey you are 65ears old to begin with What are the chances of FRIENDLY ENEMIES you even living to be 925ears old That s how old Amok you would have to be to realize a return onour 350000 investment in this roof Not factoring in the depreciating worth of a dollar over time and ignoring the fact that And a Bottle of Rum you may needet another roof before the 27 Crochet years are upSome things can be depreciated over shorter times but it all has the same effect And consider that the government still taxesou as if that roof only cost Playhouse you 12727 Even thoughou took 350000 out of our pocket the government only lets ou put 12727 back in before paying taxes on the rest That is. Ire high priced accounting or law firms the guide they need to save money on taxes.

Of course this is a dry read but helpful if Desire and Deceive you own investment properties to keepourself legal to take as many deductions as legally possible Yes I m giving a tax book 5 stars Possibly because it gave me a sense of reassurance rather than because it was well written or had any spectacular ualities Also none of the other land lording books I read gave any passing thought to tax deductions and I learned that they are a HUGE part of the land lording bottom line I m kind of in a state of shock at how mislead I was by some other texts regarding that completely ignore taxes with see Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, your tax professional while nickle and dime ing other factors I am still working may way through this book While it is a dry subject I have found the book very informative nicely organized and well written I now feel much knowledgeable on the subject of landlord tax deductions and will be able to make better decisions and be prepared for tax season Buying this book was money well spent This and other books on managing rental property seem to gloss over or ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room That is a punitive tax system that taxesnot profitbut cash flow Profit being defined as whatou have left after ALL expenses have been paid A tax system that encourages debt rather than thrift and savingsshort term fixes. Now updated this bestseller gives small residential landlords who can't afford to

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