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Than in ast books so this book is a step in the right direction after the missteps of Caidin s run Finally an Indiana Jones novel that feels like an Indiana Jones movie Such an improvement over the last two books in the series books 7 8Max McCoy shows he understands the format of a good Indiana Jones adventure The right macguffin the right amount of historical context mystical elements and good old fashioned adventure and action seuences The last three Indy books I ve read the two by Martin Caiden and Steve Perry s Army of the Dead missed the mark to um say it nicely Philosopher s Stone would make an okay Indy movie maybe a good one with a little Spielberg magic Even though there is a crystal skull in this one this book written years before the 2008 movie Go figureLooking forward to the next McCoy Indy novel I hope this isn t a fluke and he is able to rovide another good Indiana Jones adventure Fun More enjoyable than I expected Will read Indiana Jones novels. All right But that’s only half the story The manuscript is really a map leading into the desert and the most ancient and magnificent crypt in the world where Indiana Jones will either witness an astounding miracle of alchemy or become the tomb’s next inhabita.

I was enjoying this until the end It felt like they decided the book was long enough and tried to wrap everything up in a six ages Such a let down This is what I m talking about Indiana Jones heads off on an exciting globetrotting adventure to discover the secret of the Voynich Manuscript all the while clashing with Mussolini s Italian AtlanticiI had so much fun reading through this book and I would heartily recommend it to any Indiana Jones fan or anyone just looking for a good adventure story45 Stars A definite improvement over the revious two books but that s a retty low bar to raise McCoy for the most art keeps things moving but there are some retty unbelievable coincidencesIn Film on the Left particular Indy meets an exposition guyurely by chance and by chance I mean slight spoiler he gets lost in New York City in the middle of the night and just happens upon a lace offering a room for rent And this room is in a rare book store And the owner just happens to be an ex. For centuries the lust for wealth and immortality has driven men mad Now Indiana Jones is called to London to recover an ancient alchemist’s manuscript rud to contain the formula both for turning lead into gold and granting its owner eternal life Certain that

Pert on the tome Indy is trying to track down and thus rovides a chapter s worth of exposition And the owner also happens to have been uestioned by the villains Indy is running from But the whole book has a carefree and somewhat goofy vibe so I just chuckled at this bit of nonsense and read onMcCoy writes Indy better than Caidin but not better than MacGregor McCoy s Indy is a bit less intelligent than MacGregor s The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal particularly when it comes to linguistics But at least in this book McCoy handles the action scenes a bit better than MacGregor by letting the action breathe a bit instead of just giving a laundry list of actions as MacGregor tended to do Still none of the authors of thisreuel series has been The Mob particularly good at writing action scenes which is a shame It d be nice for someone to give readers a tight visceral sense of the action from Indy serspective instead of simply reporting what happensStill the McGuffin here is intriguing and the villains colorful. Missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar are involved in the theft Indy along with the alchemist’s beautiful sister travels to Rome and straight into the hands of Mussolini’s fascistsThe mad scholar Sarducci has stolen the Voynich Manuscript.