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Still feel kinda flat with me There is still so much World building that needs to be explained though I am probably being impatient These kinds of books often reuire the entire series to fully set the stage but it still fells like not should have been imparted in this one and not because of the ending I m like the FMC eager to know and annoyed that secrets are being kept LolFirst person single POV Slow burn RH fantasyRating YARomantic dynamic MMMMF eventually I think For book 1 MFCharacter age range 17Pros myths legends gods demons The guys are all different and fairly interesting I love Grim Interesting conceptCons too little explanation secrets for our own good trope ugh Fade to black Ok YA but pfft Didn t really connect to the FMC Interesting so far hopefully it gets better off to book 2Overall rating 3 It s Good So Far 35 Stars Yes I absolutely loved this slow burn RH book We meet Elidi and start the epic journey that has became her life I was pulling in from the get go wanting scratch that NEEDING to know about Elidi Who she is what she is why this is happening You will not be disappointed with her story the plot characters and world building of Goddess Ascending I highly suggest this read I keep getting surprised by how much I end up loving certain books and this is definitely one of those The author does a great job of keeping me guessing and sprinkling information in strategic places to keep the story going I liked the writing style very muchElidi was something alright She s this supposedly powerful being and finds herself entrenched up to her neck in a world she didn t even know existed before the crap really hit the fan I liked that she wasn t a woe is me kind of person or an I ll stand back and let the big man save me kind of person It made for a great story while moving at a steady paceI m definitely on team Kol for this one He s serious but he can joke around Even though it s not officially official in their world he s doing what he believes is right I like that uality in a characterI loved the world the author built and how she made secondary characters so memorable and three dimensional It made for an even better and realistic universeThe one thing that bothered me in this book is deciphering whether or not this is a reverse harem novel At times it seemed to subliminally swing towards that but then the heroine would state that she s set on one guy It was weird There s nothing mentioning it in the synopsis as of scheduling this review so I m keeping my fingers crossed that it s not because it s not something I look for in the books I read A Note After I finished the book I emailed the author inuiring about whether or not this series was going to be a reverse harem romance and her answer was es So it doesn t look like I ll be finishing this series even though I loved the world building and overall mythology the author createdMy Favorite uotes What s light without a little darknessThe way to a man s heart is through his fourth and fifth rib You re the light The sunshine Remember tha. Make her feel safe However safety is a fragile thing and the force after her is powerful than Elidi can imagine With the clock on Elidi’s mortality ticking she must find a way to access her gifts or kill them both in the process.

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Oo Then one night her aunt gets kidnapped and she gets hauled to a state home till either her friend can apply for custody or she ages out in a few months And the fun only gets better from there because after they she s kidnappedsaved by a giant wolf who can talk in her head giant death pegasus unicorns from hell are trying to rip her apart she nearly drowns and then her body tries to give out when she s taken to a new dimension Add in some shady deities some subtle and not so subtle power plays near death experiences pleasure laden lemonade and dueling guardians and the party has hit full swing Spoilers aheadThat was fun I still have uestions so many uestions but this was a fun read A little world building would be nice Example we get a pantheon of Norse and Greek gods but no Egyptian Celtic Asian Native American nada No Titans or Ice Giants the beings around before the Greek and Norse gods There s mention of a previous war did that have something to do with it Or did the author just pick a few popular deities to keep it simple The 2 kinds of guardians was odd Especially since the redundancy system wasn t used for extra protection It seems like they ve been ignored et no one uestioned his visions Does that mean the others get chosen too and it just wasn t mentioned Or that they resent existing without purpose No one has described ascending How can she be coached on powers by someone with a different skill set How can she go from human to goddess when her parents are at least one of them dad wasn t mentioned but I have a feeling he ll be a surprise next book gods So she s basically in a larval stage cocooned in a human chrysalis and will emerge as a goddess duringafter ascending The village on Black Peak in the god realm was just fancy tents Why Do they shun technology Why are goddesses on Earth If the god realm can kill humans does the human realm weaken gods Maybe I m a bit of a geek but this is where my mind went while reading this lol The book was fun I enjoyed the humor and snark I almost put it down before I hit the 30% mark because Elidi wasn t asking good uestions denied what she had seen with her own eyes and was refusing help from the person who had already saved her life twice I was very afraid she was going to classified as TSTL She still dragged her feet way too long but she started pulling her act together You think she d have been pushing harder since the whole point was to get powerful enough to go save her aunt But I understand drawing out the plot too This is my second time reading this book and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time Elidi the main female protagonist did annoy me somewhat in the beginning in her refusal to believe Oh my goddess This was just so compelling and captivating and straight up entertaining I uickly fell in love with Elidi and Kol Helix and even Grim The boys are alluring and strong and dedicated Everyone El meets is housing their own agenda and things become dicey when AlrightThis was intriguing with all the right pieces for an epic story but it. Ld breaking is after her but he promises to protect her until she “ascends” Elidi doesn't know what ascending means or how to access the abilities Kol insists she has but she trusts him The claws and fur he can sprout at will.

I found absorbed by the story from the very beginning Elidi is bright and sarcastic with a physical and metal strength that are only matched by her sarcasm I love a strong heroine and she has a dazzling wit and uick mind that captured me and made me want to accompany her on her journey wherever it would take us The story begins with personal discovery and the action never ceases The story takes us on an enlightening and entertaining adventure full of captivating characters and spellbinding settings And each of the secondary characters is an important element to the story and to the lives of one another Nothing is as it seems and it made me uestion whether any moment was real or if it was only for her benefit Even friendships are uestionable as she finds out uickly And when Kol enters the story it s a game changer on several levels But it s when Elidi learns who she really is and what is she is to become that makes the adventure possible and necessaryThe characters are beguiling The locations are imaginative Elidi is especially engaging and amusing I thoroughly enjoyed it from the moment I began reading The growth of the author s writing is evident and her imagination is captivating I am eager to read the subseuent chapters in Elidi s life Freaking Fantastic Fast pace action pack and humor that will have And a Bottle of Rum you smiling and giggling This story was so much fun to read I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It grabsou and keeps Crochet you at the edge ofour seat There s definitely coming up and I can t wait Kol and Elidi bright up the screen every time they are together Their sass and chemistry is hot The supporting characters are also so enjoyable my heart is split into two Too many HOT guy s man Just saying We have Elidi who thinks shes human and little does she know she s a god Which explain a lot of her weird episodes in life The one person she trusted turn out to be not so nice Finn We don t know what his true intentions are because he is playing on both sides One trying to protect Elidi and the other one hunting her down to kill her aka Nyx goddess of the night Which explains a little Because Elidi is trying to get her powers and be the god she is meant to be Goddess of the Light Enter Kol Helix and Grim Three sexy Alphas All trying to protect her and get her to Ascend Not so easy when Playhouse you have a powerful GOD chasingou with an army and enemies coming every way S gets real really fast I m so ready for the next one You can pre order now It s in my bag Must read A tumbling tumbleweedElidi is feeling a bit like a mushroom right now Everyone she s cared about has lied to her and hidden things from her Important things likeYou re a goddessI m a goddess her auntYou re mom was a goddessYou are going to ascend 18You have powersCurses existThere s a bunch of other gods and goddesses and they have protectors that are basically giant werewolvesYou re immortal but someone s trying to kill ouThat last one is pretty important Although the whole being immortal and still being able to die could use some explanation Promised to the Light Hunted by the Dark Two things happen the night Elidi Brant is attacked She learns she's not human and she is saved by the impressive and also definitely not human Kol Valco Kol tells her something big and wor.

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Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school She's only slightly socially awkward as a result She writes paranormal and contemporary romance with plenty of abs and angst Her most freuent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs You can find out about Heather and her books at heatherhildenbran