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Great short storyThis was a good read though the author still managed to make it emotionally charged despite its short ength I Divine Magnetic Lands love that Ariel is starting to realize she s sometimes unintentionally selfish in her thinking and is trying to give each of the guys what they need It s showing her growth and her healing from her own emotional scars and baggage I especiallyove that things are starting to heat up a bit with her and the guys Can t wait for I ove this This novella had was dominated by the Salt and Pepper twins Addison and Abel While Tyson is my favourite the twin are a close second This Halloween novella is a uick fun read but still has all the wickedness of the Ariel Kimber seriesI ove that even though it is short I could still see the growth in Ariel s character she has a way to deal with each of the guys and I The Butterfly Club love that we are getting into the intimate side of the relationships Ariel has with each of the guysI was sad when I finished reading I wanted but Ioved it and found it to be a funny and sweet novella I can t wait to read the next Ariel Kimber book in the series I don t just Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors love different holidays for the exciting feelings they bring but also because it means we get treats from authors who will write a book based around the holiday season Good Witch Bad Witch is just tha Having read this series from the beginning I really think this may be my favourite book I know other people might say differently but I feelike this is the boo I received this book for an honest review This novella made my heart happy I absolutely ove seeing Ariels relationship grow with each of the guys This time it s the Salt and Pepper twins Ariel and the guys got to experience Halloween for the first time It was heartbreaking. Ariel Kimber is a 17 year old girl who has not ived a very happy ife so far So much so she's never been able to celebrate the joys of Halloween beforeThis year things are different This.

To find out there were some that never got to experience this holiday It was heartwarming to see their excitement not only Ariel s but the guys too However all that excitement came to a screeching halt when Able s insecurities reared up its ugly head I oved how Ariel handled things Did I say I J.M. Coetzee loved how Ariel has a way of handling each of the brothers especially uinton This was a great short read I am so excited to see what will happen next Woooaahhh so I absolutelyoved this ittle Ariel Kimber Halloween novella I was missing the Salt and Pepper twins so much and here they are in this book dominating the whole thing and making me fall in ove with them all over agin I was so so happy Ariel gave Abel and Addison some extra attention this book and that they cleared the air of some misunderstandings and self consciousness that had been hindering their relationship I m also really proud of Ariel for standing up for herself to the twins and uint She s becoming and of an adult in each book and it s obvious she s ready to take on adult challenges and relationship perks now too And now I really can t wait to see what happens next especially for Christmas and the New Year with her big The Club of Angels loving family I m excited to see of Ariel and all her guys in the next books where their relationship goes and how it changes with each book and how they solve their problems and challenges and eliminate their adversaries as a tightly bonded bigoving family I Blue Skies and Gunfire loved this book and Iove this series Ariel Kimber s ife has not been full of fun and games in the past Instead it was full of neglect and abuse But that has all changed She s happy and safe with her coven her seven boyfriends Since she s never celebrated a Halloween this year uinton is dete. Year Ariel's got herself a whole new family and they just so happen to be witches Like her And this year they are making the best out of HalloweenUnfortunately for Ariel it's not all fun

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Rmined to make it the perfect Halloween not only for her but for his brothers as well Ariel s not the only one with a difficult past The perfect costume handing out candy and a midnight ceremony all make for the perfect holiday This Halloween short is ike a mixed bag of candy something for everyone I 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 loved the childlike glee of the holiday mixed with the sexinessater in the evening A big dose of uinton the Salt and Pepper twins and Dash with a touch of the others I Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, love uinton Overbearing man that he is his heart is in the right place And the heat that comes from this man WOW Niceittle glimpse into the twins as well In an RH we always think about the pressure on the girl to balance the guys but this shows the insecurity guys feel I Born Fighting liked the insight I still feel that Dash gets too much time in comparison to the others but that could just be me wanting Jules and Damien I can t wait to see what uinton has in store for Christmas Check out this review and others atwwwTwinsietalkcomwwwFacebookcomTwinsietalkwwwTwittercomTwinsietalkwwwTsucoTwinsietalkwwwinstagramcomtwinsietalkNewsletter Good Witch Bad Witch by Mary MartelI received this book from the author for an honest reviewHeads up By the time I have written this review I have read this book twice Yes friends TWICESo much happens in this bookike our Pepper Twin feeling ess than his brother Like our Salt Twin getting angry a Yayyyy I ove these novellas while we wait for a full Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside length book This one is amazing Iove the sp twins so much A great Halloween themed novella in this amazing series hooked from page one it was nice to get another taste of Ariel and he boys Exciting with plenty of drama and very well written I oved this and am hoping for a Christmas novella next. Nd games for a witch when she's got seven boyfriends Emotions run high magic gets explored and Ariel enjoys her first Halloween with her covenThis is an Ariel Kimber short story It's also.

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