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L and that dragons can be beaten They teach us that dreams come true that true love exists and that Happily Ever After is in fact possible This book may not get ou to Falling Through Clouds your destination wedding orour dream job But it will encourage ou to choose dreams over decisions; intuition over logic and magic over reality to help ou live the life of fairytales and find happiness in the moment which is all we ever really ha.

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S is powerful than the one with all the facts He said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination He said If ou want our children to be intelligent read them fairy tales Why would a genius recommend fairytales Because fairytales are packed with important life lessons They nourish our imaginations they inspire us and feed us hope and they teach us how to live They tell us that magic is rea.

This is a non fiction novel for the dreamer which uses Albert Einstein's theories and fairy tale stories to unlock the secrets of the Happily Ever After The book examines the eight biggest lessons of fairytales and touches on physics and the law of attraction to show that happiness isn't found it is created And a fairytale isn't a destination it's a decision Albert Einstein once said that the person with big dream.

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