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E mood for me She seemed to always think that running away was the answer and it just n I really liked Dustin and Annie The two of them are as opposite as can be but both are smitten with ach other from the start making this a read full of flirty funDustin never saw Annie coming and Annie never saw herself falling in love with a cowboy but being transplanted into Wyoming for a movie shoot Annie crosses paths with the handsome cowboy and Zoete tranen enjoys a flirty night of batter So when s It has been a while since I wanted to slap a heroine this badlyand a lot So that might be the wrong thing to start a review with bu hey it was a fun book I just wanted to slap some sense into herAbby meets Dustin a hot cowboy who has a player rep She is a dog trainer on a set from hell he is a local cowboy and they have a flingAnd then she does something stupid She listen to someonelse and leaves She does not Water Music even talk to him Come on girl whyyyThen she has to return for reshoots and decides to tell him that she is 7 months along Not cool girl not coolHe takes her back cos he is freaking wonderful and he had fallen in love with her She keeps listening to other people and thinks she knows what is best for him You are the best for him you I get that people are insecure but this man needs loooveSo she keeps backtracking and he is always there Dang that man was wonderful So wonderful Gotta love a cowboyInjoyed it slapping aside lolNarratorI Revived enjoyed her narration She does different voices well and I think she is a good fit for romance She takes the slow and the fast well The romance and the drama 3 5 Stars I was charmed by the characters in this one and as always I m an absolute sucker for Jessica Clare s authorial voice The trope combo wasn t my favorite cowboy surprise baby but overall annjoyable read It was supposed to be a fling as far as Annie was concerned However she walked away pregnant Further she has no intention of letting Dustin a ranch hand with an ungainly reputation know She is determined to get back to work as an animal trainer including all the traveling to the various movie sets she works on Yes life will go on and she will be a good motherDustin let his guard down as far as Annie was concerned Always a man who loved to flirt he always held back But with Annie things were different She got under his skin and now has simply disappeared He has no idea why and definitely was not aware that she is carrying his childI have read and Student Research Projects in Calculus enjoyed other cowboy romances with a baby as it is a repeated trope This one was noxception For one thing the dynamics in this book were xcellent For starters Annie s relationship with her dog Spidey was absolutely wonderful I also njoyed Annie and Dustin together specially when Dustin goes to whatever lengths necessary to prove how he feels about Annie While it may have been weird for Annie to just leave Dustin her reasons were understandable although I kept saying Talk to himIf you love animals and how they nhanced the lives of our primary characters then this book might just please you For a uick and A Heart of Stone enjoyable read with a warm conclusion be And games for Dustin until he meets a woman who sparks real feelings in him and he's blindsided by loveAnnie is an animal trainer working on set for a film Other than her furry canine coworkers she hasn't connected with the rest of the crew working on the movie It's only when a certain cowboy catches herye that Wyoming be.

This book was a little bit like a bad Hallmark movie for me not a regular Hallmark movie which I happen to Taking Instruction (Taboo, enjoy but one that has all the rightlements but just falls flat The premise of a playboy cowboy and a movie dog trainer was giving me all the right feels at the beginning of the book Based on the title and synopsis I figured there would be an instant attraction and then the story would be two characters trying to navigate a new relationship and the complication of a pregnancy That wasn t uite the case with this bookLet me start with what I did like This was a fast read and the writing flowed well I Dustin works on the ranch and has a ladies man reputation Then he meets a woman who he can t get out of his headAnnie is an animal trainer and trains dogs for movies She meets Dustin and the romance starts By the time she Language and Linguistics ends up leaving Wyoming to go back home she is pregnant but doesn t know it She doesn t tell Dustin until a few months later She wants him to be with her because he loves her not because of the baby Also his plan don t include a woman and a child I really liked these 2 characters but the communication was horrible between them I wanted to give this 5 stars but the woman from Dustin s past that caused a lot of the trouble should have been put in her place by Dustin I received this from First To Read for an honest review The Cowboy and His Baby is the story about a cowboy who has been wandering between farms as a ranch hand for the last decade and an animal trainer who s in town working on a movie set Annie has no plans to hook up with any of the locals but when Dustin catches herye she decides to spend some time with him This story is definitely a slow burn romance Half of the story is of the two getting to know Divertimento each other and hang out while Annie is in town It isn t until halfway through that the baby part of the story comes into play Like I said Dustin has never really stayed in one place for too long He s a bit restless and is always moving between ranches So when he meets Annie and finds himself starting to feel calm and losing that itch to move on to someplace new he knows he s found the girl for him However he has no clue what s going to happen to them when the filming wraps up and Annie has to move on to the next gig Meanwhile Annie isn t looking for anything serious She s only in town for a short period and then she s leaving However when she finds out that she s pregnant she s forced to reevaluate her life One thing that bothered me about Annie was that she didn t appear tover plan to tell Dustin about the pregnancy It seemed like the only reason Dustin got the heads up was because the movie needed some shots and Love Is a Fairy Tale everyone was called back to the set Thus making Annie face Dustin She took a huge nosedive in my opinion with that one Even though you re led to believe that Dustin is a playerverything he did with Annie made you uestion that He was always attentive to her cared about what she wanted and needed and made it known that he was there for her So I m not uite sure why she kept doubting him Her lack of trust in him kind of ruined th. From New York Times bestseller Jessica Clare comes a contemporary Western romance about a cowboy who is in for the ride of his life Dustin is a ranch hand with a reputation around town as a ladies' man He loves flirting and the thrill of the chase When he tilts his cowboy hat just so no one can resist his charms It's all fun.

Ure to pick up a copy of this delightful read by Jessica ClareMany thanks to Berkley and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in Promise at Dawn exchange for my honest opinion Main character was a wee bit stupid but I can forgive it The Cowboy and His Baby is a contemporary western romance by Jessica Clare Jessica Clare is a pen name for romance author Jill Myles I ve not previously read any of the author s books underither name but I found this novel to be very njoyable Annie is a dog trainer working on a movie set when she meets local cowboy Dustin The two begin a lighthearted romance that turns complicated when Annie finds herself unexpectedly pregnant Dustin and Annie have some heavy thinking to do but the overall feel of the story is still light The Cowboy and His Baby is a uick fun read The main characters Dustin and Annie are both well developed and relatable The dialogue is fresh and funny The romance is sweet Nothing to dislike This is a 5 out of 5star readI was given the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book as part of Penguin s First to Read program However the opinions xpressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone Annie a dog trainer is in Wyoming for a film shoot She wasn t Bangkok Wakes to Rain expecting to have a fling but Dustin a local cowboy gets past her usual shields and theynd up spending all her off time together He s sexy and sweet and she finds herself falling hard Annie feels like a breath of fresh air for Dustin She wasn t falling all over herself to go out with him For once he had to work to get a woman to go out with him But than that she s got a genuine heart speaks her mind and doesn t play games She s the woman he never knew he wanted he never thought he d want anything but a casual good time but Annie has him re thinking his plans Annie The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery ends up pregnant and a misunderstanding has her uestioning whether she was all wrong about Dustin I kind of love the unexpected pregnancy troupe It was clear Dustin and Annie were falling harder than they counted on before that wasver thrown in the mix and Annie s pregnancy forces them to get through a misunderstanding that may have parted them for good otherwise Dustin was a complete sweetheart determined to have a future with Annie and his baby Annie was a little insecure so I could understand why she made a snap decision without getting the full story but thankfully that part of the story didn t have much page time so the frustration over that was low Also Annie fully owned up to her mistake and was really sorry Their romance was realistic with both Dustin and Annie Darkmere each vulnerable and insecure in parts but it was also sweet and pretty hot I was fully invested in their journey to a HEAI part listened and part read The Cowboy and His Baby I ve listened to Abby Craden narration before and she s great with both female and male voicesspecially with a Southern accent but I usually have to crank up the speed to 15 times normal Granted there aren t many audio books I listen to at normal speed most are 125x or higher A copy was kindly provided by Berkley in xchange for an honest review I did also purchase an audio cop. Comes interesting She intends for their romance to be a fling but by the time filming wraps up she's unexpectedly pregnantWhile Annie is prepared to walk away and raise her baby by herself Dustin isn't so ready to say goodbye He has to prove to Annie that she has a future in Wyoming and capture her heart before it's too late.

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