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Ed to see where the author goes with this but it felt a bit ike a placeholder book Lots of submarines were threatened but I never really believed in that terror The The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, latest in the increasingly should be called Lydia Asher series features Lydia tracking a kidnapped Don Simon on a transatlantic voyage through submarine infested waters The claustrophobia induced by both the fear of being targeted at sea as well as by the expectations of Lydia s society relatives and acuaintances on the ship make the ending all the affecting Meanwhile James continues to work undercover in Europe but increasingly seems marginalized in both the story and Lydia sife although their Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene limited interactions are still veryoving and sweet I m interested to see where their story goes from here James Asher 8Lydia and James are back with our favorite vampire Don Simon Ysido While James is off being a spy at the front Lydia is boarding a Scandal! luxuryiner from Paris headed to America All she knows is that Simon is in trouble in pain and she must help him Then maybe kill him But first she must find himHer working theory is that someone is using him and keeping him under their thrall That someone being an obnoxious unscrupulous American industrialist Spencer Cochran and his henchmen Known for making striking workers disappear among other unsavory actsJames is trying as hard as he can to get her information on the drug that is being used on the vampire Even going so far as to knock on the Paris vampires door for helpWhen children begin dying on the ship time is of the essence to save not only the passengers but also Simon Who she really does not want to kill but will sheThis is one of my favorite series Historical Fiction with Vampires What could be betterVery Well DoneNetGalley Reviews Severn House May 01 2019 This is my favorite series featuring vampires and one of my favorite historical mystery series so I was happy to get my hands on this The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel latest installmentIt is now March 1917 and WWI drags on and on Our hero James Asher and his physician wife Lydia had beenooking forward to a reunion in Paris when disaster strikes The blurb gives a nice wrap up of those general plot pointsLydia is forced by circumstances to travel with her aunt Louise a truly awful person Unbeknownst to Lydia Aunt Louise has arranged for Lydia s daughter Miranda to make the trip as well Poor Lydia She is stressed to the max over Don Simon she s dealing with a series of murders among the Third Class passengers attributed to a vampire but is that true Add to that being worried about U Boats torpedoing the City of Gold and her daughter being killed Meanwhile James has various vampire encounters of his own all in desperate search for information on the drug our American tycoon has used on Don SimonThere are some great secondary characters on board the ship including a Russian princess a spiritualist and a few helpful ones such as Tania and Georg Heller Alas Aunt Louise does not improve as the book goes on the American tycoon and his wife are eually dreadfulThere s a very satisfactory solution to the murders the baddies get their just deserts and other exciting bits before the Pilgrimage (1920) liner makes it to New YorkI figure there will be ateast one book to get us through the end of the war and to reunite James and Lydia I Shapely Ankle Preferrd ll be waiting Barbara Hambly s Prisoner of Midnight is the eighth book in the James Asher series While the series as billed as James Asher Lydia Asher often plays an eual orarger part as does the vampire Don Simon Ysidro The series begins with Those Who Hu Vampires on a shipA great installment in the Asher series The action takes place on a ship during the war with threats from inside and out I particularly iked the way Hambly shared the stories of the various passengers in first and third clas. Ion she needs about the drugAs they cross the Atlantic evidence mounts that another vampire is hiding aboard the ship indiscriminately murdering passengers Lydia knows she must solve both cases before the ship docks and that breaking Cochran’s hold on Don Simon will not be enough She must kill

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35 stars Review originally published at Fantasy Literature Prisoner of Midnight 2019 is the eighth novel in Barbara Hambly s James Asher series which began in 1988 with Those Who Hunt the Night It has been nominated for the Locus Award for Best Horror Novel I had never tried this series before but having enjoyed her non paranormal Benjamin January mystery series I decided to give Prisoner of Midnight a shotAnd now that I ve read it I can say that there are some common themes Both series feature a fiercely intelligent malefemale pair solving crimes and explore prejudice as both a cause of violence and an impedi At the end of the previous book Pale Guardian Lydia swore that she never wanted to see Ysidro again and that she didn t want him secretly guarding her Two years ater at the opening of Prisoner of Midnight she is contacted by him in a dream Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch leading to a crisis of conscience As she writes to Jamie Don Simon is a prisoner somewhere The dreams that I have had were unclear uncharacteristically unclear but I sense I KNOW that he is being held captive in terrible and continuous pain If he were not he would not have asked for my help as he did as he is His voice crying out of darkness was broken upike fragments of a torn manuscript The only words that were clear were City of Gold The American iner SS City of Gold eaves Southampton on Wednesday for New YorkLuckily Lydia s extremely wealthy and extremely obnoxious aunt Lady Mountjoy has already booked a first class suite on that very City of Gold Lydia agrees to take the voyage with her despite two immense problems A she s not actually sure what she should do if she manages to find Ysidro free him or kill him which would at Cronache della famiglia Wapshot least put him out of his misery while also stopping him from killing future humans and B in 1917 passengeriners are freuently targeted by German submarines meaning everyone might end up dead on the bottom of the ocean before she solves the first problemLydia fairly uickly discovers Ysidro s captor who turns out to be millionaire industrialist Spenser Cochran Cochran s plan for a pet vampire is to have him kill strikers and miners and all those other annoying poor who demand their so called rights Unfortunately the who is ess complicated than the how Conchran has injected Ysidro with some sort of painful poison part scientific and part alchemical to suit a vampiric nature which reuires daily antidotes to keep him alive Ysidro s escape therefore is not a matter of unlocking a door but of figuring out the composition of both drugs and stealing or creating a new supply Which is James s job Stuck back in Europe due to a combination of not having time to reach the SS City of Gold before its departure and his obligations to Britain s wartime government he nevertheless manages to communicate with Lydia via telegram With the help of various French and English vampires who hate the idea of such a poison existing he sets out to find who made the drugs and ultimately get a copy of the research notes into Lydia s hands Matters get even complicated when several third class passengers on the ship turn up dead and drained of blood Is Ysidro somehow killing them with no memory of it due to the poison Is there a second vampire on board Will an innocent third class passenger be blamed for the murders since a vampire did it isn t a valid alibi Lydia investigates with the sort of help of Cochran who believes two pet vampires would be even better than one pet vampire third class passenger and anarchist Georg Heller who absolutely believes vampires don t exist and the whole thing is probably a conspiracy to keep the poor man down and first class passenger and elderly Russian Princess Natalia Nikolaievna Gromyko who believes in vampires and that they are best contacted through the Astra. Vampire Don Simon Ysido has been captured and held aboard a ship heading to the US to act as a slave and Dr Lydia Asher must stop it at any cost March 1917 The goal of every government involved in the Great War has been achieved industrialist Spenser Cochran has drugged and enslaved a vampire Don.

L Plane Whew there s a ot going on in this book But it all works The Titanic 1997 esue feel of a grand passenger The Secret Life of Birds liner as a microcosm of society the contrast between the glittering upperevels and packed steerage beneath is excellent Ysidro s constant pain and woe are straight up stoic woobie fuel for those of you who ove their favorite characters most when they re suffering I am totally one of those people I also really adored the resolution to the third class murders There s a twist at the end that I m not so sure about but I m willing to wait and see where Hambly goes from here On the other hand the ending does potentially suggest that the next book might be set in NYC which I would LOVE I read this as an ARC via NetGalley 1917 and Vampire Don Simon Ysidro has been kidnapped drugged and enslaved by industrialist Spenser Cochran who plans to use him as a weapon and who are now on their way to America aboard a uxury inerJames and Dr Lydia Asher have dreamt of the kidnap dreams sent from the weak and dying Vampire Lydia secures passage on the ship to rescue her friend whilst James seeks help from the ruling Vampire of ParisWhile crossing the Atlantic children from 3rd class have been found murdered with puncture wounds on their necks and it ooks Wrong Pong like there s another Vampire on boardCan Lydia solve the murders and save Don SimonFabulous characters andots of suspense book 8 and it still feels fresh Vampires are not the only danger to be faced on the Atlantic voyage aboard the City of Gold As the Great War Dealmakers Guide To Commercial Real Estate lasts until 1918 during the conflict of Germany Austria Hungary Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire the Central Powers against Great Britain France Russia Italy Romania Japan and the United States the Allied Powers this novel is nestled in the year of 1917 and gives way to an array of characters of different backgrounds and statuses James Asher receives the note that his wife Lydia will emba I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOh dear I m not sure if the author s heart was in this one That or I ve read so much of Barbara Hambly s work that I am sensitive to all her writing tics and can see her coming In 2007 Barbara Hambly wrote a short story called Sunrise on Running Water a story about a hapless vampire who was sailing to America on the Titanic and went down with the ship Great idea What a creepy thought being unable to die whilst trapped in a coffin at the bottom of the frigid ocean It feelsike she thought about that story decided to turn it into a book with Ysidro as the hapless vampireAnd hapless he is Ysidro is kidnapped to be taken to America to be used for nefarious purposes on the City of Gold The Contest of the Century liner and Lydia Asher must go after him to keep him from being used killing him if necessary Lydia and her husband James are kept apart all book again I don t know when these two will be allowed to reunite James keeps himself busy trying to help Lydia figure out who took Ysidro and why He also gets caught up in vampire politics as usual The author signposts the characters sheikes and dislikes very clearly There s a mystery on the ship people are dying drained of blood Is it a vampire Something else The class distinctions between first class stateroom suites and third class crammed with passengers mostly from the Balkans or Russia frantic to escape the horrors of war are drawn deftly Lydia is becoming a bit judgey for someone who benefits from the class system as much as she does although there are drawbacks to being a The Battle of the Atlantic lady as well I found the author sanguage a bit twisty and confusing at times she overexplained some things and underexplained othersAnyway I think the whole point of the book was to get Ysidro to the USA and also to change him due to the torture that he endured I m interest. Simon Ysidro to do his bidding and is now on the way to the US aboard a uxury shipHorrified Dr Lydia Asher secures her passage on the vessel to rescue her friend from Cochran’s chemical thrall Meanwhile her husband makes a dangerous alliance with the vampires of Paris to send Lydia the informat.

Barbara HamiltonRanging from fantasy to historical fiction Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story Her twisty plots involve memorable characters lavish descriptions scads of novel words and interesting devices Her work spans the Star Wars universe antebellum New Orleans and various fantasy worlds sometimes linked with our ownI always wanted to be a writer but everyone kept telling me it was impossible to break into the field or make money I've proven them wrong on both counts Barbara Hambly