Bryan Harris: Battling Boredom Part 1

Fficient educational and loads funContents includeStrategies to Begin a LessonStrategies to End a LessonStrategies for SoloIndependent WorkStrategies for the Whole GroupStrategies for Engaging Reluctant LearnersBonus The book also features a uick Guide to Parent Engagement with loads f suggestions for increasing student engagement by partnering with families Companion Bo.

Drive boredom ut f your classroom and keep it ut with the student engagement strategies in this book You'll learn how to gain and sustain the attention f your students from the moment the bell rings Perfect for teachers f all subjects and grade levels these ready to use activities go head to head with student boredom and disengagement resulting in class time that's

Ok Available For strategies don't miss the companion book Battling Boredom Part 2 Bryan Harris teams up with technology integration expert and former teacher Lisa Bradshaw to provide additional activities n academic talk feedback to boost student performance meaningful writing and reflection prompts movement based activities effective classroom technology integration and.

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