Alden Bauers: Shes So Catty

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Ng grants its wearer the ability to transform into any animalUnbelieving Danielle places the ring on her finger and tters the spell To her amazement the ring’s powers are real and Danielle is transformed into a cat At first Danielle is enad with.

Danielle DeLuca spends her days waiting tables and struggling to make ends meet Her fortunes change when she takes refuge from a rainstorm in the town’s strange new antiue shop Danielle purchases a beautiful ring The shopkeeper informs her the ri.


Her new ability However she soon finds herself addicted to the nightly changeAided by her friends Danielle seeks to remove the ring and break free of its hold But she finds it stuck on her finger and the cost of removing it may be exorbitantly hig.

Alden Bauers was born and raised on Long Island He currently resides in Spartanburg South Carolina where he works as a computer technician He's married and has two young children When he's not writing or spending time with his family Alden enjoys modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad in N Scale and driving his 1965 Chevy Corvair