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S or siblings Additionally what we ind out about Marshall s life are one line sentences that relate a uick story about his life and then it s back to the tedium of historical events Frankly 34ths of this book could have been cut It s mostly about historical events and uickly becomes tedious While the parts which empathize what Marshall actually did are appropriate or a biography most of the text is about events that Marshall had no control over or didn t witness so largely irrelevant to a biography Further there s little in the text about these events which illuminates Marshall s life He s constantly written as being reserved honest ormal etc This is The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine fine it s Marshall s character but the description becomes wearing It s as if the author really doesn t have much to say about Marshall s life but has toill up the pages to meet a number Finally there are issues with the author s writing aside Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine from the narrative issues outlined above First rather than weaving his opinions within the narrative he has opinion paragraphs with statements and conclusions which break up the narrative Second the author makes a habit of attacking other authors and biographers It s true there may be issues with them but they need to be handled inootnotes or a bibliographical essay rather than the text It makes the author look petty and Six frankly the only people who would care would be people who have read other Marshall biographies Further I lost track of the number of times the author mentions that we don t know what Marshall thought and then goes on to say something that someone else said or something based on Marshall s general character It s carefully done but speculation in and of itself Theeeling I got Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag from this book is that Marshall was the consummate bureaucratmanager His skills and personality are suited to that and he is indeed important in American history But it seems to have made him a poor biographical subject and the author seems to have chosen toill the void with his opinion s bugbears and long winded historical narrative I don t have a sense of Marshall the man his life with Lady Janes Nemesis family his thoughts his routine just what happened in his lifetime So I can t recommend this book and will have to hope another biography tells me about Marshall the man not Marshall the statue. Duty would run up against the realities of Washington politics Long seen as a stoic almost statuesueigure he emerges in these pages as a man both remarkable and deeply human thanks to newly discovered sourcesSet against the backdrop of ive major conflicts two world wars Palestine Korea and the Cold War Marshall's education in military diplomatic and political power replete with their nuances and ambiguities runs parallel with America's emergence as a global superpower The result is a defining account of one of our most conseuential leade.

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Eciated I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about this great American What an incredible book For months I kept putting this book off it had been auto checked out of my library twice without my listening to it When it popped up in my audio library a third time I decided to read it now or never How I regret not reading it the irst time This book captured my attention Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada from the beginning I did not know much about George Marshall I knew that he was Chief of Staff under Franklin Roosevelt and later Secretary of State I knew that he was all over the place during WWII but those incidents were toldrom the perspective of others Marshall often took a back seat to others King Halsey Ike McArthur FDR Churchill etc He s overlooked because he was not as self promoting as othersThat s what makes this book so interesting this book tells stories that the reader may be amiliar with but rom a perspective that is overlooked that of the man who had to straddle the line between military needs and political realities I never read a Before You full biography of George Marshall until now I have read about him in other books but this is theirst A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 full biography I read about him This was an interesting book George Marshall was chief of staff of the United States Army during World War II and worked behind the scenes in planning invasions with other top military leaders and the President of the United States Franklin Roosevelt Before World War II Marshall had experience as a young Army officer in World War I planning night movements of troops into the battlefields which brought that experience to the table in the Second World War After World War II Marshall developed the Marshall Plan to rebuild Not worth the price Find it at the library I was disappointed with this book It s not a biography rather it s a book about Marshall s role in the various wars of the United States First there is nothing about Marshall s childhood or development as a young man other than scattered references to comingrom Pennsylvania and disliking authority or being an indifferent student According to this biography Marshall might as well have been born at VMI and there s not much about that Second there s not much about Marshall s life per se There s almost no mention of his Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, family either parent. E of his nation and its values Even as a young officer he was heralded as a genius a reputation that grew when in WWI he planned and executed a nighttime movement of than a half million troopsrom one battlefield to another that led to the armistice Between the wars he helped modernize combat training and re staffed the US Army's officer corps with the men who would lead in the next decades But as WWII loomed it was the role of army chief of staff in which Marshall's intellect and backbone were put to the test when his blind commitment to.

I ve always thought that George C Marshall deserved a great one volume account of his life that would interest a broad audience While Forrest Pogue is Marshall s definitive biographer his Stupid men jokes four volumes might be too muchor most so I ve been hoping Workbook for Emergency Care for something like Truman by McCulloughor Marshall I was excited to pick up George Marshall Defender of the Republic by David L Roll when it was released earlier this month While I haven t read his book on Harry Hopkins another lesser known player in the drama of World War II I ve seen and heard positive reviews and was anxious to see if he could help shed light and recognition on one of America s underappreciated leaders I was initially disappointed when I started and realized it wasn t a typical cradle to grave biography Mr Roll jumps right into Marshall s military service in World War I without much attention to his childhood or early adult years However I soon realized his The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 focus on Marshall s professional career was well written and balanced At times he doesocus on his personal life but the majority is Macroeconomics focused on his Chief of Staff Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense roles Mr Roll devotes considerable space to Marshall s years as Army Chief of Staff before and during World War II In addition to describing his role in key decisions and his relationships with key political and military leaders Roll also objectively calls out Marshall where healls short like his part in the lack of warning to Pacific commanders before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the lack of effort to desegregate the Army Marshall s time as Secretary of State Out focused on two main topics the Marshall Plan and US recognition of Israel I appreciated the insightful and descriptive retelling of how the Marshall Plan was conceived and passed through Congress especially the bipartisan partnership with Senator Arthur Vandenberg which makes one longor the days when pelicans could work together across the aisle The books ends with uick overviews of his time as Secretary of Defense as well as his last years While I m still waiting The Hero (Thunder Point, for the great one volume biography on Marshall overall David L Roll s look at Marshall s professional career is a good read that I hope will make George Marshall better known and his contributions to our country appr. The extraordinary career of George Catlett Marshall America’s most distinguished soldier–statesman since George Washington whose selfless leadership and moral character influenced the course of two world wars and helped define the American century Winston Churchill called him World War II's organizer of victory Harry Truman said he was the greatest military man that this country ever produced Today in our era ofailed leadership Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, few lives are worthy of renewed examination than Marshall and hisifty years of loyal service to the defens.