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Loved this book very positive message This book brings back so many memories Being a child of the 80s Sharon Lois Bram provided part of the soundtrack to my early years Skinnamarink is probably their most famous song and it s a fun one complete with actions that accompany the words This book takes that simple song adds some new verses and illustrates the whole thing to near perfectionI must say I was a bit nervous when I read that there were some new verses here But they fit in perfectly with the original song And the book would ve been really short without them The rhyme and rhythm is just about perfect and if you re familiar with the original song you can see the ease with which the new words workin Leng s illustrations are sort of messy looking but also childlike and very fun So many people and creatures et into the song so by the end of the book everyone s running around with a smile on their face and love in their heart It might sound corny but it s true This book made me smile and I hope this song will make a whole new eneration of kids smile too Thank you to NetGalley and Tundra Books for providing a digital ARC I love singing this. Based on the classic folk song made famous by a beloved trio of children's entertainers this picture book is best sung aloud Skinnamarink is a timeless anthem of love and inclusionWhat does skinnamarink mean You may not find its definition in a dictionary but the meaning is clear to the enerations of children who sang along friendship happiness sharing community and ultimately love This song has been sung.

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Lgia The fun illustrations qasas-ul-quran go perfectly with the familiar song Highly recommended We can all use love right nowThis honest and unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher My aunt used to sing this song to me all the time when I was a kid This book is cute and sweet and filled with nostalgia Beautiful love sharing homage to your children kind of book It has some melody in it so it can really be upgraded by being actsingdance at least in some parts The art was pleasing and comfy for children and the amount of love express in this book definitely made it a feelsood read Thank you to netgalley for providing a copy of this book for us to review Books that you can sing to are my favorite and this did not disappoint There are several extra verses to this familiar song all with the message of loving your child My 4 year old loved it The illustrations are also cute Excellent Great fun I really enjoyed this version of the lyrics The illustrations are a reat compliment It was engaging to see the three singers incorporated into the pictures Another winning title from Tundra Books LibraryThing Skinnamarink TundraBooks. N Lois and Bram formed as a trio of children's entertainers in Toronto in 1978 and went on to create two top rated children's television shows most notably The Elephant Show and to release 21 full length albums many of which reached old platinum double platinum and triple platinum In 2018 Sharon and Bram celebrated their 40th anniversary and they continue to entertain children and share their message of lo.

Song with my kids The local librarians have been using it to wrap up storytime since I began attending with my youngest He loves to belt out the song he is only 25 and doesn t always pay very Dead-End Road Mysteries good attention at storytime but he does love the musical interludes and will belt out this song reliably When I first started taking him I thought that this song sounded vaguely familiar and could have said it was from a 1970s era kids show but that really would have been auess and I couldn t tell you anything about it And hey it is from a 1970s era kids show that I have no memory of watchin Just love this one I sang Skinnamarink with my family and with Lamb Chop Sharon Lois and Bram My daughter now sings the song and I look forward to sharing this book with her along with my little students so they hear and know this song of everyday love too I loved the Elephant Show with Sharon Lois and Bram in the 80s and their version of Skinnamarink is the only one for me I enjoy how this book ot fleshed out with extra verses and an inclusive cast of characters Who else watched the Elephant Show Reading this I was overcome with strong and warm feelings of nosta. In weddings and in classrooms It can be fun and silly especially with the accompanying actions And it has a way of bringing people togetherThrough in Leng's wonderfully imaginative illustrations this delightful picture book tells the story of a community coming together Young and old from little mice to a big elephant people and animals ather into a spontaneous parade as they follow the sound of musicSharo.

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