Christy Jeffries: The SEALs Secret Daughter

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N some incorrect info and she really isn t interested in correcting those ideas There are a number of threads here that could have been explored thoroughly for example the box of items Ethan brought home that reminded him of the ood friend he lost overseas the irl s constant need for a bathroom Monica s father and his real job. Is little irl But when sparks fly between them the soldier realizes his next mission might just be to turn their no strings romance into a forever family.

Aves the The Horse in Celtic Culture girl on the doorstep wearing inadeuate clothes for Idaho and toting aarbage bag full of all her belongings The pretty librarian working as a waitress to make ends meet and afford care for her randmother who has Alzheimer s is Ethan s target but she doesn t want to be caught She has a stereotypical view of him based N his doorstepis his daughter The soldier turned insta dad is desperate for help and librarian Monica Alvarez is just the woman to help him connect with

Good book A SEAL arrives in Sugar Falls Idaho and tries to put his life back together Opening his door to a knock one day he finds an old high school frienddate and a young irl SUrprise The Every Boys Dream girl is his daughter and theirl s mother resents him for being out of reach serving overseas She says she can t do it any longer and le. A Daddy on a MissionIn this new installment of American Heroes When ex SEAL Ethan Renault settles in Sugar Falls Idaho the last thing he expects to find

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Christy Jeffries graduated from the University of California Irvine with a degree in Criminology and received her Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law But drafting court documents and working in law enforcement was merely an apprenticeship for her current career in the dynamic field of mommyhood and romance writing She lives in Southern California with her patient husband two ene