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Orge County in the Washington DC metro area or DMV for DCMarylandVirgina as the region is called throughout the book where he was not only competing but thriving in games against boys older than him The book then follows Durant to the University of Texas for his one spectacular season for the Longhorns which vaulted him to being the 2 pick in the NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics He had a fine rookie season being named the Rookie of the Year and followed the team when it moved to Oklahoma City This time in Durant s career was my only negative takeaway from the book there was far too little written about Durant s time in Seattle almost like it never happened That is ironic because later when the Warriors and Sacramento Kings played an exhibition game in Seattle Durant was the recipient of much love from the Seattle fansWhile the reader will learn about Durant s rise to superstar status while he was on Oklahoma City what the reader learns about Durant s personality and the conflict between Durant s inner feelings and the public off court persona he portrayed makes for some of the best reading in the book and why it is a compelling read In public Durant never showed any tattoos for a long time but he had a lot of ink with significant personal meaning on areas of his body where they would be hidden by clothing in public appearances Through interviews with other players and research Thompson achieves something difficult to do providing the reader with an insightful look into an athlete who is still in the prime of his or her career without interviewing the subject Of course it has to be taken that this is the viewpoint of Thompson but it still comes across as a very interesting topic Thompson also discusses at length the most controversial part of Durant s career his decision to leave the Thunder two years after declaring he would never go elsewhere and sign with the Warriors who were already a championship team There are many reasons that have been discussed in the media before and Thompson addresses every one of them Much like Durant s versatility in his game a seven footer who has a great shooting touch and an explosive first step Thompson writes about this controversy with much skill as the reader will finish this part of the book with an understanding of what Durant did That doesn t mean those who were angry with this move will accept it they will ust become informed A great look inside the career of one of the best in the game today as well as a compelling read fans of today s NBA will want to add this one to their libraries I wish to thank Atria Books for providing a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. State Kevin Durant earned the coveted NBA Finals MVP award he was the Warriors' top scorer in every game of the 2017 Finals helping the team snatch the title from LeBron James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers As a sports columnist for The Athletic Bay Area and longtime beat reporter covering

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An incredible account of a truly remarkable human being Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for the advanced digital review copy of this book An interesting read which unfortunately falls into the typical downfalls of unauthorized biographies of athletes who haven t finished their careers The book does a good A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, job exploring KD s early life in Washington DC and his ascent to NBA stardom as well as delving into the controversy around his free agency decision tooin the Warriors The book feels light on content however as there is still so much of KD s career yet to pan out I grabbed this off the new biography shelf because I m a big Warriors fan Enjoyed learning about his early years Basketball games in print are not exactly like watching a game on TV Was surprised when I Googled Kevin Durant to learn that he has left the Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets who I have never heard of I guess for 164 million he doesn t care what I thinkHe seems like a good guy who has done many wonderful charitable things with his fortune I wish him luck with his new unknown team I plan to read the Steph Curry book by the same author Steph is who turned me into a NBA Finals nut There were too many repetitive parts that were extraneous I began the book hoping for a different angle of Kevin Durant that there were sides of him outside of the angst and frustration but the narrative crafted only reinforced what we already know from the very beginning There were some takeaways 42 StarsI got this because Kevin Durant is known to be a controversial superstar and I also wanted to learn about his childhood and background storyMarcus Thompson did a good ob talking about KD s childhood especially DMV hoop because I love how basketball and DMV mold him into to the personplayer he is todayMarcus talked about his high school to college career clearlyBut I wished he talked about Kevin s time in Seattle because I loved the way he described the preseason game in Seattlebecause I would feel like a sonic s fan if he talked about much Kevin meant to Seattlelastly I think the chapters 7 10The Hamptons The next chapterare very goodespecially chapter 8Kevin Waynewhere it talks about KD s characterand made me intrigued with Great deeper insight into KD As a warrior fan I have always liked Durant It s amazing how one decision makes people hate you Maybe we need to look a little deeper into KD the man and realize the dude has been a through a lot and gives a ton back to those who need it I absolutely loved this book I decided to read this book because I found it in my house while cleaning my room and I was in need of a new book to read anyway I thought while being. Golden State Warriors insider and bestselling author Marcus Thompson delivers the definitive biography of one of the most extraordinary basketball players in NBA history Kevin Durant The NBA has never seen a player uite like Kevin Durant Larry Bird wasn't as uick Magic Johnson didn't have such a range and Mi.

In uarantine would be the perfect time to read it I thought this book was very inspiring and it helped motivate me and realize why I love basketball I made me want to work harder so I can be the best I can be in basketball The language in this book made it so that you could connect to Kevin Durant and all of his personal accomplishments It made me want to work so hard that I would get those accomplishments one day I recommend this book to anyone who plays basketball because it is very motivating This text describes Kevin s life starting from birth to becoming a world champion in the NBA It discusses his hardships he endured on his ourney to becoming successful Kevin impacted American culture by becoming one of the most famous basketball players and athletes of his generation impacting millions of kids who look up to himThe theme of this text in my opinion is determination At many times he had hardships and the only way to move past them was to put his head down and go through it and it got him to where he is now I would recommend this text to anyone wanting to get an insight on Kevin and his life It s a very well written book and I enjoyed reading it Marcus Thompson s book KD Kevin Durant s Relentless Pursuit to be the greatest chronicles Kevin Durant s life and his basketball career The book begins by talking about Prince George County of Washington DC The book discusses the crime problem in that county and how challenging it can be to grow up in crime ridden area like Prince George Durant was born to a single mother and grew up in difficult circumstances He was raised mostly by his mother grandmother and great aunt Durant honed his basketball skills at the Boys and Girls Club in Capitol Heights Washington DC Durant began playing basketball there when he was 8 Caring workers and volunteers at the club helped Durant develop his basketball skills and his characterDurant moved around several times during his youth However the Boys and Girls club along with his family remained the one constant in his life He Very few athletes who are stars in their sport no matter which one escape some type of controversy in their careers Kevin Durant is no exception as his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 to oin the Golden State Warriors set off a furious reaction not seen since LeBron James left Cleveland to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010 The story behind Durant s decision as well as a look into his complicated world is told in this excellent unauthorized biography by Marcus ThompsonHaving already penned one best selling book about a Golden State star Stephan Curry Thompson writes about Durant s ascent to stardom from Prince Ge. Chael Jordan wasn't seven feet tall Durant handles the ball like Allen Iverson shoots like Dirk Nowitzki and has the scoring instincts of Kobe Bryant He does it in a body that's about as big as Hakeem Olajuwon But ultimately Kevin Durant is like no one but himself After an incredible first season with Golden.