Herb Glazer: Sagittarius

Set in Vietnam US Special Forces save American POWs in this action packed dra. Three brothers identical triplets are separated at birth They are adopted by three separate families in 3 different states All 3 boys inherit a neurological condition that plagues them all their lives but in the end also reunites them and defines who they are Two of the brothers serving in the Vietnam War are wounded and hospitalized Though they don’t know about each other interestingly their shared neurological condition.

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Until the end A super choice for a reader interested in combat and comraderie. Bout each other or their past are recognized by these now powerful people and are each nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor This Ceremony is where they are reunited and meet for the first time The third brother a firefighter is dying of leukemia waiting for his perfect donor match Miraculously two exact matches are found but how is that possible Through a series of amazing twists and turns the 3 brothers are reunit.

Ma The intensity of the story is constant which kept me locked into this book. Leaves them both with Global Amnesia Everything prior to their waking up in the hospital is one from their memory forever including their own names Both brothers are heroes during the war and between them independently they save the lives of 14 American POWs many of whom end up being rich and powerful one of them who becomes the US President During the many years in their post war lives the brothers who still don’t know

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