Charise Leemis and Amanda Leemis: My Hollydog

Nd It s an easy read for young readers Hollydog reminds me of my old og The illustrations are bright colorful and full of energy I highly recommend it This book is perfect It has the right amount of pages to maintain engagement for young children The illustrations are organic and beautiful My favorite illustration was of the girl and Riding Class (Saddle Club, dog eating under the table This book is sweet as it shows a beautiful relationship between a girl and herog I love when the girl comforts the Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, dog when he was frighteneduring the storm My Hollydog is an adorable book for the animal and Different Class dog lovers out there This story was specifically written for 2 year olds However if you have a 2 3 year old in your family this is a book everyone can enjoy It is short with enjoyable illustrations It is also a great way to help children understand aogs emotions a little better. Rom Indiana University with a General Studiesdegree She has been an artist for the past 8 years and was excited tobring her mom’s story to life They look forward to the Hollydog’s nextadventur.

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Cute for the very young children Should hold their interest Good illustrations In this book We get to know Hollydog and his story about been afraid of thundersThis is a great story for the little kids I love the illustration It is colorful and uniueI recommend this book for kids ages 2 6 My Hollydog reminds me so much of my own pets when storms are brewing I love this book it shows the love of a pet and an owner in ways small children between the ages of 3 to 4 can understand I think will also help those kid understand that a storm is just a storm and a rainbow will come out in the end and playing will begin again Love it Well Short Stories by Roald Dahl done Absolutely adorable story about a girl and her best friend Sweet and tender this is a precious tale that anyog lover will find touches their heart And I love the illustrations Such a cute story for early readers. Charise Leemis currently lives in Memphis Tennessee and has been teaching toddlers – 4 year olds – for over 10 years She has a Bachelor of Arts egreefrom Wheaton College Ms Charise has been

Short and sweet about a girl and her og This is such a beautiful short story book The gentle story line and the exuisite art work were a pleasure to look at and read This is a positive book for a young child I would strongly recommend it The attention to etail in the art work with their rainbow colours appealing to a young child and a must for a first read I hope the author and the illustrator continue to o follow up books I have thoroughly enjoyed being a reader in this sweet little world It was a pleasure reading this book My Hollydog has adorable illustrations and a cute story about a og who is terrified of storms From a 2 year old s perspective this book encourages friendship caring for your pets and how emotional pet ownership can be My Hollydog is a great children s book It is a must for any little kid who has a furry four legged frie. Elling her real life storiesof the Hollydog to excited children always wanting to hear AmandaLeemis is currently working in New York City as a professional model and loves totravel She graduated