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ClothingAva tells her about a website that matches young women with rich older men Men who will happily ay for fancy dinners and beautiful gifts They will even help with bills and rent The website is called The Sugar Bowl Nat had heard of sugar babies but she didn t think it was that common She had no idea Ava was a Sugar Baby It s a mutually beneficial agreement for both Hall of Mirrors parties Ava tells her that all she has to do is lookretty When Nat asks about sex Ava tells her that sexual favors are optionalOne night Nat is completely overwhelmed with the fact that her rent and tuition are coming due and she doesn t have the money to Electric Machines and Power Systems pay them She recalls her conversation with Ava and sends her a text I want in Before she knows it she has a Sugar Babyrofile Ava warns her that the lifestyle is addictive but Nat decides she s just going to go out on a couple of dates or Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (White Angel Murder payer meets It s not long before she meets fifty five year old Gabe Turnmill Gabe is a good looking corporate finance attorney He is the The Fundamental 5 perfect sugar daddyWith Gabe Nat feels safe androtected She knows this isn t a real relationship because Gabe is The Gate — Things my Mother told me. paying her but her feelings for him are growing stronger At the same time Nat worries that someone will find out about her arrangement with Gabe She starts feeling like someone is watching herThings are becoming VERY complicatedWhat happens if the arrangement isn t working out anyThings take a very dark turn Wow What a thoughtrovoking and entertaining readI ve watched a couple of documentaries about this lifestyle and how common it is becoming There was so much I d never even heard of like Salt or SPLENDA daddies It s easy to see that Robyn Harding has done her researchI liked reading Gabe s Vanity Loves Company perspective too Learning about his life and why he became involved with The Sugar Bowl Not everything was completely realistic but it wasn t a big deal for me I suspended my disbelief and really enjoyed this intriguing storyI thought this was a wicked domestic suspense novel filled with sex obsession envy revenge and Another thrilling read for this summerI d like to thank theublisher and GalleryScout Press and NetGalley for Wastin Away providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own 25 stars A fabulousremise marred by too many cliches When Natalie a 22 year old art student loses her job she has two choices take out a student loan gasp or become. M at work spying on his wife even befriending his daughter who is not much younger than she is But Gabe’s not about to let his sugar baby destroy his The Team Handbook perfect life What was supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement devolves into a nightmare of deception obsession and when a body is found near Gabe’sosh Upper East Side apartment murder.

So I didn t love this one I didn t hate it either It was entertaining but there was definitely something missing here for me It was a uick read but I unfortunately expected My expectations definitely affected my enjoyment but with so many glowing reviews I thought I d get a sexier grittier read NOPE dare I admit at times I found it a little too cliche and boring This was definitely one of those times where I wondered if I was reading the same book as everyone else The little twist at the end was Worldviews of Aspiring Powers probably my favoriteart Oh well onto my next read A tale of obsession deceit and betrayal The Arrangement looks at the world of sugar daddies and sugar babies It s a subject that most eople are aware of yet don t know or care to know the full details of We have Natalie a struggling art student in New York getting by on bar jobs and copious amounts of alcohol until one day a friend introduces her to the lucrative world of sugar babiesSoon Natalie meets Gabe a handsome and older financial lawyer and they soon come to an arrangement as long as Natalie realises his daughter and his work will always come before her Natalie is sucked in to a seductive world of theater trips high class restaurants and weekends in the country Then suddenly Gabe uts his family first and ends the arrangement leaving Natalie devastated and heart brokenand determined to get Gabe back And she will stop at nothingAn eye opening book The Arrangement is a look into the life of a working class girl who is swept up in a life of glamour then finds it crashing down on her The Discover the Seasons plot sucks you in as seductive as the world itself and you ll find yourself unable tout this one down The short chapters give thoughts to just one and you find yourself reading long into the night Though the end did show some serious Science in Ancient Egypt plot holes it was still satisfying enough I recommend this book to all who want to have a look into this glamourous lifestyle albeit one that will always be judged harshly35 stars rounded up to 4My thanks to Simon Schuster Australia for an uncorrectedroof in exchange for an honest review The opinions are entirely my own If something looks or feels too good to be true then it How To Take Care of Your Human Pet probably isuick money spending a little time getting spoiled good food travel clothesahh theerks of being a Sugar BabyAdoration sex To Be Read Before Midnight power companionship calling all the shotstheerks of being a Sugar DaddyBu. Natalie a young art student in New York City is struggling to ay her bills when a friend makes a suggestion Why not go online and find a sugar daddy a wealthy older man who will ay her for dates and even give her a monthly allowance Lots of girls do it Nat learns All that’s reuired is to look retty and hang on his every word Sexual favours

T what happens when those lines get blurred when feelings get in the way when the truth behind the lies comes out and when sugar no longer tastes so sweet Then you have a HOT mess on your hands Struggling to ay her bills while attending art school Nat meets another young woman named Ava who has an affluent lifestyle and shares with Natalie how she can afford her ricey apartment and designer wardrobe Natalie decides to give it the old college try and soon meets with a man name Gabe A wealthy lawyer who tells her he is single and wants to take care of her keep her on a monthly allowance This is love isn t it Or is it Then things take a drastic turn and Nat is blind sighted and things go from bad to worse much much worseI found this to be a fast read and I did guess the whodunit before the reveal but still found this book to be enjoyable escapism reading I do wish the ending had a little of a unch to it but still this was a fun one Didn t reuire much thought except about the Sugar BabySugar Daddy arrangement Secrets lies deception heartbreak anger fear guilt they are all here which makes for a juicy tale This was a Traveling Sisters group readteetered around a 35 and 4 for me so I rounded upThank you to GalleryScout Press and NetGalley who Heroes Ghosts provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own My reviews can also be seen at I ve always been really intrigued by the Sugar lifestyle Daddy Momma and Baby As soon as I read the description for The Arrangement I knew I had to get my hands on this bookTwenty one year old Natalie Nat is on thehone with her father This is the first time they have spoken in years Unfortunately she has no one else she can turn to Nat tells her father that she s been arrestedA few months earlierNat hasn t been in New York very long but she loves it She s a young art student with big Offerings plansAfter a night out Nat wakes up hung over and has to deal with her angry roommates They are always upset with her about something and since her name isn t on the lease they have theower to kick her out at any timeNat knows it s not supposed to be easy especially for an artist But money is getting very tight Her classmate Ava sure doesn t seem to have the same financial issues that Nat does She doesn t understand how Ava can afford to live in such a fancy apartment and wear such fancy. Re optionalThough than thirty years her senior Gabe a handsome corporate finance attorney seems like the erfect candidate and within a month they are madly in love At least Nat isGabe already has a family whom he has no intention of leavingSo when he abruptly ends things Nat can’t let go She begins drinking heavily and stalking him watching hi.

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