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Ion is uick to flare up and reignite Will she be able to be the family he s always wished for Well written and just enough steamA realistic visit into the ife of a hospital trauma unit and the crazy Reunion lives of those who work in it The author does a great job of infusing medical jargon and practices into the story while bringing this driven couple vividly toife Their insecurities and reluctance to get close are poignant and make the conclusion to this romance all the sweeter Enjoyed aunt millie her husband n corts interaction at robbys wedding Felt slightly cheated with subtle hints of The Rescuer love making Enjoyed this couples story THE SURGEON S ONE NIGHT TO FOREVER by author Ann Mclntosh is a January 2019 release by Harleuin Medical Romance seriesDr Liz Prudhomme had a passion filled night in Mexico when she was on holidays But her one unforgettable night with a stranger turned to shock because the stranger was none other than her new colleague Dr Cort Smith Cort couldn t believe that the girl he had a fling with is right in front of his eyes Could he start again where heeft off Because their chemistry with each other was still off the charts They were attracted to each other Would Liz agree to a casual relationship Because he just wasn t a full commitment type of a personTHE SURGEON S ONE NIGHT TO FOREVER is a story about meeting the stranger you never thought you will meet again ever Author Ann McIntosh brought this story with emotions and medical drama A reader would stay glued to the book till the Happy Family last page to find what happens next in Liz and Cort sivesHighly recommended for all readers of medical romance Liz and Cort had one passionate night together Never expecting to see each other again One day at work Liz is in for a big shock when Cort walks through the doors Neither can forget that one night together and its only a matter of time till they give into passion again They agree to a no strings affair Both our heroine hero have insecurities holding them back follow along as they work through issues to a happily ever after Highly recommended for fans of medical and contemporary romance A heartwarming passionate romance which brims with raw emotion. Rt realigns Liz’s career focused world Before he moves on again can she help the sexy but damaged doc realize they have something worth staying

Dr Liz Prudhomme and Dr Cort Smith have a past history Cort was a trauma Dr in the army when they had a one night fling in Mexico and both went on their way figuring they would never see each other again Problem is Liz works in New York and Cort s new job takes him to New York so yep you guessed it they are thrown together again Ms McIntosh has truly written a wonderful romance with just enough medical and a ot of feeling Both doctors have issues some personal and Cort is hiding things from his past All comes to the surface when they find a baby eft in a dumpster Cort has no idea who his parents are so this opens a pandora s box for him Thinking of reinlisting in the army he is first confronted by In Seconds (Bulletproof, liz who wanted to do something for him so hired detectives who found out the truth of his past She makes him realize whatove is and when she offers to follow him in any decisions he makes that make them uestion are they just friends or has he finally realized deep Arvyndase (Silverspeech) love here You will enjoy how they realize how wrong they have been to keep their feelings inside and smile when they find their HEA The Surgeon s One Night To Forever Mills Boon Medical by Ann McIntosh was a uick medical romance Ioved it ER Dr Liz Prudhomme and trauma ex Army Dr Cort Smith had a one night fling in Mexico thinking they would never see each other again Cort s new job takes him to New York and they re thrown together again Liz is known as the straight shooter Dr who has some personal issues with her appearance Cort is hiding something from his past that comes out one night after a baby is The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies, left in a dumpster They both find that they can t ignore their feelings for one another but are they really just friends with benefits Learning to deal with each of their own insecurities they might be able to accept their relationship for what it is This was a nice book to read it was really good andove the character in it Ann hit the ball out to the outfield with this This is a beautifully written story filled with all of the feels for a wonderful romance two people that meet one night have a very sensual night one that neither will forget and then meet months ater working in the same hosp. One night in Mexico Second chance in New YorkER doctor Liz Prudhomme is stunned that nomadic former army doc Cort Smith is her hospital’s new tra.

Ital this one is a real page turner one that I highly recommendDr Liz Prudhomme is a very good doctor she oves her job in ER at the New York hospital that was founded by her relatives she is uiet and up front with people that comes from a few issues with her family She is stunned when the man that she spent a night with in Mexico turns up at her hospital as the new trauma surgeon and the pull and spark is still there but falling in Wedlock Of The Gods love is one thing that is not on Liz s agendaDr Cort Smith haseft the army and wants nothing than to travel he ived a ife in foster care after being dumped as a baby and has also Undeniable lost his best friend and been dumped by is ex and when he discovers the woman that he opened up to in Mexico at his new job that night was the best one he had every spend with a woman and they together decide that a sex only relationship will suit them both but will Cort be able to keep his feelings to just friendshipTheir relationship is based on passion but uickly turns to friendship as well and then before either of them realize they are inove but neither would want to admit that after they attend Liz s brother s wedding together a Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon (The Billionaire, lot of opening up happens and they finally say the words that need to be said I really enjoyed this story it is so very moving as well as being a sensual journey to a HEA that both Liz and Cort so deserved 4 12 STARSAttention grabbing I enjoyed experiencing New York through Liz and Cort s eyes as they spend time together throughout the city Their relationship is very endearing and I found myself pulling for them from the start There are several side stories that were a bit distracting and disjointed in the flow of the book but overall a really nice readNew York doctor Eliza Prudhomme is shocked when the new trauma surgeon at the hospital she works at turns out to be the guy she had a one night fling with in Mexico a few months ago She never expected to see him again and now shel be working with him day in and day outSurgeon Cort Smith isn t disappointed to be reunited with Liz He s not planning a ong venture here in NY but it s nice to see a friendly face As they spend time getting to know each other their pass. Uma surgeon Instantly she’s transported back to that amazing night when he showed her unimaginable pleasure Their passion uickly reignites and Co.

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Author Ann McIntosh was born in the tropics lived in the frozen North for a number of years and now resides in sunny central Florida with her husband She’s a proud Mama to three grown children loves tea crafting animals except reptiles bacon and the ocean She believes in the power of diverse romances to heal inspire and provide hope in our complex world