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The same way again The idea that it is all driven by this ornamental masculinity by image and glitz over substance is just overwhelming Once ou read Susan Faludi there is no going backAnd since she wrote this book nothing has changed in Western society If anything the culture has gotten worse Men are now under the patriarchal microscope too Not uite as much as women But stillSusan Faludi Brilliant Just brilliant If she were to run for president I would totally vote for her For men and women alike Faludi asks a powerful uestionWhy haven t men stood up to a cultural stereotype and the culture it supports which is systematically destroying them economically and by default emasculating them in the most heinous of manipulations encouraging them to blame themselves Her investigation is thorough actually compassionate and supportive of healthy masculinity she painstakingly details and profiles the many ways that modern American corporatism has stripped men of their personhood and transformed them into cogs in a machine Very important read for those who are actually willing to contemplate a deep structural flaw tearing apart the fabric of modern society This is a beautifully written book about masculinity in America I credit this book with sparking my interest in gender studies and American Studies Faludi is able to weave seemingly disparate narratives into a compelling story of how industrialization economic insecurity and little change in gender expectations have hurt both men and women Once upon a time No After World War II American soldiers returned home with a legacy and a dream to pass on to their sons Space exploration Academia Scientific research Art The American sons built on that legacy They were a great generation because the DID something They BUILT something Fast forward to the late 20th Century Men face a new world defined by mergers acuisitions stock market bravado that moved money and credit from shell to shell And they started losing their jobs Laid off again and again At the dawn of the 21st Century American men could reinforce their masculinity and their agency by BEING Or APPEARING to be something Suddenly the system that has always defined women by appearance by sexiness and celebrity started gobbling up boys and men who in turn felt castrated Instead of looking at the massive corporate paradigm shift that displaced men from farm from naval shipyard and from the manager s office we looked at women Women were beginning to pass men up Women were beginning to delay marriage and develop careers And men felt listless and cheated foreverLike Backlash Stiffed is long and dense But it puts the responsibility of this great cultural neutering of men where it belongs It points to the growth of media influence the ever growing lust for corporate profits and the notion of masculinity itself as culpritsStiffed asks for a cool headed exploration of the major changes in manufacturing and international trade that led to the corporate jettisoning of men from their place as breadwinner And it succeeds. Lapse the once valued male attributes of craft loyalty and social utility are no longer honored much less rewardedFaludi's journey through the modern masculine landscape takes her into the lives of individual men whose accounts reveal the heart of the male dilemma Stiffed brings us into the world of industrial workers sports fans combat veterans evangelical husbands militiamen astronauts and troubled bad boys whose sense that they've lost their skills jobs civic roles wives teams and a secure future is only one symptom of a larger and historic betray.

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Ssors and professional class kids and working class ones A father came up to me afterward and loudly hissed don t go feminizing my boy because I discussed cultural expectations that still tracked men into STEM careers and women into the helping ones I even argued that maybe that was a good thing we tout female MDs The Defense (Eddie Flynn yet 90% were in five main areas OBGYN Peds Fam Psychiatry Gerontology No problem right Salary fiveears after internship had men with almost double average salaries because they went into the specialities instead of the helping areas Maybe it s good for society to sex role stereotype we have to ask our studentsFaludi hits home on how our culture make men obsess about their physical appearance and shape as much as women some time now There is terrific Tough Guise Violence Media and the Crisis in Masculinity and I ve seen amazing pictures that don t lie right of the most famous boy s toy doll GI Joe where the line of each decades iteration from the 1960s to the 2000s as I recall had Mattel produce the best seller boy doll with obvious and grotesue larger and bulkier chests and forearms By the doll of the 2000s it s a wonder as if those soldiers were real they may likely be incapable of bending over to tie their own shoes We need men as aggressive robots violent monstersThis has precious little to do with sex differences in brain or body but popularlay science would have us believe differently Susan Faludi is brilliant She is without a doubt one of the most skilled insightful and nuanced investigative journalists of our time I would say that her work often crosses over between journalism and anthropology She has an incredible knack for getting to the heart of the story for getting people to open up to her and share what s really going on in their lives and cultures She is the most thorough writer I have ever read I mean she puts guys like Malcolm Gladwell to shame and tackles every story from all the angles each with the same depth and forthrightness She avoids assumptions and stereotypes is open to every idea and possibility and formulates complex sophisticated analyses that are both intelligent and ethical She never compromises on her feminism or on her morality and at the same time she can sit with people of every background and every ilk including rapists megalomaniacs and marginalized men and treat every one like a human being deserving her utmost respect listening to to every one with patience and sincerity and bringing out in each one the depth and a vital human story She is an artist an artist of society and the human condition I want to be Susan Faludi when I grow up I mean seriouslySO I actually read this book ears ago but it has stayed with me and has influenced so much of how I look at society especially narratives around us regarding men and masculinity What prompted me to write this review now is the death of Neil Armstrong Susan Faludi s chapter on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge was heart wrenching And it left me completely unable to listen to the rhetoric of space travel. MarkNow in Stiffed the author turns her attention to the masculinity crisis plaguing our culture at the end of the '90s an era of massive layoffs Angry White Male politics and Million Man marches As much as the culture wants to proclaim that men are made miserable or brutal or violent or irresponsible by their inner nature and their hormones Faludi finds that even in the world they supposedly own and run men are at the mercy of cultural forces that disfigure their lives and destroy their chance at happiness As traditional masculinity continues to col.

Why did so many white men vote for Donald Trump Why did they hate Clinton with such a passion What are all these guys so mad aboutYou could do worse than reading this book from the 1990s to see a remarkably consistent thesis driven home by character studies of struggling men It shows how baby boomers were brought up in a consumerist paradise and told that they would have what their fathers did a life full of adventure conu Faludi makes her case via storytelling anecdotes woven through with history It s well written and flows it s not boring sociology or impersonal statistics I read this way back in 2000 I think et three of the chapter vignettes have stuck with me vividly 15 ears later 1 So Cal lower middle class suburbia Lakewood I think gone all wrong and rapey2 the pathetic et poignant jerking around of Cleveland Browns fans and the whole Ravens drama3 dismay and depression caused by post Cold War unemp This was nearly as good as Backlash She interviews a wide range of men in America from Stallone to a group of men who dress as dogs to go to football matches There is a description of a men s group that put me off the idea of going to a men s group for life If there was ever a book to show that the feminist revolution is about the liberation of men too this is it It s an interesting book and a compassionate one too but it s ultimately a failure to me For a book whose title proclaims it to be about a betrayal it spends very little time on the subject of the betrayers concentrating instead on the problems of the betrayed Not that these pr This is an incredible book I strongly advise reading it Faludi an award winner journalist and feminist takes a compassionate and honest look into the condition of the American male This is a great book for any feminist or minority activist who is inclined to lay the entire burden of the countries problems on the so called Angry White Male The book takes the long view on the problem and traces the roots of the problem back to the second World War and suggests that men are as shaped by society as they are the authors of it In fact even the most powerful of men have has as much done to them as they have acted out upon She dares to ask the uestion as to who the angry white man is and why exactly is he so angry in the first place A good deal of the book focuses on the baby boomers of the post Word War II era and it examines how society made a lot of promises to them and then proceeded to break every one of them Faludi almost outdid Backlash The Undeclared War Against American Women here documenting the way brutal sex role stereotypes caught up to the XY chromosomes of the species The betrayal is that men thought they d becomecivilized educated fine manners damn even eual household duties but the culture wanted Macho Men The military demanded it and the way US society pitted individuals against each other rewarded the tough guyI did a workshop on gender stereotypes in an elementary school right outside of Hanover NH home of Dartmouth College so was a mix of profe. One of the most talked about books of recent ears in Stiffed the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Backlash explores the collapse of traditional masculinity that has left men feeling betrayed With Backlash in 1991 Susan Faludi broke new ground when she put her finger directly on the problem bedeviling women and the light of recognition dawned on millions of her readers what's making women miserable isn't something they're doing to themselves in the name of independence It's something our society is doing to women The book was nothing less than a land.

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Susan C Faludi born April 18 1959 is an American humanist journalist and author She won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in 1991 for a report on the leveraged buyout of Safeway Stores Inc a report that the Pulitzer Prize committee commended for depicting the human costs of high financeFaludi was born to a Jewish family in ueens New York in 1959 and grew up in Yorktown Hei