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Thing it is to love someone and love them completely with no holds barred to give yourself totally to someone else and never mind the conseuences Being emotionally guarded myself I can relate to Hazel. Cing When it transpires that Number Six is a colleague of Alistair's things are estined to get complicated Especially as Hazel is moving towards the 'unknown territory' her mother warned her abo.

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This book was okay It was erotica light Hazel loves sex At first she tries to convince the reader that she is fine with this being a whore etailing her many sexual escapades Alistair Nick Slyde Ryan. Hazel loves sex It is her hobby and her passion Every fortnight she meets up with the well bred reserved and impeccably mannered Alistair Then there is Nick the young IT lad at work who has taken.

And Number Six without emotional attachments It s just who she is As she becomes vulnerable moving towards unknown territory she realizes and I love this uote what a wonderful all consuming fulfilling. To following Hazel around like a lost puppy Her greatest preoccupation however concerns the mysterious Number Six the suited executive she met one ay in the boardroom and who she reams of sedu.