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M is heartwarming Though part of a series THE VISCOUNT S VEILED LADY can be read and enjoyed on its own Recommended for readers who enjoy a character driven story with a slow building and very satisfying romance 35 stars This novel was a tale of two halves the first half was beautiful and amazing and absolutely swoon worthy while the second half descended into irritating TSTL behaviorThe first 165 pages were pure gold for me a slow burn romance between two mature somewhat damaged people Frances Webster y Now this is truly wonderful I have been waiting with bated breath for Arthur s story since briefly meeting him in the previous book I fell in ove with his brother Lance the minute I set eyes on him but I was fascinated with Arthur I wanted to know him and know why he disappeared and the results of it He was so different to Lance and I can happily say that this was well worth the wait Ms Fletcher has pulled out all the stops with this beauty It is such a Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, loving story all about two people who after both suffering their own personal heartaches find themselves a bitost in the world Frances and Arthur are in need of Ooko love that can only come from another who understand them andoves them for who they areWhen Arthur Amberton returns after his mysterious disappearance Frances is sent with a message to him from her sister Lydia who just happened to be secretly engaged to Arthur that is until he disappeared now he is back Lydia is determined to be Lady of the manor she thinks that if she can get him alone for just ten minutes he will fall helplessly in Naked love with her and take her off to Amberton Castle only problem with that plan is one she is currently in mourning and can noteave the house and two Arthur knows the real Lydia he knows what a manipulator and gold digger she is and wants noting to do with her Which is where Frances comes in she can be the messengerFrances only goes along with her sister s slightly mad plan because Lydia being a selfish spiteful spoilt Shadow Scale (Seraphina, little madam practically blackmail s Frances into doing her dirty work Frances would rather not meddle in their affairs she is far happier making her jet jewellery but with her sisters spiteful threat she dons her veil and off she goes across beautiful Whitby to find a man who noonger wishes to be apart of civilization again and try to persuade him to give her sister the second she Frances knows Lydia doesn t deserve Only as with all great romances stories all doesn t exactly go to plan and what should have a been a simple message delivery turns into a twisted ankle dinner with the two broodingly beautiful Amberton brother s at Amberton Castles and one sinful Claim The Crown lordly pig farmer scandalously peeling off her stockingsouha Nerds la Followed withots of pent up In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, lust frustration overwhelming emotions and picnics on the beach accompanied with some seriously delicious cakesBut it s not all plain sailing the expression wasn t intentional but uite fitting and cake eating our two have got serious issues to over come before either of them can even think about moving on and taking that huge step with one another And this is where the story really comes into it s own and where Ms Fletcher excels with her gift for portraying most subtle of human emotion in ways that grabs the reader s heart For me it s is their connection the fact that they are both fractured and how between the two of them theyearn to move forward and to be at peace The story really focuses on their psychological emotion their pain their vulnerability and their eventual hope for the future which I found utterly heart warming to readFrances is such an amazing Bark lady I felt a real connection with her she resonated with me in ways that doesn t often happen I understood her She is a real understated heroine she is selfless imaginative creative brave and she has an inner strength and intelligence about her that I found utterly captivating She is hasived her On Such a Full Sea life after her terrible accident under the illusion that she is now destined to be alone that she isn t worth anything and worse she truly thinks herself as a burden because of misunderstandings she has always feared to be an embarrassment to her family which is one of the reasons why she covers her scar with the veil and why she finds so much happiness and peace from making her jewelleryArthur is so different to how weast saw him he is a Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! large brooding self conscious vulnerable tender sensual ruggedly handsome and he has uite the foul mouth Plus since his return he has cast off the proper gentleman etiuette and has thrown himself into his farmthere really is nothing funnier and may I say sexier than a gorgeous man running around after piglet s I found he also has a real darkness about him he appearsocked in to his self Cannibal loathing thoughts and it is only the pure kind caring andoving heart of Frances that really makes him see past the darkness and into the Mastered (The Enforcers, lightThis is an enchanting story about second chances about over coming great inner conflict to find your happily ever after The romance between Frances and Author sizzles right from the off well its not surprising seeing as when she first sees him again while he was not wearing a great deal andeft Man, Son of Man little to the imagination There is a spark between them that ignites into some theonger they are around one and other and when they kissmy oh my The air fizzles with Alter Ego lust and romance it is well worth the wait I can tell you Their relationship develops in a very natural way and it is that what readers can relate to and will fall inove with after all who hasn t shared a cake at a picnic with a oved oneUtterly captivating An exuisite beautifully written story of heart felt ove that will Uncommon Wisdom leave the reader with enchanted and yet again proves what an exceptional writer Ms Fletcher is and worth her weight in gold Miniseries Whitby Weddings Gal iek tiek veiksmo gal t b ti daugiau. Lly and emotionally she’sed a solitary ife She cherishes their new friendship yet she can’t help but hope Arthur sees the beauty within

In this third book in her Whitby Weddings series author Jenni Fletcher pens a tender romance between a man who has allowed his past to imprison him and a young woman whose facial scarring has caused her to fashion a prison of sorts for herself The Viscount s Veiled Lady is not without its weaknesses but the central relationship is nicely developed and the hero and heroine are both ikeable characters who have to Art learn to stop playing it uite so safe if they re to have theife and God Is in the Crowd love they deserveFrances Webster was injured in an accident some years earlier and waseft with a scar down one side of her face Self conscious and feeling that her mother is embarrassed by her Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard looks Frances rarely attends public events and when she does go out she nevereaves home without wearing a veil Knowing her ugly scar has ruined her marriage prospects her former fianc called off their engagement after the accident and she doesn t expect to ever have another suitor Frances has started to plan for an independent future She s having some success making jewellery from the jet that is found abundantly on the nearby beach and selling it to The Matriarchs (The Family local shops at a decent profit even though she knows her family will be horrified at the thought of her engaging in trade When the story opens her sister Lydia whose year of mourning for her husband isn t uite up is begging Frances to take a message to Arthur Amberton Viscount Scorborough who is a near neighbour and former suitor She wants Frances to persuade him to call but Frances is uncomfortable knowing Lydia is husband hunting Lydia is beautiful spoiled and used to getting her own way carelessly insisting that it s perfectly alright for Frances to visit a young man without a chaperone as she has no reputation to damage the implication being it s because she s noonger a marriageable young woman Hurt but not particularly surprised by her sister s callousness Frances gives in when Lydia threatens to tell their parents of her jewellery making activitiesUnusually for a viscount Arthur Amberton refuses to Notes for the Everlost live at the family seat Amberton Castle as it holds too many painful memories and instead maintains a small farm near the village of Sandsend When Frances arrives there she s surprised to find it deserted until she ventures into the house and is confronted by aarge muscled almost naked young man emerging form one of the rooms Frances doesn t recognise him the Arthur she d known had been slender and elegant and bolts running out of the house before he can stop her When he catches up with her Frances has slipped and turned her ankle and in spite of her protests Arthur insists on carrying her back to the house to make sure no serious damage has been doneBack when he d been courting Lydia Arthur and Frances had become friends of a sort unlike Lydia s many other suitors he d never dismissed her younger sister and had taken the time to talk to her and treat her as an adult As the days and weeks pass Arthur and Frances renew their friendship albeit in secret Frances doesn t want to hurt Lydia s feelings by admitting that she s spending time with Arthur even though he s made it very clear that he has absolutely no interest whatsoever in seeing Lydia again In Arthur s company Frances rediscovers the bright vivacious girl she used to be and while she believes she s unattractive because of the scar on her face Arthur doesn t agree he When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) looks at Frances and sees only her and realises that for the first time in years he feelsike himself and whole again Their romance is nicely done although both of them have reasons for thinking they should try to fight their mutual attraction there s definite chemistry between them and I particularly iked the way they support one another and encourage each other to step out of their comfort zonesI mentioned that the book has weaknesses and these are principally to do with certain events in Arthur s past and his reaction to them He holds himself responsible for his father s death and also uestions his mental health based on one isolated incident citing that concern as his reason for eschewing marriage The black moment that comes near the end and threatens his and Frances happiness is somewhat flimsy as well and it s been and gone in almost the blink of an eye which made me uestion the need for its presence at allThose uibbles apart however The Viscount s Veiled Lady was an enjoyable read and I d certainly recommend it to anyone in the market for a gently moving character driven romance The Viscount s Veiled Lady is the third and final book in the Whitby Weddings series by author Jenni Fletcher Although this story can be read as a standalone I highly recommend the entire series based in the town of Whitby Whitby is a seaside town in Yorkshire northern England rich in history If you ve already ready book two in this series then you ve already met Arthur Amberton Viscount Scorborough Arthur was definitely an interesting character in the second book After fighting with his father over a forced engagement he mysteriously disappeared for nine months with everyone assuming he was dead He returned at the end of book two very much alive This story picks up from book two with Arthur iving and working on a farm away from society and avoiding the responsibility of his titleFrances Webster is the younger sister of the woman Arthur was secretly engaged to six years ago before his disappearance After an accident at 18 that has scarred the one side of her face and ended her engagement she has chosen to hide behind a veil She assumes her family is embarrassed by her scarring and so she hides from the world creating and selling her handmade jewelry made of Whitby Jet I absolutely adored Frances and Arthur from the very beginning They were two extremely Crush It! lovable people who are hiding from the world in desperate need of someone to help them see a way back toife As A ady hidden from societyA viscount with his own secretsWhen Frances Webster meets brooding Arthur Amberton on Whitby shores he’s a different.

Hese two meet again they form a friendship and gradually start to trust and reveal their fears and insecurities with each other It was wonderful to see them support each other and help each other gain their self confidence back and start to have feeling for each other Although their path to HEA is not completely smooth their romance was well written and beautifully done This was an absolutely perfect story to end this series From the wonderful secondary characters the fabulous storyline the fascinating setting of Whitby to a couple who captured my heart it was a story I just couldn t put down It was great to see a glimpse of Ianthe Robert from the first book and I oved how Violet and Lance Arthur s twin younger brother from the second book played a major role in this story as well Such a fascinating city Whitby and a wonderful series that I highly recommend Jenni Fletcher does not disappoint with the third installment of her Whitby Weddings series The heroine Frances discovers that her feelings for her sister s ex fiance are than that of friendship Now with a brooding hero a manipulative sister and a scar that embodies all kinds of insecurities Frances must step into the person she was meant to be and take what she wantsHighly recommended It can be read as a standalone This is the second particular book I have read by this author the other had a slight edge for me in terms of enjoyment but The Viscount s Veiled Lady Whitby Weddings 3 was a really great read that I enjoyed a Deep Listening lotSo this is a historical romance and one of the tamer onesIn terms of spice and heat factor this is uiteow on the hot scale some Bird-by-Bird Gardening light petting and kissing and references to deeper intimacies in the epilogueIt s in keeping with the books time which is theate 1800 s and felt authentic to the period we are dealing withThe story is part of a series but in my opinion can be read as a standalone I did no issuesOur tale takes place around Whitby and focuses on Viscount Arthur Amberton a brooding deep man with some deep seated issues and Miss Frances Webster twenty two year old spinster who upon scarring her face a few years back now wears a veil to shield itThese two come into reacuaintance after Frances is blackmailed into matchmaking for her vain and self absorbed sisterSo this was a well written enjoyable read that I really did enjoyIt was a relatively uick easy read that eft me feeling warm and happy insideIt had enough twists and angst to keep me entertained and invested without switching me offI also really adored the epilogue and the message I felt this imparted about beauty being in the eye of the beholderThis was a sweet feel good historical romance that I am happy to recommendI voluntary reviewed an Arc of The Viscount s Veiled Lady Whitby Weddings 3 All opinions expressed are entirely my own Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom 45 stars as reviewed at Roses Are Blue years ago Arthur Amberton was secretly engaged to Lydia Webster a woman his father found unsuitable Despite Arthur s pleas his father Viscount Scorborough insisted that Arthur marry a wealthy woman hand picked by him and to ive his Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone life as a proper heir to a title should Arthur decided to approach Lydia with a plan to elope only to find her with another man Angry and heartbroken Arthureft home for nine months only returning when he My Teacher Is a Robot learned of his father s death making him a viscount Heives a reclusive Supper Club life now working a farm on hisand and avoiding society and all the rumors surrounding him and his mysterious disappearanceFrances Webster always had a bit of a crush on her older sister s fianc Arthur who was always kind to her and spent time chatting with her When Arthur disappeared fickle Lydia wasted no time in marrying a wealthy man within a month Now Lydia is widowed and has decided she wants Arthur back When her notes to him are only answered by a curt refusal she coerces Frances to take her message to Arthur personally Frances suffered an accident when she was eighteen which Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) left a scar on part of her face The scar basically ended her own engagement to a shallow man and now she wears a veil and avoids society She reluctantly agrees to approach Arthur as Lydia has threatened to reveal her secret pastime to their parents if she doesn t complyNeither Arthur nor Frances immediately recognizes the other after six years After all Frances is hiding behind a veil and Arthur has grown taller and muscular Though their first encounter is rocky they eventually end up meeting regularly on the beach where Frances walks Their friendship resumes and they begin to share their stories with each other though Arthur is adamant that he will not resume his acuaintance with Lydia Her betrayal cut him deeply and he avoids relationships as does Frances I really appreciated that Frances revealed her scar to Arthur early on and that his reaction was all I could have hoped forIove how the developing friendship and affection between Arthur and Frances gives them both courage and hope enough so that they are willing to attend a social function Frances even willing to forego wearing the veil But will the passion they re beginning to feel for each other be enough to overcome all the obstacles in their path Lydia is not to be outdone by her Professional Capital little sister and is not above scheming to make her desires come true Arthur is still dealing with guilt and uncertainty about his suitability as a husband and Frances still has insecurities about herooks as well as doubts about whether Arthur still Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) loves LydiaTHE VISCOUNT S VEILED LADY is a warm and tender romance between two wounded souls who feel their chance forove is gone It s wonderful how well they suited and how perfectly they seemed to fill the emptiness and be exactly what the other needed Watching Arthur step up to be the man he was meant to be and seeing Frances blosso. Man from the dashing young gentleman she once carried a flame for But Berlioz, Vol. 2 life has changed her too After a tragic accidenteft her scarred physica.

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