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Ping her see what a life of family is all aboutFrom the opening lines of Vengeful Vows Ellie s wish brought tears to my eyes She has such a wonderful personality especially after having endured her parents eaths On top of that she pushes Peyton and Galen closer together This is such a heartwarming read I absolutely loved this book and could not put it Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light down It is a standalone but I suggest reading the other books in the series because each of these stories are so magical Ms Lindsay is a wonderful storyteller who always brings the emotion out in her characters I ve got to say I shed a few tears with this book I like to Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, disclose I received an advance copy of Vengeful Vows that I voluntarily chose to read and review I can t wait for the next book in the series Vengeful Vows by Yvonne LindsayMarriage at First Sight 3Galen wants to create stability for his ward and Peyton wants revenge Their marriage takes place in the first chapter of the book and it is apparent there is attraction between the two main characters in spit of Peyton s agenda Will they be able to find their way togetherespite her Six Days in Leningrad desire for revenge Will they be able to create a stable environment for nine year old Ellie Will there be revengeor not What I liked Galen an admirable caring intellig. Ng ward Whenesire ignites between them Peyton starts to ream of a future with Galen But what will happen when her secrets resurfa.

Eventuate as the extended family played much less of a part in this story than they id in the prior books He wants stability she wants revenge With the next book in her Marriage at First Sight series Yvonne Lindsay brings us the story of a man trying to Flyboy do right by the child he s been left with and a woman who has let herself be jaded by life The story is fast paced has welleveloped characters and was a lot of fun to readCEO Galen Horvath agrees to an arranged marriage in order to build Vengeful Vows is the third book in Yvonne Lindsay s Marriage at First Sight series Peyton Barnshaw is out for blood She s planned her revenge since childhood and finally all her hard work is coming to fruition Galen Horvath is A Dark Sicilian Secret doing what he thinks is best His life was upended when his best friendsied and he became ward to their Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek daughter Ellie He wants too everything under his power to stabilize their lives and believes getting married is his best choicePeyton and Galen marry and over time their feelings grow As Peyton plans to unload her secret Galen iscovers her past Will he walk away or will Peyton realize that things just aren t what they seem And where is Ellie in all of this She s wrapping herself around Peyton s little finger pulling at her heartstrings and hel. Earnshaw's revenge against his family For his part the CEO only agreed to an arranged marriage to provide a stable home for his you.

This book had me backwards and forwards on how I felt about it and it took around a week after I finished it to settle on my feelings thoughts of the bookWhile Galen s grandmother s involvement in this book was expected given her involvement in the earlier two Marriage At First Sight books the way she was involved with the twists at the end of the book were less expected Having said that I picked up the link between heroine Peyton and Ellie the child who entered Galen s care after being orphaned uring the story line of the prior book Inconveniently Wed simply At the Italians Command due to one experience in Peyton s past being mentioned often enough that it said to me NOTICE ME I m importantThe storyefinitely reflected the way each main character entered the marriage central to the story and how this influenced the way they engaged in the Oh Baby! development of their marriage As this is a romance of course there was a happily ever after for Peyton and Galen but it was not without its twists and turns I found the biggest thing the story reminded me about is that what we think are the true facts of a situation colour how we see that situation and they may not actually be the truthI am curious whether any Horvath cousins will get stories of their own though I have myoubts that this will. USA TODAY Bestselling AuthorWhen she says I o her plan is set in motion An arranged marriage to Galen Horvath is step one in Peyton.

A typical Piscean USA Today Best selling author Yvonne Lindsay has always preferred the stories in her head to the real world Yvonne is a five time Romance Writers of Australia RBY nominee and three time nominee and 2015 winner of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Award of Excellence She spends her days crafting the stories of her heart and in her spare time she can be found with her