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Asher and Dakota are partners and best friends Asher is trying to be the dominant partner that Dakota needs The couple are in love but the bedroom stuff is ust not working for them There had to be a way around this that would make us both happy I didn t want to lose him but I didn t want to have disappointing sex for the rest of my life eitherThis is why they decide to hire Guy from Rent a Dom to help them out Their relationship naturally evolves from business to pleasure Guy fits the holes both Asher and Dakota both have and understands what each man needs that the other can t supplyI don t want or need all of that flowery love crapThe bonds between them strengthen as time progresses Together they all work together towards a future that works for everyoneA great story with a sweet HEA 45 StarsThis book was sweet and I think it s my new favorite of the Rent a Dom Series now It was completely different than the normal MMM and AlphaOmega pairings usually are In this case we get an established OmegaBeta couple who need help bridging the gap and issues in their relationship and reach out for help in the form of an Alpha Dom I love that the Beta Asher and the Omega Dakota didn t give up on each other and their relationship but instead worked hard and did whatever they needed to in order to make it work and keep their relationship with each other strong despite the odds against them And Alpha Guy ended up being the perfect partner for them both Guy was patient with Dakota and his lack of touchy feely emotional feelings while at the same time giving him the stronger hand and dominance he really craved And Guy ended up being the perfect match when it came to Asher s need for full on OTT romance and sweet gestures He was able to be what they both needed and I really appreciate the fact that he fit into their lives seamlessly even though he really tried to keep his distance in the beginning The dynamic and commitment these guys all made to each other was completely refreshing and I thought this storyline and premise worked out perfectly This book was sweet and steamy hot at all the right times And the twist with the baby at the end was Great I really liked this book and hope to get of this series soon It is a sweet adorable heartwarming story to dig in if you are into a very light Ds polyamorous relationship From the three of them Asher is my favourite He s auch a romantic at heart and the sweetest I have weakness with big guy with a romantic heartIf you re a fan of both authors you ll probably love it 425 starsI am not going to lie but I was starting to hate Dakota because he was such an emotional dick to Ashe. Loving omegabeta couple needs help establishing a alpha like dynamic Please reply ASAP Asher Townsend is big sweet lug of a beta When he's not running heavy euipment in his Brainteaser Physics job at a local rock uarry he’s spending his time romancing his omega boyfriend Dakota and trying to find ways to make their relationship stronger All Asher wants is to love and be loved romance is king and he longs to make his partner feelust like royalty Dakota Coleman isn't your typical omega He doesn't want hearts flowers or any of that other mushy sap All he needs.

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T only in the bedroom Asher is a mild manner romantic at heart he loves taking care of Dakota and he will do anything to make him happy They decide to rent a Dom to help them Guy Daily is the Dom that agrees to help them Guy is a hot sexy and rich alpha male when he first meets the guys he sees that they indeed have a problem Asher who is a beta has submissive tendencies and the Dakota who is an omega is dominate outside of the bedroom This was a good read and at times I wanted to slap Dakota he wasn t very romantic and he often hurt Asher s feelings Guy realizes that he has to be careful because it would be easy to fall in love with these two he broke a few of his own rules like no sex with a condom or no falling asleep after sex When Dakota is hurt in an accident at work the trio gets a little surprise I really like this series each one can be read as a standalone The sex scenes in this book were hot This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series This one started with Asher and Dakota already in a relationship that started out as a friendship Dakota is an omega and is the most unromantic guy I ve read about in a while Asher is a big hulking beta but longs for romance hearts and flowers candlesthe whole nine yards Their current sex lives read like two buddies trying to get off but it s not really working Awkward and at times funny think Asher s attempt with the pink spatula I really did feel their deep devotion to eac 35 stars Nick J Russo turns in a wonderful performance in each of the Rent a Dom stories and goes the extra mile with the emotion he expresses in Teacher WantedAlready a heartfelt tale Teacher Wanted is the story of an betaomega pair who don t satisfy each other completely in the bedroom so they invite an Alpha Dom in to instruct themMy heart broke for Asher each time he struggles with feelings of inadeuacy unfulfilled desires and basically Collecting Shakespeare just not being appreciated for who he is My favorite character in this series Asher has depths to him whichust make me wish to know even I think his backstory would make a great novelSusi Hawke and Piper Scott do a great The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus job exploring the roles society assigns to the ABO characters in this story plus how each man s natural traits influence their personality These men explore their feelings and strive to understand the way their actions affect each otherWhile there are still plenty of humorous moments romance and tons of sexy times for me Teacher Wanted is thanust a hot m nage story an audiobook copy of Teacher Wanted was provided to me for the purpose of my honest review. Breaking all three with his intriguing new clients he's not very happy about it And yet he also can't stop thinking about the two men who've caught his attention This 61k MMM book contains mpreg Ds elements and is intended for 18 readers Warning Don't read unless you like sweet books about hot Doms three people finding their way to make a family heartfelt stories that make you smile and a triple sized amount of steam filled passion But then again this is a Susi Hawke and Piper Scott collaboration you already knew to expect that didn’t you.

R and I wanted to beat him up But Guy came and saved the day Guy Asher and Dakota are very well suited to be partners They each bring something to the relationship even though Dakota was less emotional than I m used from Omega But all in all it was a great installment to the series I m really enjoying this series Asher and Dakota are best friends who are in a relationship but are having trouble meeting each other s needs That s where Guy the Rent A Dom comes in He s initially there to help train Asher to be dominant in bed but he ends up helping Dakota meet Asher s needs to Feelings become engaged and they realize they work better as a triad since Guy fills the holes the other two could never fill alone To me a good romance has balance between relationship building and sexy times While this started heavy on the sex I felt that once the story started focusing on making a relationship between the three work the sex became an afterthought It was pretty obvious that their sessions with Guy were than expected but I would have liked to have seen after they moved from a working relationship to a triad especially between Guy and Asher Recommended ARC provided by Les Court services I truly think the Rent A Dom series gets better and hotter with each book I ve loved this series so much I ve circled back for the audios Nick Russo has done a fantastic ob bringing these books to life and Teacher Wanted may ust be my favorite narration so far I really enjoyed this one because it was a bit of a twist on the ABO universe Dakota omega and Asher beta have been together for about a year and their sex life really needs a boost Dakota wants to be dominated and Early FM Radio just doesn t understand why Asher his beta cannot rise to the challenge I loved that Asher loved Dakota enough to do anything to salvage their relationship They wind up reaching out to Rent A Dom for an Alpha to teach Asher how to be dominant in the bedroom In comes Master Guy who realizes uickly that Asher can be both a dominant and a submissive and can t wait to train him to do so What Master Guy doesn t expect is to start falling for his men ahemclients Guy starts breaking all his Dom rules and holy hotness is it worth it Guy fills in all the gaps that Asher and Dakota are unable to bridge in their relationship Even so he doesn t expect them to start catching feelings for him as well I really loved their story and the narration made the story seem brand new again This was book 3 in the Rent a Dom Dakota Coleman and Asher Townsend have been a couple for almost a year they are now living together but something is not working in the bedroom Dakota is a submissive bu. Is a trusting relationship filled with good companionship and hot sex Other than that he’s happy in his high pressure salesob and doesn’t need much else although he has dreams of starting a family After Dakota's failed attempt to get his too vanilla boyfriend to be dominant and creative in the bedroom blows up in their faces Asher suggests they contact Rent a Dom for an alpha who can teach him the skills he needs to fulfill Dakota's fantasies Guy Daily has three firm rules no kissing no cuddling and no overnights When he finds himself.

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I'm a total fan of MPREG Paranormal Romances first and foremost as a reader I'm excited to share my own omegaverses with you What's not to love about adorable Omegas and the Alpha men who love them If I'm not writing about men sporting baby bumps I'm definitely reading about themI'm a native of Las Vegas NV so I'm pre wired to love everything weird although I don't find any kind of lo