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S a motley assortment of characters including an assistant surgeon a managerhousekeeper a married pair of young chefs an accountant a girl from the village a sexy nurse an irascible gardener and so on The scarred journalist has her share of detractors at the clinic who fear she ll find some secrets to expose but the surgeon is unmoved by these concernsWhen Rhoda shows up a Cheverell Manor for her preliminary visit and then for her surgery she s followed by her friend Robin Boyton an attractive young man who can t find a way to make a living It so happens that Robin s cousins the assistant surgeon and his sister work at Cheverell Manor Robin ents a cabin on the estate and plans to exhort his cousins to give him some of the fortune they ve ecently inherited from a mutual grandfather who cut off Robin s side of the family Rhoda has successful surgery after which she s brutally murdered in her oom at the clinicEnter Adam Dalgliesh and his team of detectives to investigate the crime This sets up the emainder of the story which involves a long old fashioned inuiry Seriouslya modern mystery wouldn t start an investigation by assembling all the suspects in the library for a mass uestioning The Cheverell Manor esidents would love to pin the crime on a stranger but a second death on the estate makes this very unlikely Some additional goings on add variety to the story Dalgliesh gets engaged A tangential female character gets assaulted and aped A teacher fears he may be wrongly accused of being inappropriate with a child and so onFor most of the book the detectives collect evidence uestion persons of interest make discoveries narrow down the list of suspects and so on In the end the perpetrator essentially exposes themself and even then we e not uite sure the case has been successfully closed In my opinion the book should end ight after this climax However it meanders on for several chapters to bestow happy endings on various characters This isn t one of PD James best books Fans of the author might enjoy the book for old times sake but it s not a great mysteryYou can follow my eviews at. Ition to the Dalgliesh canon The Private Patient could have been written by no one other than PD Jam.

Y the best WRITER of all If you enjoy eading well written prose give her a try I have been a fan of PD James forever and was sure that with her age The Ligththouse would be her last Dagliesh novel I was so happy to see that she had another story in her I ated this 4 stars as much because I love James and her wonderful language However I didn t feel that it was her best book I sensed that she needed to tie up a bunch of loose ends for her characters Still on a scale of 1 to 10 if PD James wrote a book that was not her best it is still an 9 compared to other mystery writers Her books are as much great literature and they are great mysteries You can t go wrong with PD James and her Adam Dalgliesh series As someone mentioned in one of my book clubs these are not uick eads and have some meat on the bone But they are easy eads and the story flows smoothly toward a sometimes susprising denouementIn this late entry of the series we find a successful investigative eporter checking into an expensive private plastic surgery clinic to have a disfiguring facial scar emoved All goes well as far as the surgery is concerned but she ends up dead in her bed the next day evidently murdered Dalgliesh and his team are called up from London to investigate and it soon becomes apparent that it is an inside job Now everyone is a suspect from the arrogant surgeon to the gardener and tension among the staff eveals underlying secretsThe characters are very well ealized which is a James trademark and the eader gets drawn into the mystery which has few clues It will test the eader s ability to see the subtle information that the author provides which leads to the identity of the murderer Recommended In this 14th book in the Adam Dalgliesh series the Scotland Yard detective investigates murder at a medical clinic The book can be ead as a standaloneInvestigative journalist Rhoda Gradwyn who s exposed her fair share of secrets schedules plastic surgery to emove a disfiguring facial scar Her surgeon George Chandler Powell uns a private clinic in his itzy country estate at Cheverell ManorThere he employ. E for ich patients being treated by the famous plastic surgeon George Chandler Powell A welcome add.

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When you pick up a PD James mystery you know that you are in the hands of a professional Cleanly plotted meticulously detailed characters evealed layer by layer hers are the epitome of the British mysteries in the tradition of the great Agatha It is a tradition that I know and loveThe Private Patient is her latest entry in the saga of Commander Adam Dalgliesh of New Scotland Yard It is a police procedural with as usual James touch of humanismWe find that Dalgliesh is about to marry his beloved Their omance has had its ocky bits as most omances do but finally they have decided to join forces officiallyBefore that can take place though Adam is confronted with another mystery the murder of a famous and apparently ather notorious investigative journalist who has a eputation for uthlessness in her profession Said journalist had decided after some 30 years of living with it to have a disfiguring scar emoved from her face She selected a surgeon who maintains a private clinic in Dorset for his patients who seek privacy And there after successful surgery on her face is where the journalist is murderedIn short order a second murder of a friend of the journalist who had followed her to Dorset takes place and the plot thickensDalgliesh and his team pursue every clue interview all the principals eliminate all the ed herrings and eventually are zeroing in on the prime suspect when things come to a head in a perhaps not unsurprising wayIt is always a joy to ead James books and just to watch the way she works This was not her best effort I thought but still it was a satisfying ead one that I would certainly ecommend to fans of the genre I guess I m channeling my mother who died last year She was an English teacher who loved to ead P D James mysteries When I saw this on the shelf at Borders I thought of her and bought it Now I see why she enjoyed eading James works She is an excellent writer ich and visual Next time I ead one of her books I will keep a dictionary at my side What a fine way to increase my vocabulary Of all the current murdermystery writers active today James is probabl. Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate a murder at a private nursing hom.

P D James byname of Phyllis Dorothy James White Baroness James of Holland Park born August 3 1920 Oxford Oxfordshire England—died November 27 2014 Oxford British mystery novelist best known for her fictional detective Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland YardThe daughter of a middle grade civil servant James grew up in the university town of Cambridge Her formal education however ended at