Julie Anne Lindsey: Marked by the Marshal Garrett Valor #2

Start and the action and suspense was consistent throughout Ryder and Kara s relationship was believably drawn I understood fully why their relationship had broken down and what was needed to make it work And that s because they actually talk about what broke them up They actually communicate They don t ust talk about food and discuss their favourite colours It all ends with a suspenseful gritty and exciting climaxWhat did draw me out of the story were a couple of moments that were so amazingly Too Stupid To Live that I almost dropped the book in sheer disbelief Ryder gets a report that a car possibly belonging to Sands has been spotted at a bank Kara demands that she go with What the hell for It makes no sense She s previously been loathe to leave baby daughter Casey behind anywhere she goes She says it s because they need to talkexcept they don t Similarly Ryder Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just agrees to her accompanying him because this will show her he s changed Of course Sands gets the drop on them And why wouldn t he if they re going to act so fing foolishlyThen Kara decides that she mustust simply collect sentimental value items from her home in case Sands burns it to the ground Kara honey you know that a psychopathic arsonist is watching every move you make and is chomping at the bit to barbecue you What the f are you doing leaving a safe location and ONCE AGAIN leaving your daughter behind Of course Ryder goes with her Sands easily follows them and threatens Casey I mean seriously if you re being stalked by a psychotic arsonist Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just do the opposite of Ryder and Kara and you should be fineAnd why couldn t Ryderust shoot Sands when the opportunity was availableAlso the scene where Tina heads to their cabin to give them a psychological profile of Sands was completely unnecessary because she doesn t tell them anything they don t already know and view spoileronly serves to lead Sands straight to them because he followed her hide spoile. Ble Ryder doubts she’ll give him a second chance Before his pursuit left him heartbroken This time it could get him Kara and her daughter kille.

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Truly enjoyed the story The horrible man that broke a man then broke his relationship apart now comes back to finish them off for good Even tho I knew it would happy I had a few moments where I was wondering ok what s next can how will they find himrescue herend this happy Enjoy A heartbreakingly beautiful love story in the midst of the hunt for an eerily creepy killer arsonist who loves to torment his victims in an attempt to ease the pain in his own wicked soul This engaging fast paced tale that pulled all the feels to the surface and scared the daylights out of me at times turned out to be unputdownable with the detailed scenes an intriguing villain lovable protagonists as well as the whole supporting cast and crew of the always there for each other Garrett family Yes I love admire and am in awe of the Garrett s and their big loyal hearts that has so much room for love always ready to aid and assist where needed And Ryder the heartbreak and hurt that he has gone through the way he admits his own mistakes owns them works on them and has been able to heal from it all he Mes recettes au baby-robot just won me over from the start His feelings for Kara are a tangible force and his willingness to work on Kara being able to trust his word again giving her the space she needs proving her that he has changed his ways and has his priorities straight made them feel so real so actual and life like with their issues it was easy to relate to them like them and cheer for them Forgiveness and acceptance are beautiful things as Kara and the whole Garrett family demonstrate this and subtly teach valuable life lessons while hunting for the creepy criminal who moves like a shadow on the mountains The arsonist and the scenes with the fire burning and danger all around are so well done with the palpable fear and dread in the details if the killer does not catch you the fire might trepidation and anxiety for survival to catch the killer before he catches themu. The arsonist got away once Now he’s back and ready to burn everything down Once ruined by his obsession to capture a fugitive Marshal Ryder Gar.

St shook me to my core and steeped into my dreams Ah I love it when the suspense is so strong and tight it keeps hold of your mind even after the story has come to a conclusion Ms Lindsey masterfully plays with the elements of the tale mixing the intense romance with the harsh and frantic suspense so that the reader will fervently get involved with the story wanting to rush to the end to find out what happens while savoring the moments of the adventure of two hearts finding each other while trying to survive the dire straits A must read series for all romantic suspense fans Five Spoons This is the fourth book and final book for this family of brothers Ryder proves to be the most fun to read It starts out with the ex Kara having a run in with a major bad guy that has caused them problems as a couple in the past There is some neat tibits in this book to learn It had a lot of action in the book that kept you turning the page to see what was happening next It gives you a view into the mind of a person who lights fires It sure opens your eyes in a way I look forward to the next book she writes for they are always really neat She really knows how to write a story that draws you into it I will miss these 4 brothers that s for sure 35 rounded up to 4US Marshal Ryder Garrett s relationship with Kara Noble failed three years prior when he chose tracking sociopathic arsonist Timothy Sand over his relationship with her He eventually hit rock bottom and ordered into mandated therapy Kara tried to move on getting pregnant to a new boyfriend only to be dumped when he learnt about the pregnancyTimothy Sand still has a grudge against Timothy and has now moved to his end game and has dragged Kara into it forcing Ryder to return home While he once again engages in a match of wits with Timothy he must prove to Kara that he won t fall into an obsessive pursuit like last time if he wants their second chance to workThis got off to a great. Rett must now save his former fiancée and her baby from the same arsonist Though their reunion makes him realize he never stopped loving Kara No.

Julie Anne Lindsey is an award winning and national bestselling author whose bookish heart was once torn between the love of her two favorite genres toe curling romance and chew her nails suspense Now she gets to write both and she's loving every minute She’s published than thirty novels since her debut in 2013 and currently writes series as herself as well as under multiple pen names