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In the autobiography Wayne by Wayne Theodore 2003 Wayne is a boy from Massachusetts who was abused mentally and physically by his father The abuse was so bad that his father nearly killed Wayne when he was only 6 years old Wayne s mother did nothing to improve the situation as she was abused too She saw the kids etting abused and did nothing about it His mother often fled leaving the kids alone with their abusive father or often alone while he was searching for her Wayne lived with 11 other siblings His father was manipulative he d pit the siblings against each other He d torture them into spilling about their The Subtle Beauty guilty sibling The children were practically starved onlyetting moldy pig bread to eat This was one of the worst child abuse cases ever recorded in Massachusetts Wayne was pulled out of school by the time he was in 7th Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, grade to work and make money for his father Wayne attempted to leave home several times He had many struggles in escaping successfully includingetting addicted to heroin Ultimately he overcame the addiction Later in life he had a baby with a woman named Ronnie The baby passed away shortly after it was born Their marriage did not work out either Then Wayne met Sharon He started a very successful business and they When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, got married Wayne also had struggles in his business and this marriage but he managed to overcome them Wayne and his siblings both denied and lived with the pain of their childhood until they finally decided to let the world know They exposed their childhood to the nation on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show Wayne Theodore is still married to Sharon and is a father to 6 children The book jacket sparked my interest for this autobiography I find abuse and recovery books inspiring so this novel really drew my attention Also the first sentence on the inside jacket is When I was six years old my father almost killed me From that uote I knew this story would be very interestingThe cover artwork for this book is a photograph of a little boy Wayne that is ripped into four pieces I think this symbolizes how Wayne s childhood broke him I found this cover art intriguing and I could tell that it would tie into how Wayne s abusive childhood had damaged himThe title Wayne is simple and not very creative Wayne is the name of the boy who was abused The subtitle An abused story of courage survival and hope was an indication about Wayne s struggles and that he did overcome them The title was simple but effectively explained the mood of the storyThis book is an autobiography It was written by Wayne Theodore about his own story His purpose in writing this was to share his horrible childhood and inspire readers with his courage hope and survivalWayne perfectly described his struggles and how he overcame them He included exactly how he felt at the time and I feel that this story could not have been written better than from his first hand experiencesThere were no other pictures in the book other than the cover photo The cover photo was a picture that Wayne found of himself when he was 6 years old the same year he was almost beaten to deathThe author Wayne was able to explicitly describe how he felt about his father and how his father would torture them You pulled me over your head and dropped me on the cement floor on my back I have chips in my spine to this day They said I was unconscious he said while exposing his father on The Sally Show Wayne was also elaborate when describing how his father would yank him and his siblings by their hair de root them and torture them Another scene that stood out to me was when Mr Theodore came to attack Michael at Wayne s house Wayne described how angry he was at his father and howood it felt to stand up to him Come on do you want to bite me Come and bite me I ll knock your teeth out Wayne dared his father This was the first time that Wayne had ever stood up to his father He described the scenes vividly enough that I could imagine them in my headThroughout the whole story there was only one thing that I disliked It bothered me how long it took the Theodore kids to expose their father for abusing them I do understand though that it was hard for them to come out of denial and they may have felt embarrassed There was not a single thing that I would change in this book Wayne described his agony and the pain of his childhood so well He also conveyed the happiness of his survival Reading the story I felt as if I were part of his childhood because of how well he conveyed his struggles I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes inspiring stories Also anyone who enjoys tragic stories would appreciate this as well This story is a mature piece and could interest any type of person I would recommend. Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Survival and Hope Wayne Theodore Leslie Alan Horvitz Harbor Press Biography Autobiography pages Reviews The author describes The Billionaires Runaway Bride growing up with eleven brothers and sisters with a violent father and self destructive mother who subjected their children to a relentless series of beatings torture starvation and abandonment and his Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Buy Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Survival and Hope First Printing by Theodore Wayne Raphael Sally Jesse Horvitz Leslie Alan ISBN from 's Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Find manyreat new used options and et the best deals for Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Survival and Hope by Leslie Alan Horvitz and Wayne Theodore Hardcover at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products Wayne an abused child's story of cour.

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E many places in the book that would lead me to disbelieve what is being said I tend to be hypercritical of these types of books and fine tooth what I hear For example On page 79 he states that after a split between his parents the boys would o back with his father and My sisters would stay with Ma in Haverhill then on page 80 he states his father had left for some time and it was unspoken between the brothers that he would be visiting his mother as settling for 4 of his kids wasn t Caught on Camera with the CEO gonna beood for him Time Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, goes by and then My mother was right behind him with Christopherthe baby in her arms Okay here s my problem with this Checking the dates of birth of the kids at the front of the bookIf Christopher was the baby carried in his mother s arms there could not have been sisters plural staying with mother Typo It could be Example 2 page 129 He took a bag full of white powder out of his pocket and showed it to meThe first time Iot high on cocaine I felt like I could do anythingHe Arabian Nights goes on then with a few sentences how he felt in control of it once a week or so as a rewardstill with the context of cocaine being the drugbut THEN he switches it mid paragraph to heroin and never again is cocaine mentioned just heroin Another typo Cocaine typed instead of heroin at the beginning Well I m not a drug addict and am no expert but if it was a typo why was it described as a white powder which is clearly cocaine hummmmm Example 3 page 167 Describing the end of his 1st marriage he told how his wife left him with their daughter Within this separation time a son was born He thenoes on to tell how he met Sharon Even if she was interested why should she want to Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place get involved with someone who was married with a kid HUH paragraph before it was a daughter and a son Plural two kids not a kid singular Okay so I know thisuy and his brothers and sisters went through hell I do NOT dispute that I didn t see the Sally Jessy Raphael show that did their story but that at least would be a fact which couldn t be denied as the book states the father nor mother never denied the abuse and of course there are reports from social services and such to that could be verified So I dunno I can t Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss get passed the few examples Iave Books of fact should be pristine especially books dealing with abuse IMHO This one however emotionally moving it was for me did NOT live up to that standard Reviewed by hoopsielv for TeensReadToocomWayne was one of twelve children He is now married with four daughters and is a successful contractor in New Hampshire It sounds like he is living the American dream however a phone call from one of his younger brothers triggers Wayne to seek answers from his past Wayne his brothers and his sisters were abused throughout their childhood There were hospital visits and uestions from teachers and social workers but the abuse continued Wayne digs back into these painful memories and the information he finds shocks and surprises him He has to confront his parents and does so on a national talk show This is a true story of a brave man whose spirit could not be broken His past continued to haunt him throughout his life He needed to find out the truth not just for himself but for his family as well This is a novel of terrible times and times of hope While sometimes painful to read the message of WAYNE comes through loud and clear to the reader that strength can prevail I really enjoyed reading this book However it was really hard to Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, get through The reason for this is that it s a story about auy Wayne who was brutally abused as a child and Always You growing up The descriptions of the beatings areraphic and sad to read The book is Wayne s story about how he went through a lot of obstacles after escaping his abusive parents He struggled to support himself fell into an addiction to cocaine struggled to keep his marriage alive and almost killed himself Wayne and his siblings eventually find a way to Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, get over the hurt they went through in their life and hearing of their success is a big part of why I enjoyed this book so much I recommend this book to really anyone but especially people who are stuck in a bad spot in their life and struggling toet out It s a story that shows no matter how hard something about your life is it s okay to ask for help and there s always a way out From the first chapter this book Lucy Carmichael grabs your attention and sucks you into the story Interwoven with the present day searching of records to find out exactly what happened to him and his siblings are detaled memories of the fear Wayne felt from his father Eventually Wayne overcomes his trials and comes out a betterperson because of it I could not put this book down Honestly a wonderful piece of writing. M life It really maybe me realize that I have it it Uncategorized | Wayne Wayne an abused child’s story of courage survival and hope April by jennyrosew “When Wayne Theodore was six years old he promised himself that one day he would tell He would let the world know the terrible things his father had done When he wasrown Wayne kept his promise Appearing with his brothers and sisters on the nationally syndicated TV program The Sally show Sheriff Teen abused for than a year at home The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of a Savannah man following a sex abuse investigation Deputies say Heath Waldron was charged with first degree sex abuse after an investigation was initiated by Wayne County Child Protective Services Wayne Geber Personal trainer to appeal jail A Sydney personal trainer who boasted some of the city’s biggest stars among his clientele will argue his month jail term for abusing his ex partner should be served by way of home detentio.

It to readers over the age of 12 years It was well worth my time This is an eye opening book It does a Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti good job of bringing awareness to the tragic and brutal lives that some people have to live This is the true story of one of twelve children abused by their father as their mother ignored it and often abandoned them as theyrew up You may know the family from their appearance on Sally Jesse Raphael s show which apparently was one of the most watched episodes they ever did In that show the One-Click Buy grown children confront their parents who deny nothing offering little explanation At one point the father simply shrugs and says It happened as though that was a valid excuseOf course the descriptions of the abuse are hard to stomach And while it happened to all of his siblings too he largely focuses on his own experience and leaves much anonimity for themiven that many of them are having a much harder time overcoming the pastObviously life was a struggle for our author too But what I like about this story is his emphasis on constant choice to overcome his history He chose not to beat the crap out of his father when finally Redeeming Claire given the chance He chose to stop living a drug filled directionless life andet help to save his marriage To break a cycle of violence is a choice and a very difficult one if there is no one there helping and showing another way deal with things as was true in Wayne s case The reader never uite fully understands exactly how Wayne did it as a result It seems he just had some innate self awareness that helped a lot but he doesn t have the answers for his siblings other than to be there and not keep the secret any I remember seeing this family on the Sally Show years ago and never forgot it There s actually a Foreword by Sally Jessy herself stating that it was the most memorable show she did When I picked the book off the shelf I had no idea the book was written by one of the abused children It was the first sentence that rabbed meWhen I was six years old my father almost killed me Wayne s story made me cry countless timesyour heart just breaks to read about such suffering at the hands of a madman from which there seemed to be no escape even into adulthood and a mother who was conscious of only her own suffering It s amazing that any of them survived I have nothing but admiration for Wayne who has accomplished so much in his personal life and the lives of his brothers and sisters by taking the courageous step to finally expose his parents for the miserable hell that was his childhood I had to read this book for a class that I m taking in college and I m so lad that I ve read it Having lived in Massachusetts all of my life it was eye opening to read this story happening virtually in my back yard It s the only textbook that I ve ever actually finished readingThere were parts of this book where I had to put it down an walk away from it before I could come back and finish the reading Some of it was tough to Fractured Memory get through and made me suirm and feel shocked by what I was reading but it was worth it I would recommend this book to everyone It s very eye opening When I saw that Sally Jessy Raphael had endorsed this book and that the Theodore children had appeared on her show I wasn t expecting too much I feel that shows like that are exploitative abuse porn for the audience So I was pleasantly surprised by the uality of this book Credit to Theodore s co author for being able to parse out the chapters so there was some narrative tension as Wayne uncovers family secrets There was one typo that slipped past them heroin spell heroine that made me wince but that happened late in the book The chapters are very short so it acts as a catalyst to draw you into reading just one chapter before you put the book down then before you know you re nearly done A flaw I thought was the lack of his siblings perspectives we know nothing of how their lives turned out especially his sisters Drug abuse Bad marriages Children born Successes Higher Education Careers We don tet any indication on the wider affects of his parents abuse an neglectThis wasn t as exhaustively researched or as intellectual as other book on similar topics that I ve read I think it will appeal to the same folks who read A Child Called ItAlso kudos that Wayne didn t find religion at the end which made everything all right and Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love grant forgiveness to his father as has happened in other books I ve read on this topic When I was reading the opening scene of the Sylvia Likens level abuse he suffered I thought he better not end up forgiving thisuy This book truly moved me It made me rage with anger and cry with an overwhelming rief for Wayne and his brothers and sisters However there wer. Age survival Wayne an abused child's story of courage survival and hope by unknown edition Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Survival and Hope by Wayne Theodore Hardback Be the first to write a review About this product Brand new lowest price The lowest priced brand new unused unopened undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store unless the item is handmade or was Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Wayne An Abused Child's Story of Courage Survival and Hope Author Wayne Theodore Apr es Libros Home waynetheodoreweeblycom Wayne An abused child's story of courage survival and hope Written by Wayne Theodore The abused child in the story with Leslie Alan Horvitz and Foreword by sally Jessy Raphael ISBN In this biography about Wayne and abusived child i've seen how much it really effected his and his brothers and sisters even his mo.