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Creates a novel that becomes so much than a spy story This is a novel about a young woman who tries to obey the country s call and uses her wit without abandoning her principles or her indness Still the fog had lifted overnight and now Juliet could see the beginning of buds on the trees and even above the noise of London traffic she could hear that the birds were singing their tiny hearts out getting ready for spring They are all feathers she thought The setting is superbly crafted The dark atmosphere of the impending war that suffocates London the rebirth of the 50s the impact of the Cold War in the capital are used to great effect and the era comes alive through the pages I loved the bookish references and the trivia of the British Theatre during the golden days of the radio plays London becomes a character in every novel set in the metropolis and Transcription is no exception It definitely matches the personality of our heroine Juliet is gloomy thoughtful and mysterious but it is the momentary instances of sunshine make her such a complex and fascinating character surrounded by an exciting cast of espionage journalism and British realityDark sarcastic gloomy compulsively readable this novel is my introduction to Kate Atkinson s work and it is certain to find itself among my favourite reads of the year History should always have a plot Juliet thought as she slushed and burned Morna Treadwell s deathly words How else can you make sense of it My reviews can also be found on Great historical fiction in the world of British espionage in WW2 and the repercussions that emerge in the 1950s Touches on issues of class in spying circles being gay the monitoring of fascists a young Ju. To be by turns both tedious and terrifying But after the war has ended she presumes the events of those years have been relegated to the past forever Ten years later now a radio producer at the BBC Juliet is unexpectedly confronted by figures from her past A different war is being fought now on a different battleground but Ju.

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May I tempt you This uestion is the impetus which shifts a very young woman from a job merely transcribing traitorous conversations deliberately overheard during WWII in London into a bonafide spy Working at the BBC ten years later her misdeeds of the past come back to haunt her For a novel about espionage I found the characters to be rather dull and the plot lacking in tension In wartime truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies Winston Churchill 1950 Juliet is a BBC producer responsible for the children s zone Intelligent energetic and a talented writer she tries to make History interesting for the young ones She should now for her relationship to the Lady with the Book that chronicles the course of the human race has been extremely turbulent If we travel back in time in 1940 specifically we ll see Juliet reluctantly working for the country a spy for MI5 And now traces of her former life have returned to show our heroine that the past is a war without an endKate Atkinson leads us to one of the most eventful eras in History The nightmare of WWII is about to break out We join a suad created to capture members of the British aristocracy that dreams of a fascist future siding with Hitler Young women infiltrate their circle to prevent evil and transcriptions are used to set up a defense against a very sneaky enemy Identities must change facades must be created victims are inevitable and at times expendable But how can you go on with your life once this comes to an end Juliet has made her choices in a life that allows no emotions No friends no loved ones No one to trust no name no past Atkinson writes in a way that is direct and literary and. A story of WWII espionage betrayal and loyalty by the #1 bestselling author of Life After Life In 1940 eighteen year old Juliet Armstrong is reluctantly recruited into the world of espionage Sent to an obscure department of MI5 tasked with monitoring the comings and goings of British Fascist sympathizers she discovers the work.

Liet recruited to engage in the process of transcription that develops into so much Then some time after the war Juliet is now a BBC radio producer and sees a familiar face that refuses to acknowledge her leading to the entry of a host of familiar figures from the past There are so many great reviews on this so I will limit myself to saying this is complex storytelling that I found thoroughly absorbing enjoyable and immersive historical fiction It s funny how some books can immediately grab hold of you and cast you under their spell This is that sort of book The book immediately transports you back to London in the 1940s and 50s The language is just spot on perfect The story revolves around a young woman who is drafted to transcribe conversations among a group of fascists that have been infiltrated by MI5 Juliet is only 18 and before she nows it has been drafted for some spying in addition to her transcription duties Atkinson displays a dry sense of humor It seemed she had acuired all the drawbacks of being a mistress and none of the advantages like sex She was becoming bolder with the word if not the act For Perry it seemed to be the other way around he had all the advantages of having a mistress and none of the drawbacks Like sex Poor Juliet is truly naive and I had to Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, keep reminding myself how young she was Sheeeps waiting for a romance the reader nows is never going to come The rest of the characters are eually well drawn The pettiness the certainty all are brought out for our inspection This is not a fast paced book by any stretch The writing is meant to be enjoyed lots of beautiful phrasing But there is a tension to the book and the ending wasn t anything I saw comin. Liet finds herself once under threat A bill of reckoning is due and she finally begins to realize that there is no action without conseuence Transcription is a work of rare depth and texture a bravura modern novel of extraordinary power wit and empathy It is a triumphant work of fiction from one of the best writers of our time.

Kate Atkinson was born in York and now lives in Edinburgh Her first novel Behind the Scenes at the Museum won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and she has been a critically acclaimed international bestselling author ever sinceShe is the author of a collection of short stories Not the End of the World and of the critically acclaimed novels Human Crouet Emotionally Weird Case Histories