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Oman Catholic Nobody should seriously expect clergy to be entirely faultless They are after all in their clerical life standing in Jesus sandals spreading the gospel and administering sacraments In a less than flattering article for the New York Times by gay journalist Frank Bruni headed New expos on homosexuality in the Vatican is silly offensive and potentially dangerous that journalist cites a statement by James Martin SJ a bestselling Jesuit author that the book is bound to shift attention away from child abuse and onto gay priests in general once again falsely conflating in people s minds homosexuality and paedophilia I couldn t agree A detailed study by another Jesuit Hans Zollner SJ found that 95% of priests have never committed abuse thus celibacy does not lead to abusive behaviours as such And in an article by Canadian Catholic evangelist Mark Mallett drawing on further detailed research carried out on behalf of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops found that between 1950 and 2002 less than 4% of US clergy were accused of sexual abuse of this less than 4% of the accused less than 01% of total clergy after detailed and exhaustive investigations were found to be guilty None of these statistics has found its way into In The Closet Of The Vatican By all means read this book It is after all well researched following hundreds of interviews but as ou do try not to get carried away by cleverly written gossip Martel s primary focus here is on the sexual hypocrisy in the Catholic Church as in as the church has become explicitly homophobic in the reigns of JPII and Benedict simultaneously of its bishops and archbishops are engaging Finally the truthI m 75 and Catholic most of my life I m also a Gay man who was married for 46 Crochet years to my husband Robert When he died from cancer I was not allowed to speak about our relationship at his Funeral in a Catholic Church I was Baptized Confirmed and Educated during 16ears of Schooling in Catholic Schools When the Church found out that I was Gay I was treated like garbage Now we find out about the double standard and hateful homophobia in the Catholic Churc by closeted gay me I am beyond disgusted 45I was very surprised by this book And then I was surprised at being surprised In fact I know several Playhouse young men who went on to the seminary None of them became priests About 2 out of 3 are gay and are or have been in relationships with other men Some of them had passes made at them by older priests at the seminary I was perfectly aware of all this andet as I delved deeper into this book I grew and astonished at how widespread homosexuality is amongst Catholic clergySome reviewers will say that Martel s tone is sometimes unprofessional and overly gossipy I would agree that he sometimes falls into the temptation of adopting a buoyant colourful t 50 Shades of GayHow odd to call it such but this book is most definitely charming Its content is intended to be an expos et its style is neither breathless nor incendiary Rather like much of French and Italian narrative journalism it doesn t seem to reveal secrets so much as remind us what we already vaguely know It is therefore neither shocking nor titillating but fascinating and enjoyable The line 50 shades of gay is typical of its casual witHere s the news most not some not many but most senior clerics of the Catholic Church cardinals bishops and senior administrators are homosexual In fact The Vatican has one of the biggest gay communities in the world In itself this is not a problem The problem arises when the dominant homosexual sociology of the Church is denied The denial provokes a range of disfunction from personal neuroses to internal blackmail to hidden political factionalism to a range of unacknowledged sexual abusesIt is sex not doctrine or personal ambition that is the touch paper for most of the explosive issues that the Vatican has been unsuccessful in addressing for decades With that interpretive key in mind the inability of the pope an absolute monarch to correct the errors he publicly recognizes and condemns becomes understandable He is not confronting tensions between liberal and conservatives but between various gay factions To do what has to be done would reuire him to reveal the depth and breadth of hypocrisy within the Church Coming out of the closet may be its only salvation But in that case as they used to say in the VietNam war it may have to be destroyed in order to be savedTo be clear it is not lack of sex which is causing difficulties The prevalence of homosexual activity is taken as normal by those who are of the parish as gay priests in Rome refer to themselves Celibacy isn t really an issue because it is mostly ignored Sexual encounters from the most casual to the most long term are available in abundance and on demandIt is the hiddenness of those who are out but only within the rather large closet of the Vatican that saps the vigour as it were of the entire organisation That the priesthood is attractive to oung gay men as a way to fit into an homophobic society that they are promoted within the clerical hierarchy because of their sexual availability that they in turn protect the gay community which has found a refuge however secret within the Church are all plausible if not obvious assertions once stated And interestingly few of the large numbers of senior churchmen interviewed by Martel deny such assertions These are open secretsBut the conseuences of admitting the truth of these assertions hangs over the gay priesthood like a sharp axe ready to cut them off not just from their livelihoods but also from their roles their identities in the world And it is this looming axe that generates fear and obstruction and mutual harm There is no way in which gay culture can be rooted out of the Church That culture has probably always been a mainstay of its ritual its liturgical splendour and its gravitas To excise it would be as great a disaster as to keep it hidden Hence the pope s problem moderating undeclared internecine gay warfareI find Martel s narrative to be hi. And on extreme homophobia The resulting schizophrenia in the Church is hard to fathom But the a prelate is homophobic the likely it is that he is himself gayBehind rigidity there is always something hidden in many cases a double life These are the words of Pope Francis himself and with them the Pope has unlocked the ClosetNo one can claim to really understand the Catholic Church today until they have read this book It reveals a truth that is extraordinary and disturbi.

This is a very important book based on hundreds of interviews of churchmen including 41 cardinals and nearly a hundred bishops monsignors and priests both diocesan and belonging to religious orders as well as visits to over thirty countries often multiple visits to multiple countries The author a former Catholic born in France a product of the country s superb secular education system is relentless in his pursuit of the rot at the core of the Catholic Church in this century This rot he calls Sodom a Republic of gay men in orders who very often pay their respects to mandatory celibacy not by complying with this rule but by viciously persecuting other gays both in and out of the Church in and out of the closet Because all non procreative sexuality is disordered and therefore sinful consensual sexual relations between adult men and women or between men are considered on a par with the sexual pursuit of minors of either sex although indeed about 80% of child victims of priests are male So often bishops and priests did not deliberately protect pedophiles because they sympathized with them and did not care about their victims but because the bishops and priests had their own secrets to hide This is not to say that there is a gay lobby in the Church there are a majority of gays overall and their dominance is absolute the higher one moves in the hierarchy in the Vatican the author estimates 70% 80% of gays there and in the College of Cardinals What rather happens is that there are gay networks of power that pervade the Church and these networks fight each other Some of these networks are headed by powerful men like John Paul II s Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano who wrecked Benedict XVI s papacy Vatileaks I and by Benedict s ham handed Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertonewho has made life miserable for Francis as shown in Vatileaks II and Bishop Vigan s unhinged but mainly reliable open letterThe book is a remarkable reporting achievement particularly for such a famously opaue environment where things always happen behind closed doors and the fiction of harmony is nearly always preserved Virtually anyone who is someone in the Vatican spoke at length with Martel and many of these people were uite candid The corruption of cardinals that suander millions in refurbishing their apartments which they often occupy illegally is here Here too are the rumors about bishops and priests patronizing foreign male prostitutes near Rome s Termini station There are some I d heard about Alfonso cardinal L pez Trujillo Martel says that both serial rapist and pedophile Marcial Maciel and cardinal L pez were especially liked by John Paul II because they channeled funds to the Solidarity union movement in Poland He dissects the literary preferences of Paul VI and the sartorial preferences of Benedict XVI to show their likely gay affinities although very likely unconsummated He says that the factor that led Benedict to resign piled on top of many other betrayals and frustrations was learning horrible things about the Church in Cuba prior to his visit there in March 2012 he even says that probably cardinal Ortega of Havana was compromised by Cuban security services who enticed him to sexual congress with a man and recorded or photographed the encounter Martel says that sexual misbehavior and abuses are egregious in Cuba because the government allows them in order to control the Church and block its becoming the core of a counterrevolutionary movement He shows that although the Church has lost most of its power in Europe and Latin America it still has enough in Africa and Asia where in alliance with local rulers it has legitimized the persecution of homosexuals and also permitted many preventable deaths by opposing and discrediting the use of condoms on this cardinal L pez Trujillo wrote much He shows that had the leadership directed to the fight against pederasty even a fraction of the energy it gave to homophobia many children would have been protected from harm and many criminals would not have been allowed to continue to do harm He shows multiple instances where sexual perversion was associated with moral compromise as with Angelo Sodano and Pinochet in Chile and financial corruption as with Bishop Marcinkus and the scandals at the Vatican Bank the IOR He shows multiple cases of Francis s vengeful nature and political acumen against his foes I sure hope these latter rumors are true for Francis needs to be tough as nails to survive in such a hostile environment As seen in the very recent summit in the Vatican which was uite short in concrete measures to stamp out pedophilia from the Church making changes that stick is very hard in the VaticanSo what to do I don t know if all the things Martel says are true But the way he piles fact upon fact interview upon interview and the great variety of his sources all suggest that much perhaps most is real The celibate church model is imploding Having an all male celibate clergy does seem in retrospect an almost certain way to attract men who are not attracted to women Thus the notion of weeding out gay candidates for the priesthood would be guaranteed to extinguish many or most of the few remaining vocations The Eastern model of married parish clergy and single monks and bishops is already in the Church and it seems to work well as it does in the Orthodox Church There is clearly an ascetic ideal present in the Church it comes directly from the gospels and was intensified in Paul s epistles and in the Church father s works particularly Augustin It is true that Christ never referred to homosexuality but Paul did many times and it will be hard to strip these from the dogma There are multiple condemnations of adultery divorce and also fornication particularly the harsh Mt 528 which John Paul II extended even to the relationship between married couples Concerning female priesthood this has been accepted by the Anglicans although not all of them but is contrary to universal Christian and Jewish practices hence would be very hard to accept for everyone except ac. The New York Times bestselling account of corruption and hypocrisy at the heart of the Vatican In the Closet of the Vatican exposes the rot at the heart of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church today This brilliant piece of investigative writing is based on four ears' authoritative research including extensive interviews with those in powerThe celibacy of priests the condemnation of the use of contraceptives countless cases of sexual abuse the resignation of Bened.

Tivists who mostly seem to support it on secular grounds of euality between the sexes In the end there is no easy way out of this mess I pray the Holy Ghost will inspire pope Francis s actions On his elderly shoulders has fallen the weight of the greatest crisis the Church has faced since the Reformation JN 21st February 2019That picture is from the cover of a Portuguese daily newspaper JN It adds the view of a Portuguese bishop saying This is changing view spoilerOr things are about to change hide spoiler Audiobook 2220 Hours Narrator John BanksListened to 0800 Hours Balance 1420 HoursI have pulled the plug on this boring book I simply do not want to know any about the vast numbers of homosexual members of the Italian or any other nationality Catholic clergy whether they be Popes Cardinals Bishops Monsignors Priests Nuns or whatever The chapters I listened to tonight chapters eight and nine gave me in overwhelming and unrelenting detail the relationships and inter relationships between seemingly hundreds of gay anti gay or gay empathetic Catholic clergy members in Italy and most of the rest of the world including my home town It is 1210 am in Melbourne Australia and I may have something further to say about In the Closet of the Vatican when I have given consideration to the one third of the book that I have heard but at the moment it s back to bed Important Book Highly RecommendedFr d ric Martel s investigation of the Vatican was conducted over 4 ears in Italy and 30 other countries He interviewed 1500 individuals including 41 cardinals 52 bishops and monsignori as well as apostolic nuncios Swiss Guards and over 200 Catholic priests Martel estimates that 80 percent of the priests in the Vatican are homosexual and that 80 of the children abused by priest world wide are adolescent boys between the ages of 11 17 The problem is not the large number of homosexuals in the Vatican but that there is a powerful segment of them that voice strongly homophobic opinions in order to obscure their own life style The Catholic church s opposition to the use of condoms in Africa has resulted in many needless deaths in the Aids epidemic The history and politics of the Vatican in recent decades is reviewed as well as the resignation of Pope Benedict XVIPope Francis is described as realistically acknowledging and accepting gays in the Vatican Although I am not Catholic I think that this is an important book for the general public to read in view of the civil rights now accorded the LGBT community as well as the need for the Catholic Church to accept contraceptives for family planning and disease protection The issues of celibacy married priests and the role of women in the church are also discussed There are not many books I regret wasting time and money on as much as I regret this one But then I didn t waste nearly so much of my life as Mr Martel has in writing this unfortunate piece of gossip scandal speculation and opinion According to Mr Martel in the Catholic Church conservative cardinals bishops and priests but especially the cardinals and bishops and he likes to name specific men are closet homosexuals not in touch with their own sexuality Liberal clergy are either openly homosexual or homophiles ie openly supportive of the gay agenda Mr Martel s agenda discernible fairly early on is that the solution to the clergy sex scandal is for all homosexual clergy to be honest about their sexuality to come out of the closet But as most true Catholics know when it comes to desires fulfilling them is impossible Giving way to our desires as opposed to disciplining them only allows them to grow stronger increase in size and number and become deviant until eventually they completely control us There is no satisfying the desires of the human heart except through God alone a God Mr Martel does not recognize or accept An interesting observation Mr Martel accuses a number of Conservative cardinals and bishops of being misogynists I m not sure what he means by that term but I have always understood it to mean a man who does not like women Doesn t male homosexuality contain a bit of misogynism in it In this book Mr Martel doesn t even consider the possibility of men returning to women for the two sexes and no I refuse to call them genders working together to solve this problem of the whole human race That the love and involvement of women is desperately needed to solve this and so many other problems in the Catholic Church God made women for men for a reason and when women live as fully feminine loving wives mothers daughters sisters whether in the home church workplace or any where they will influence men for the better In The Closet Of The Vatican is an expos on life in the Vatican notably its alleged gay culture and the hypocrisy that stems from its sinful inhabitants teaching others how they should live their lives So here we have author and journalist Fr d ric Martel himself gay a liberal lite atheist writing about the heart of the Catholic Church What could possibly go wrong Despite his profession and an impressive curriculum vitae the prose is written in sensationalist style as though the author is writing for a tabloid newspaper It is almost as though there is an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence It is also interesting to note that when a particular member of the Vatican s hierarchy says something that the Church has been teaching for 2000 Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, years or perhaps says he is against same sex marriage that person is described as far right or ultra conservative There doesn t appear to be anyone who is simply conservative or centre right Martel has obviously spent a considerable amount of time and effort spanning someears to research this 570 page tome but it is high on innuendo and gossip and low on verifiable facts But even if it were entirely true so what Jesus apostles were deeply flawed characters et He chose them to spread his message so that out of this motley crew of just a dozen was born a religion today comprising 218 billion Christians approximately half of which identify as Ict XVI misogyny among the clergy the dramatic fall in Europe of the number of vocations to the priesthood the plotting against Pope Francis all these issues are clouded in mystery and secrecy In the Closet of the Vatican is a book that reveals these secrets and penetrates this enigma It derives from a system founded on a clerical culture of secrecy which starts in junior seminaries and continues right up to the Vatican itself It is based on the double lives of priests.

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Frédéric Martel holds a PhD in social sciences and several graduate degrees in philosophy political science and law After being project manager for the French Embassy in Romania 1990–1992 and the French ministry of culture 1992; and being advisor to the former Prime Minister Michel Rocard 1993–1994 he served the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs deputy Prime minister Martine Aubry as