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T and of course she lets out a keening moan boobs are those gorgeous ale globes or Mob Mistress pink tipped breasts I could go on and on but I think you get theicture And then the writing was often uite funny and enjoyable Here is an exchange between Kasia and Brand Growing irritated with his attitude Kasis Stud in the Stacks proceeded to have a conversation with herself filling in Brand sart for him What do you think of your new digs Kasia she rumbled in a deep bass her attempt at a Brand impersonation She even Choosing to Survive pretended to have bulging muscles lifting her arms up toretend to stand like himIn a falsetto she answered her own uestion This Robin Hood place is intimidating and ostentatious Brand but I think I can lookast that Thanks for asking Another round of Brand in fake low voice I only want you to be happy Kasia The real Brand half sighed half growled Kasia She ignored him continuing her Felipa part in a sueaky voice Aww You re such a teddy bear Boo boo Boo boo The disgust in his voice had Kasia bursting out laughing My imaginary Brand likes it when I call him Boo boo Brand s jaw clenched No he wouldn t You don t get to dictate what my imaginary Brand likes or doesn t like I ve known him longer than you But Brand cut off his own argument and shook his head I can t believe we re talking about this Kasia shrugged You brought it up I was having a lovely conversation with you As you can see I m still rather ambivalent towards that book And yet I am invested enough to find out how the story continues especially since the ending already segues into the nextart leaving many uestions unanswered After a HFN with Brand and Kasia in this book the The Vavasour Macbeth plot continues in The Blood King with Skylar and LadonMy advice If you relanning on reading this lower your expectations and accept this book for what it is not overly developed deep or innovative but enjoyable that s how in the end I had fun reading about Brand and Kasia and their journey Hence 325 starsAfterthought Maybe I m so critical because I ve been reading Brandon Sanderson s epic Mistborn at the same time Feel free to leave a comment The Rogue King by Abigail OwenDragons and a Phoenix and the occasional cellphone reference oh my They ve lived hundreds of years and are just now finding their fate with a mate The kingdoms are still fighting for The Blueprint (English Edition) power between Gold Blue and other races of dragons First in a romance series of sister Phoenix Not a cliffhanger but only the beginning of the dragon wars as the most dreaded of theowerful is still out there stirring up trouble The heroine Kasia is strong and capable of Crisis of the Strauss Divided protecting herself She isrotective of her sisters and will do what s best even if it reuires a sacrifice of love Brand is the strong and silent type of dragon hero Frankly he could stand to open up a bit I was disappointed when he was being stoic if sharing his story would have solved some The Master Masons of Chartres problemsLoved Maul the hellhound I want to know about himI received a copy of this book from NetGalle. Ng him one step closer to the revenge he's waited centuries to take No way is he letting the feisty beauty get awayBut when Kasia sparks a white hot need in him that’s impossible to ignore Brand begins to form a newlan claim her for himselfand take back his birthrigh.

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This shifter VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) paranormal was sheer funIn case you don t know what shifteraranormal romances are they are HUUUUUUGE over at Kindle e books Check out Zoe Chant for a good exampleIn shifter romances heroes and heroines at times have animal souls or selves and they can shift into these animals Sometimes they have Road House - The Novel powers They live among us normal humans keeping their shifter selves secret and their culture is aalimpsest over ours The romances are lusty with high octane romance often centering around finding one s mate for lifeIn this one we ve got trouble in the world of dragon shifters the apex Gnosis predators of apexredators But we begin with our heroine s mother on the run from a truly evil dragon king who is determined to capture her and drain her blood so he can become immortal She s reached the end of her running after five hundred years but she goes out in style sending her four daughters to various co 45 stars Check out my Instagram Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina page Legend held that the man who captured ahoenix would be blessed Unable to Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up put a foot wrong Every choice the right one Every action leading to greater fortuneThis book had it all everything that a brilliantaranormalfantasy book needs shifters dragons The Wingman Chronicles phoenixes actionacked steam world building intrigue complexity and amazing secondary charactersBrand is a dragon shifter from the Gold clan a rogue one like a mercenary that does jobs for the Blood KingLadon He has a good reason for his actions his family has been murdered a long time ago and he has been banished from his clan Now he is searching for a female his friend and boos Ladon sent him afterKasia is a Flood Legends phoenix one of the last ones left on earth Ahoenix should mate a dragon if she chooses him but Kasia only knows about her heritage and history from what her mother have been telling her She has been thought to fear dragons them being the ones who killed her familyWhen Brand finds Kasia in a clinic a connection forms between this two They are on the run from lots of The Best Of Saint Louis paranormals because Kasia is a very valuable being that everyone wantsDuring their journey to Scotland where Ladon clan isthey get closer and closer feelings bloom inside both of them but the reality of them being together is almost impossibleThis two had sizzling chemistry The banter was hilarious Kasia finding all sort of amusing names for Brand s dragonThelot is very well built in this book I also love the world this author has created We have all sorts of The Brother-Offended Checklist paranormals amazinglaces is a book that has lots of action and entertaining scenes The secondary cast adds a huge lus to the storyeach one of them is special and intriguingI cannot wait for the second book I hope I will get an Arc because I am basically obsessed to read of this adventure As much as I ve enjoyed this authors Dragon stories I ve never given a 5 rating until now and this book deserves it We have Brand a rogue Dragon desperate for revenge and loyal to the King of the Blue Dra. Kasia Amon is a master at hiding Who and what she is makes her a mark for the entire supernatural world Especially dragon shifters To them she’s treasure to be taken and claimed A golden ticket to their highest throne But she can’t stop bursting into flames and there.

Gons but unfortunately he 325 stars Having had trouble rating this I decided to take a few days to try and sort out the ambivalence I feel towards this book Here is what I came up withFirstly we ve got ourselves yet another bond trope the type where thy eventually know they re destined for each other will be stronger together and can even hear each other s thoughts at some oint Must be so nice What is not nice however is that despite the fact the reader basically knows from the beginning the H and the h are mates the characters themselves are in denial insert whiny voice I want himher but I really shouldn t and only accept the fact around 70% mark which I found incredibly annoying I also sometimes feel that this type of bond love is the lazy way out from a narrative Detour (Something in Common, perspective as the author doesn t need to develop a convincing relationship where the H believably falls in love with the h and her awesome character and vice versa just make them attractive andut in some life threatening situations and all s well I want to believe that two main characters would also fall in love if there wasn t a magical bond between them I m not sure if I would buy that here Also using sex as some sort of calming agent to make Kasia s visions less マジック・ツリーハウス〈1〉恐竜の谷の大冒険 painful Side note The whole relationship dynamic between Kasia and Brand reminded me of Amanda Bouchet s Kat and Griffin in A Promise of Fire Kingmaker Chronicles but I actuallyreferred her characters as well as her world building to Owen sSpeaking of world building This is my first dragon shifter book so the concept took some getting used to but overall I found the world building a bit simplistic our world Bear Creek Road plus dragons that rule variousarts and are at war the super special Good Authority Good Authority phoenix wolf shifters a random demon a witch but still fun to read about My main issue however was that you only meet male dragons for a goodart of the book which makes you wonder Then comes the answer you didn t really want female dragons are not only exceedingly rare but also sterile Sexist much I m seriously hoping this will get resolvedexplained somehow in the next booksThen there is the issue of immortality When authors make their characters centuries old immortal beings I need to believe that to be true within the framework of the novel Sure there is no reference Carneycopia point duh but within theortrayal of a character s actions and traits I want to be able to say Yep I d buy that And you guessed it I don t buy it here The respective ancient beings age is just casually mentioned from time to time but in Kasia s case her character does not convey 500 years of wisdom and experience or even jadednessAnother cause for my ambiguity was the writingSometimes it felt unpolished and just not fluid enough the sex scenes were often full of clich d Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, phrasings and descriptive adjectives that made me cringe an orgasm becomes that glorious edge to be tipped over during which her body sueezes him like a vise like a fis. ’s a sexy dragon shifter in town hunting for herAs a rogue dragon Brand Astarot has spent his life in the dark shunned by his own kind concealing his true identity Only his dangerous reputation ensures his survival Delivering ahoenix to the feared Blood King will bri.

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