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A longer eview is available on my blog characters in this book are based on true characters and Dunant attempts to keep as much as possible to the true legends of these historical people They are deliciously evil and I ead with as much glee as horror at the murderous and manipulative ways of the family that will stop at nothing to conuer as much of Europe as they can They are the most power hungry of power hungry oyals The characters are many complex and incredibly interesting At 448 pages this historical novel is on the longer side At times it can seem a bit too long There are just a few too many stories going on at one time I would have preferred to have of the story of the elationship between Lucrezia and Alfonso d Este or of Cesare Borgia s exploits than to also include the family happenings of Niccolo Machiavelli The book can ead a bit slow at times That is not to say that I didn t enjoy the book though I felt myself enjoying the stories and was very interested in eading from Dunant The writing was fluid and felt contemporary as opposed to ancient I thought this was a great book for historical fiction eaders and would ecommend it highlyThank you for Netgalley and Random House for an advanced copy of this book for eview purposes For my full eview moved directly from Blood and Beauty to In The Name Of The Family this is not so long awaited a seuel as it will have been for many other eaders I have to admit though that given the emotional high note that Blood and Beauty concluded on I was very grateful to have the next book on hand Sarah Dunant is a highly skilled and compelling author with clear enthusiasm for her subject and in many ways this novel felt less of a follow up piece and instead of a direct continuation of the first novel This is the second in Sarah Dunant s series of book about the Borgias but it works well as a standalon. `It is better to be feared than loved' Niccolo Machiavelli In the bear pit of enaissance politics a young Florentine diplomat finds himself first hand observer on the history's most notorious family the Borgias In the Name of the Family as Blood and Beauty did before holds up a mirror to a turbulent moment of history sweeping aside the myths to bring alive the eal Borgia family; complicated brutal passionate and glorious Here is a thrilling exploration of the House of Borgia's doomed years in the compa.

E novel However on the strength of this I will definitely be adding the earlier one to my TBR pileSarah Dunant injects colour and life into a cast of eal life c Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestIf BLOOD BEAUTY is the ise of the Borgia family then IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY marks their fall This ather chunky work of historical fiction details Alexander Borgia in his old age losing first power then his grasp on eality and finally his own life Beautiful and cunning Cesare is being consumed alive by syphilis and soon Lucrezia joins him catching it from another husband who happens to be a little too fond of prostitutes Even though both books are about the same family the first one sparkles like a dagger whereas THE NAME OF THE FAMILY is shrouded in the gloom of a funeral shroud I m still kind of in a funkIN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY was not as easy to ead as its preuel because the content is much darker and far less triumphantWe know how the story ends and it s hard to oot for characters when the writing s on the wall It s a bit of a slog getting into this book and normally I don t go for slow eads that wait you out but the characters are so ichly detailed and the writing is so gorgeous that the journey is worth the effort Honestly this family was a eal life Game of Thrones and I d eally ecommend this to anyone who s a fan of the series and wants court intrigue and cunning schemes as this family had both in spades The scenes when Cesare kills his political prisoners are chillingNow that I m done with the duology I m sad there s nothing left It s hard for me to find historical fiction that I m eally into Sarah Dunant has a masterful approach to story telling with a style that mimics that of nonfiction while still managing to be engaging Lucrezia Alexander and Cesare were all so formidable in their primes who knows what Cesare might have done to. Ny of a young diplomat named Niccolo Machiavelli It is 1502 and Rodrigo Borgia a self confessed womaniser and master of political corruption is now on the Papal throne as Alexander VI His daughter Lucrezia aged twenty two already thrice married and a pawn in her father's plans is discovering her own power And then there is Cesare Borgia brilliant uthless and increasingly unstable; it is his elationship with the diplomat Machiavelli which offers a master class on the dark arts of power and politics What.

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Shape Italy if he hadn t contracted syphilis He was a military genius Dunant brought all of these long dead historical figures to life and they e alarmingly vividI hope Sarah Dunant decides to write a follow up to these books about the de Medici family Reading about the Borgias only piued my interest in Machiavellian style family plotting I d ecommend BLOOD BEAUTY and IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY to anyone interested in history and fond of court intrigue especially court intrigue set during the peak of the Italian Renaissance35 stars Renaissance Italy and the Borgias never fail to attract my notice Such conflicted times the church all powerful the Borgias at the height of their powers A corrupt Pope his acknowledged children the power they wield and of course Lucrezia Tales of poison excess positioning of strengths all enticing subjects but I had very mixed eaction to this book by an author whose work I had wonderful eading experiences in the pastThe atmosphere was lacking many times things were said or thought that I felt would not have been applicable to this time period Just didn t feel enmeshed in the late 1500 s Felt the characters except maybe for Lucrezia were wooden they just didn t bring me into their story The parts with Lucrezia were my favorite this woman who because of her sex should have been powerless but a lifetime of working behind the scenes a political pawn made her anything but It was interesting to see how much she used subtle manipulation and an understanding of the politics involved to get her way This is what kept me eadingStill I applaud this author for continually bringing to our notice these women who managed to supersede their sex at a time when this was virtually null or at least very unusual She ounded out the character of Lucrezia for me this political pawn with a horrific historical eputation ARC from Random House. Machiavelli learns will go on to inform his great work of modern politics The Prince But while the pope ails against old age and his son's increasing maverick behavior it is Lucrezia who will become the Borgia survivor taking on her enemies and creating her own place in historyConjuring up the past in all its complexity horror and pleasures In The Name of the Family confirms Sarah Dunant's place as the leading novelist of the Renaissance and one of the most acclaimed historical fiction writers of our

Sarah Dunant is a cultural commentator award winning thriller writer and author of five novels set in Renaissance Italy exploring women’s lives through art sex and religion She has two daughters and lives in London and FlorenceSarah’s monthly history program and podcast on history can be found via the BBC website