Sasha Summers: Home on the Ranch

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E night can lead to a futureEven with a book cover that I found misleading the story takes place during the holidays the story inside was uite enjoyable Miniseries The Boones of Texas. O Renata makes perfect sense But Renata won’t settle for a loveless marriage Ash doesn’t now if his heart will ever heal enough to love again yet each day he spends with Renata has him wondering if one night can truly change everythin.

Eterinary position Their attraction is immediate and they agree to have one night togetherBut when Ash takes the job and Renata learns she is pregnant the two have to decide if their on. She gets another surprise Ash Carmichael her baby’s daddy has returned to town as the newest veterinarian at her brothers’ animal hospitalAsh is still grieving the loss of his wife He also needs to be a dad to this baby so proposing

Home on the Ranch Texas Wedding is the final book in the Boones of Texas series by Sasha SummersRenata Boone meets Ash Carmichael when he visits Stonewall Crossing to interview for a A wonderful mistakeRenata Boone has found that it’s not easy being single when every other Boone in Stonewall Crossing Texas has found true love But one night with a gorgeous stranger leads to one big surprise Renata is pregnant And then.

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