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Ps n How Things Got To Where They Are according to marx and foucault who both really like to conveniently Unload (Loaded ignore stuff want every neopagan The Seventh Tide i know to readt because t simultaneously turns the myth of the burning times nto an actual history with an actual Tail-End Charlies impact and blows holesn the revitalizednostalgic contemporary practice of witchcraft essentially the reason you can cast yr spells The Haunted Gallery in safety nows they no longer serve as an excuse for a campaign of terror necessary for building the social order nor constitute subversion of that social order4 roving band of medieval heretics who don t really believe The Saga of the Volsungs (Penguin Classics) in gender and do believe that the second coming of christ means burn shit downs my politics Oh my This book I kept wanting to devour the whole thing but I had to stop every few pages because Subterranean Kerouac it overwhelmed me so much I haven t learned so much from one bookn a very long time Parts of this were uite emotional for me It s not often that non fiction gets me choked up Looking back at the history of peasant subjugation land privatization witch hunting and the creation of capitalism from a historical perpsective made our human errors seem so brazen and clear I just can t believe we let this all happen We spend so much time arguing about different things Mansfield in our society racism sexismneuality poverty the role of the state etc but In the Beginning if we don t have an understanding of what gave rise to the status uo theres no way we can realistically hope to change Of Love and Life it I am terrible at writing book reviews But thiss seriously one of the most The Wreck of the Medusa incredible books I have ever read Federici blew my mind If thiss what reading feminist Marxist works s always like GIMME SOME MOREIn short you simply must must must read t ASAP I m kind of obsessed with this book This book Catwoman (DC Icons, is really something else I can t recommendt too highly In Capital Marx needs to explain how capitalism got started So he talks about what he calls the primitive accumulation of capital this nvolves the early capitalists effectively stealing wealth from those around them so they have the nitial capital they needed to begin the process of capitalist production and therefore further accumulation of wealth that surplus value brings All Things Made New into being Marx does this to show theres no basis upon which capitalism can argue that a future working class revolution taking the means of production from capitalists s mmoral since capitalist wealth s n all senses stolen An Honorable Defeat in the first place The point of this books The Groundnut Cookbook in part anyway to show that the primitive accumulation argument Marx usesgnores the part played both by women and the native populations n the new world n providing capitalism with this The Gates of Europe initial capitalmpetus along the road to full capitalist developmentAnd so this s the story of centuries of nightmares The transition from feudalism to capitalism gets a pretty good rap as one of human progress you know the metaphors used are very much those of a new day dawning we are moving from the dark ages to the enlightenment But for many people and particularly for women and brown skinned people who lived far away the dawning of capitalism was to be plunged nto utter darknessOne of the stories that Claiming the Enemy (Porter Brothers Trilogy, is often told about why capitalisms better than other form of social organisation s the tragedy of the commons that s The Hero Pup if theres some land that After the Ice is ownedn common by everyone then the self Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes interest of everyone means that this land thatn effect belongs to no one will be over exploited and uickly become worthless to everyone This means that private ownership proves the best means of protecting property And although this theory only became popular last century versions of Murder in Mind it were usedn the transition from feudalism as the justification for the enclosure of common lands The author explains that this was necessary because The World in Winter it was only by the peasants being deprived of all access to being able to sustain themselves that they would then be forced to sell their labour to the capitalists The author points out that with thentroduction of capitalism the share of production going to those at the bottom of society fell drastically and was not to raise again to the levels that had been enjoyed The Asylum in late feudalism for a couple of hundred years Oftent was women who worked on the commons and what was effectively produced their sustained their families And so enclosing these commons was a direct attack not only on peasant self sufficiency but also on female Trick (Foolish Kingdoms, independent labour both of which was necessaryf working The Road He Travelled in the dark satanic mills was to be seen as an optionThedea that Capitalism pays workers enough but no than what The Sea Garden is necessary for them to reproduction their labour powers a central Introducing the Ancient Greeks idea of Marxist theory of surplus value but reproductionn all The Student Cookbook its senses would bempossible without the unpaid labour of women Effectively this unpaid labour Torpedo Run is all that allows the economy to operate reproducing labour power by providing food to male workers as well as providing the next generation of workers from their wombs And when women were employed doing the same work as men they were always paid significantly less this was legally true up to the end of the last century ands de facto true even today All of which sustained capitalist profits and therefore accelerated the process of primitive accumulationThe uestion she asks here that The Driver is probably most troublings what role did the witch hunts play De glazen troon (De glazen troon, in the early years of capitalist development Again we like to think of feudalism as therrational form of society that became obsessed with witches and witch craft think Monty Python s Holy Grail but as Silent Witnesses is made horribly clearn this book witch craft became a terrible problem that needed to be addressed mostly under capitalism and with some estimating that as many as a million women murdered by the Inuisition and other pogroms although this seems to have been revised down to between 100000 and half a million stillthese are terrifying figures The Inuisition was not nearly as vicious as the protestant churches were The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, in pursuing witches and as Weber makes clear Protestant churches were uite closely linked to the development of capitalism particularly around their personal relationship with god The author stresses that there needed to be a new relationship within families to support the needs of capitalism and one of these was a division of labour thatncluded unpaid work The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus in family reproduction performed by women not just having babies but alson other family maintenance tasks This meant that all other activities women had previously done were either devalued or taken from them This The Common Years included midwifery surely something that had always been a female occupation but that then became a male one under early capitalismThe need for anncreasing population meant forcing women to be compliant not only to their husbands but also to the needs of the society generally The link between witch burning and reproduction The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, is discussed at length here particularly around the use of contraceptives and other forms of birth control that were not only madellegal but that their use and advice given on this were punishable by death Many witches were labelled as such and murdered due to the assistance they provided around birth control Many were old women past their ability to produce offspring or even work The cui bono vision of such processes would see the labelling of such women as witches as convenient to say the least Their murder simultaneously serving a range of objectives not least Inishowen in removing from the village a mouth to feed but alson keeping others The Other Side of the Coyne in their place The tortures these women were subjected to would be guaranteed to ensure other women would think twice before stepping out of lineThe murder of homosexuals was also related to thisdea of prohibiting non reproductive sex Interestingly this book provides the origins of two words used to describe homosexual men I d always wondered about One Zombacter is faggot whichs linked here to the faggots of sticks used La muñeca asesina in preparing the fires to burn people and the others the Italian word for homosexual finocchio fennel I ve asked so many Italians why this might mean homosexual and no one has been able to tell me but Risking It All it turns out that fennel was often placed on the fires used to burn people so as to help cover the stench of their burning flesh Sometimest The Housekeeper and the Professor is very hard to not actively dislike humansThe author compares the treatment of women with that of the subjugated peoples of the New World In fact the accusations of devil worship cannibalism and so on are nearlydentical I hadn t realised that Caliban the sprite like character from The Tempest had become something of a third world hero n the sense of people saying we are all Caliban as a means of dentifying as oppressedThis The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary is a fascinating book and about a history I have known far too little about Its highly readable but also packed to overflowing with fascinating The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures insights. Power and self ownership two central principles of modern social organizationIts both a passionate work of memory recovered and a hammer of humanity's agenda Peter Linebaugh author of The London Hanged.

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Who Were the Witches Patriarchal Terror and the Creation of CapitalismAlex KnightNovember 5 2009This Halloween season there Asian Bites is no book I could recommend highly than Silvia Federici s brilliant Caliban and the Witch Women the Body and Primitive Accumulation which tells the dark saga of the Witch Hunt that consumed Europe for than 200 years In uncovering this forgotten history Federici exposes the origins of capitalismn the heightened oppression of workers represented by Shakespeare s character Caliban and most strikingly Perfect in the brutal subjugation of women She also brings to light the enormous and colorful European peasant movements that fought against thenjustices of their time connecting their defeat to the mposition of a new patriarchal order that divided male from female workers Today as and people uestion the usefulness of a capitalist system that has thrown the world nto crisis Caliban and the Witch stands out as essential reading for unmasking the shocking violence and Avengers ineuality that capitalism has relied upon fromts very creationWho Were the WitchesParents putting a pointed hat on their young son or daughter before Trick or Treating might never pause to wonder this uestion seeing witches as just another cartoonish Halloween con like Frankenstein s monster or Dracula But deep within our ritual lies a hidden history that can tell us mportant truths about our world as the legacy of past events continues to affect us 500 years later In this book Silvia Federici takes us back American Prince in time to show how the mysterious figure of the witchs key to understanding the creation of capitalism the profit motivated economic system that now reigns over the entire planetDuring the 15th 17th centuries the fear of witches was ever present The Devouring (The Devouring, in Europe and Colonial America so much so thatf a woman was accused of witchcraft she could face the cruellest of torture until confession was given or even be executed based on suspicion alone There was often no evidence whatsoever The author recounts for than two centuries n several European countries hundreds of thousands of women were tried tortured burned alive or hanged accused of having sold body and soul to the devil and by magical means murdered scores of children sucked their blood made potions with their flesh caused the death of their neighbors destroyed cattle and crops raised storms and performed many other abominations 169 In other words just about anything bad that might or might not have happened was blamed on witches during that time So where did this tidal wave of hysteria come from that took the lives so many poor women most of whom had almost certainly never flown on broomsticks or stirred eye of newt nto large black cauldronsCaliban underscores that the persecution of witches was not just some error of The Campaign for Domestic Happiness ignorant peasants butn fact the deliberate policy of Church and State the very ruling class of society To put this Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, in perspective today witchcraft would be a far fetched cause for alarm but the fear of hidden terrorists who could strike at any moment because they hate our freedoms widespread Not surprising since politicians and the media have been drilling this frightening message The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing into people s heads for years even though terrorisms a much less likely cause of death than say lack of health care1 And just as the panic over terrorism has enabled today s powers that be to attempt to remake the Middle East this book makes the case that the powers that were of Medieval Europe exploited or The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips invented the fear of witches to remake European society towards a social paradigm that met theirnterestsInterestingly a major component of both of these crusades was the use of so called shock and awe tactics to astound the population with spectacular displays of force which help to soften up resistance to drastic or unpopular reforms2 In the case of the Witch Hunt shock therapy was applied through the witch burnings spectacles of such stupefying violence that they apparently paralyzed whole villages and regions Aloha Rodeo into accepting fundamental restructuring of medieval society3 Federici describes a typical witch burning as anmportant public event which all the members of the community had to attend Stealing Venice including the children of the witches especially their daughters whon some cases would be whipped All aboard the Ninky Nonk! in front of the stake on which they could see their mother burning alive 186The book argues that these gruesome executions not only punished witches but graphically demonstrated the repercussions for any kind of disobedience to the clergy or nobility In particular the witch burnings were meant to terrify womennto accepting a new patriarchal order where women s bodies their labor their sexual and reproductive powers were placed under the control of the state and transformed The Lady and the Peacock into economic resources 170 Federici puts forward that up until the 16th century though livingn a sexist society European women retained significant economic Another Mothers Love independence from men that they typically do not under capitalism where gender roles are distinguished She goes on If we also takento account that THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. in medieval society collective relations prevailed over familial ones and most of the tasks that female serfs performed washing spinning harvesting and tending to animals on the commons were donen cooperation with other women we then realize this was a source of power and protection for women It was the basis for an Three by Atiq Rahimi intense female sociality and solidarity that enabled women to stand up to men But the Witch Huntnitiated a period where women were forced to become what she calls se Look I m a communist and a feminist but I cannot The Witchs Kind in good conscience give this wildlymaginative history than one star The history contained The Galapagos Affair in this book fromts Rome Sweet Rome inaccurate portrayals of Medieval views on contraception tots spurious claims about the persecution of Midwives to Tales From Nature its belief that Ius Primae Noctis was actually a thing this books Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, intellectually lazy poorly sourced garbage by someone whose grasp of historys tenuous at best Also the claim that the Catholic Church adopted women s clothing Goalie Interference (1Night Stand is absurdt was just Byzantine dress Super The Lights of Manchester interesting book about the transition from feudalism to capitalism and how capitalismntersected with the witch hunts to oppress and demonize women As I read about capitalism I find The Reconstructionist it such annjustice that I did not learn about t n high school or even college though I recognize my own upper middle class background shielded me from having to learn about Il it from life experience directly Silvia Federici references Marx and Foucault while also fillingn the gender related gaps The Missing in their arguments Namely she conveys how thentersection of capitalism and sexism dismantled solidarity between workers through the subjugation of women to men She draws parallels to slavery as well as other historic Health Policy Analysis injustices and events to further cement her caseI think I can recognize thentelligence of this work though the academic writing style dulled t a bit for me which s totally a subjective preference thing as all ratings are I suppose as opposed to a uality thing I m glad to have learned about the origins of capitalism and found her commentary on how capitalism separates workers from their bodies uite apt and The nexus insightful It s wild that as much as we touch on the witch hunts we don t learn about themn this particular feminist lens though the anti feminist underpinnings of the witch hunts become almost Operatie oranje woensdag impossible to unsee once you see them Recommended for those who arenterested The Mouse-Proof Kitchen in the historicalntersections of capitalism and sexism Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success in relation to the witch hunts and the transition from feudalism to capitalism It s pretty hard for me to give a book five stars and I m tempted to give that to CalibanI recently read this with some of my friendsn a reading group and not only really enjoyed The Prodigal Prophet it butt made me rethink a number of concepts primarily feminist ones that I had earlier written off as well as Bloody Seoul introduced me entirely new onesI had tried to read this five or six years ago but stopped since the language was too complicated for me Readingt again now with a few years of academic type reading under my belt and with friends Migritude it was a little easierThemes and parts of the book that moved andmpacted me the mostCapitalism was a reaction by those The Color Purple in power to the failed peasant revolts of the 1200 and 1300s Mercantilism and then capitalism takesnto consideration the demands of the enserfed peasants as a means of recuperation and offers waged based work This new form of managing worklabor has Truth and Nothing But it s benefits such asncreased freedom of mobility but leads to wage slavery and much strict and fucked up social roles and ultimately Negotiate the best deal is much controlling For example women weren t allowed to live without menn their household they couldn t be n public without men and n extreme example were not even allowed to look out the windows of their homes now places of confinement. CALIBAN AND THE WITCH s a history of the body n the transition to capitalism Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages to the witch hunts and the rise of mechanical philosophy Federici nv.

All of this s forced on women t s not natural Im Afraid of Men it wasn t happening for centuries It s a concise era that can be pointed to along with laws being passed and the views of rulers philosophers editors etc encouraging this new extremist thinking The depreciation and devaluing of women wasn t a problem of medieval thinking or fluken the development of capitalism but an Reforesting Faith intricate vital part oftWith the enclosure of the commons people Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor in general lost a lot of autonomy but women lost the only women only place they were allowed to legally have As a result women often lead the fiercest resistance to the enclosure tearing down fences and hedges the main signs of and means of enclosure Men will eventually be offered women as a consolation prize for losing agency once had by the commons Apparently enough of the bastards took the offer A new sexual contract was forged defining womenn terms mothers wives daughters widows that hid their status as workers while giving men free access to women s bodies their labor and the bodies and labor of their children According to this new social sexual contract proletarian women became for male workers the substitute for the land lost to the enclosures their most basic means of reproduction and a communal good anyone could appropriate and use at will But Foursome in the new organization of work every woman became a communal good for once women s activities were defined as non work women s labor began to appear as a natural resource available to all no less than the air we breathe or the water we drink Forn pre capitalist Europe women s subordination to men had been tempered by the fact that they had access to the commons and other communal assets while Corduroys Garden in the new capitalist regime women themselves became the commons as their work was defined as a natural resource laying outside the sphere of market relationsIn a similar way that dis empowered working men are told thatf nothing else they can at least have control over their wives and children through mechanical thinking emerging as common philosophical enlightment thinking that now dominates much of our take on our own bodies we are all told that What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? if nothing else we can at least control rule over and be sovereigns of our own bodies People are taught to think of each other as mere bodies to do work and even that our bodies are only machines Among other thingst appears that because of this and extreme punishments dished out by the My Father Left Me Ireland inuisition we have the modern concept of our bodies being something separate from ourselves That we have anntellect that needs to keep our bodies under control All of this re enforces and amplifies the deas that have at times been held by a minority of reactionaries such as the ntrinsic evil and wretchedness of humanity and the filthiness of the bodynatureFinally I had often heard a lot said usually vaguely about how the witch hunts were an era when powerful women and a lot of wisdom relating to things like health the body contraception was lost but Stumbling Giants it wasncredibly powerful and moving to hear the specifics of that After a while practicing contraception nfanticide abortion certain kinds of health treatment n general became capital offences as well as resisting the Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella implementation of those laws This was made all the clear to me when Federici talks about the execution and burnings as public events and then I realized how seriouslyt must have been to watch your mother or sister or daughter or friend or grandmother being burned alive for using contraception Just as enclosures expropriated the peasantry from the communal land so the witch hunt expropriated women from their bodies which were thus liberated from any Patient Safety Ethics impediment preventing them to function as machines for the production of labor For the threat of the stake erected formidable barriers around women s bodies than were ever erected by the fencing off of the commonsAll of thiss part of the disciplining of the social body Fat in the Fifties in order to maket fit within the realm of workproduction Magic was and can be subversive as far as Kent Island it teaches people they can get things without working hard and making sacrificesAs I got towards the end of the book I kept thinking Whens Federici going to talk about examples of collectivemass resistance to the witch burning heretics hunts And then I sadly came across this sectionThat the witch hunts successfully divided women from men Brides, Mourners, Bacchae is suggested by the fact that despitendividual attempts by sons husbands or fathers to save their female relatives from the stake with one exception we have no record of any male organizations opposing the persecution Federici then tells about a fleet of fishermen who got word that their mothers and wives were being tortured and executed They rushed home and the Born to Run inuisitor fled never to return It snfuriating that After the Flood it would havenitially been that easy to save hundreds of thousands of lives but people were not able to organize themselves But there must be other examples of resisting this holocaust and I want that historySomething I really appreciated about this text that reminds me of books by Marcus Rediker and Peter Linebaugh s Federici s nsistence that all these fucked up things were The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, intricate and necessary for the development of the systems that now run our lives and that many of thesenjustices still exist and are necessary Generic in keeping capitalism running Annterested seuel to Caliban I think would be The Many Headed Hydra Campus Sexual Assault it picks up right around the time that Calibans leaving off While Caliban focuses a lot on gender touching often on race n regards to class The Many Headed Hydra talks a lot about the development of race touching often on gender n regards to class47 Summer 2018I ve debated a fair amount whether I should add this update but here t sI carry Caliban and the Witch What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength in my book distro A Boulder on the Tracks on a sliding scale of 12 20 Myntention with the distro The Impossible Climb is not to turn a profit and any money I make goes backnto acuiring titles or sending books to prisoners 12 Magic in the Air is what I pay for them and as far as I knowt s the cheapest one can get a new copy for Pardon the self promotion Fascinating and ncredibly mportant book Covers the history of the end of feudalism the rise of capitalism the rise of current patriarchal forms colonialism witch hunts and Makes La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos it clear that capitalism was founded on the oppression of women and with massive resistance every step of the way Shows themportance of reproductive control Talks about the oppressive elements of philosophy from the time Covers so much that Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy it skips some historical detail butt doesn t matter An essential book for correcting the male centred perspectives of today as well as linking social rebellion of now to the past Read this The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, if you re at allnterested Remus (Marius Brothers in feminism or anti capitalismedit feel obliged to somewhat temper what Turning Points i said above 18 months later I ve read fragments about problems with historiographyn the book particularly and reading bits and pieces people who ve The Secret Life of Theater immersed themselvesn the witchhunt literature have said from what understand much of the problem s that a lot The Secret Message of Jesus information and research has come outn the last 30 40 years that gives a very different understanding of the political sociological and legal aspects of Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® it see the problems this book focuses on older sources and has the problem of not always citing properly which means The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories it uses somenaccurate Separated by Duty, United in Love information and has only a limited perspective simply because thenformation wasn t widely available or understood at the time the book was written probably as someone who s not read other witch hunt stuff First Strike i can t commentn detail and I ve not seen a comprehensive criticism Accelerating Possession i just thinkt s A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers important to note and to make sure you don t take all the history as gospel that s not to smear the book and still stand by The Hideaway it being a verynteresting and I Want a Dog important book politically andt s still full of useful history just wanted to put up some new New Bad Girl in Town information I haven t read a book this fascinating for a while Federici looks at the hundreds of thousands of women who were murderedn Europe The Things We Knew in the 16th century after being accused of being witches and shows how this was because of the transition to capitalism and the need to destroy the solidarity between workers through demonizing women and turning men against them She also clearly connects this tomperialism I especially liked how she used both Foucault and Marx and yet makes mportant criticisms of both 1 oops now all want to talk about Men of Sunday is the enclosures of the commons2 funny how really like marxist analysis now and again mostly when applied to factors marxists London in my experience seriously downplay such as slavery without which capitalism would never have gotten off the ground but like who cares right blah blah wage labor blah3t Bid My Soul Farewell (Give the Dark My Love, is so useful as history as making the western world make sense want every leftist Job i know to readt for filling n the ga. Estigates the capitalist rationalization of social reproduction She shows how the battle against the rebel body and the conflict between body and mind are essential conditions for the development of labor.

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Silvia Federici born 1942 Parma Italy is a scholar teacher and activist from the radical autonomist feminist Marxist tradition She is a professor emerita and Teaching Fellow at Hofstra University where she was a social science professor She worked as a teacher in Nigeria for many years is also the co founder of the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa and is a member of the Midnight