Rick P. Rivera: A Fabricated Mexican

Very uick read Laughed a lot during this book It s funny to read such personal stories about my professor He s a great guy and amazing teacher I really did enjoy this book This book was a nice uick read I enjoyed the honest blunt descriptions of events and emotions presented by the author It also gave me an appreciation for the diversity and struggles people go through on the ourney of self revelation I was a little disappointed that I as the reader was not able to get to know any other characters except th. In a series of poignant vignettes Ricky Coronado takes us on his search for identity a search made difficult by the specter of his father's suicide and the pressures placed upon him by his strong willed

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Cence born and raised here The difficulty brought before many of us and ways we cope with our parents cultural ways and the ways we witness first hand here being second generation Hispanics our parents feel there still back in their native country and struggle to the american way But importantly Mr Rivera shows us that our trials and tribulations shall not be our brick wall in life and that you can surpass and over come any situation as long as the dedication and perseverance is there Great book for any ethnic. Own Buffalo adventures Ricky comes to the realization that generations of hyphenated Americans have reached the painful but rewarding creation of a new self that combines elements of both ethnic realities.

E main character A few characters were introduced that I began to care about I was left disappointed when there was no follow up I had to read this book years ago for one of my English classes My teacher wrote the book and I actually enjoyed reading it Its a fiction book that as a great story line of the Mexican and American Life It also contains Spanish throughout the book I thought that was interesting A Fabricated Mexican by Rick P Rivera is a great book to read It represents a majority of Hispanic adoles. Other uiet although mischievous the young boy reports on the antics of his close knit and often eccentric family In his ourney of self discovery that harkens to the pioneer work of Oscar Zeta Acosta's Br.