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Iting is superb and her unforgettable characters I thoroughly enjoyed this love story Renewing and re acuainting a love that was lost due to words unspoken and a loss of trust Both are stubborn and have a short rein This is a very well written love story with a good thought out story line At first I did not like Rupert I found him insensitive inconsiderate ungentlemanly and provoking Yes he inherited all that belonged to his best friend from him but there was no reason for him to move in Diana s former fianc e and best friends sister family home while he must have had plenty of money to rent or buy a home for himself When Diana and Rupert were engaged there were rumours of him having a mistress and a child when she asks him in a perfectly civil manner if there is some truth in the rumours he does not answer her and she breaks of their engagement So I found Diana had every right to be a little hostile towards Rupert I would have been Was Diana s behavior childisch No she acted civil mature and as an independend person all the time Around half way through the story Rupert rehabilitates himself somewhat and I could understand why Diana loved him still At the start of this 1902 English set novel Diana Sommerville returns from South Africa to di. His estate to his best friend Diana finds herself in a situation that seems scripted for the stage Sharing her family home with the man she used to love and now loathes Worse her unfaithful former fiancé has already moved inOR AN EXCELLENT FAKERupert Lacey didn't expect Diana to take the news without a fight Still he didn't expect her to bring the battle directly to their newly shared doorstep complete with a full set of trunk.

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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalleyWould have been better if it had some passion in both the anger and the love If felt lacking in everything really from the beginning Rupert was just mean and not caring what Diana is going through He got everything that Diana s brother would inherit when her father passed away and now bother her brotherJem was illed in the war in South Africa and then her father the year after Jem and finding out she has to deal with the man that she had loved and still does but has hated for years because of a misunderstanding is now living him her town house has Jem s half of the diamond mines the race horse housing and so much So she is all aover he place in her feelings and add him into the mix of daily life and his meanness towards her I had to re read sentences because they changed povs each one and I don t mind different peoples views but to have 3 with in 1 paragraph was getting me wanting to just skip and to gloss over it I managed to read most but the lack of passion just put me off this book or author not sure what yet since this is my first Jane Feather book It has been a while since I have read a Jane Feather Historical Romance and for the life of me I can t remember why I love her books Her wr. Three friends who met at an elite English boarding school take on the town and the ton one by one in this sparkling new series about love loss and lustrous gemstones from New York Times bestselling author Jane FeatherA FINE ROMANCEDiana Sommerville seems to have it all beauty brains and vast wealth thanks to her family's ownership of a diamond mine abroad But when her beloved brother dies in battle and leaves a lion's share of.

Scover that the London home she thought her recently dead soldier brother left to her alone was left to both her and to her former fianc Rupert Lacey Everyone in England thinks that the two married while in South Africa and they decide to pretend it is true because stubbornly neither wishes to give up the house to the other Rupert subverted everything she tried to do to assert herself her own control of events He made her feel like an obstinate child in the throes of a tantrum Kindle Loc 1363 Both of these statements felt only too true to this reader Rupert is controlling and obnoxious dealing out punishing Mom and Me kisses and upbraiding Diana for jilting him because he wouldn t tell her the truth behind gossip she had heard while Diana swans about and is thwarted at every turn mostly because she s TSTL And of course the twoeep falling into bedThe sexual politics here are not at all amusing even though they are meant to beI give you fair warning Rupert Lacey that I shall never hesitate to ask you anything I want to and if you don t give me a proper answer I shall withhold my favors So there 2294Oh mercy me Diana murmured What s a poor maiden to doExactly what she s told Rupert responded smartly 2464Old Skool romance published in 2018 Save us please. S and a full set of orders to the staff Yet there she is bold regalmagnificent as ever Now they would face a formidable challenge to ignore each other and the unanswered uestions that stood between them The only sure thing is their still blazing desire But with a woman like Diana it will take nothing less than a momentous misunderstanding a missing prized mare and a shocking revelation to restore a love that hasn't lost its shi.

Jane Robotham was born on 1945 in Cairo Egypt where her British parents were stationated She grew up in New Forest in the south of England She earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Studies from Oxford University In 1978 she her husband and their three children moved to New Jersey There she worked as a social worker She began writing in 1981 after another move this time to Washingt