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TW Anxiety Depression Suicide Rape Abuse Self harmRating 5 starsPlot 1010Characters 1010Enjoyment 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000010WOW All The Things We Never Said was freaking amazing and talked about so many topics that I don t get to read an awful lot I loved that it told the story of three teenaged girls dealing with completely different things Cara is in wheelchair because of an accident and has an overprotective mum Olivia is living in the same house as her rapist and is also mentally nstable and lastly we have Mehreen she has anxiety and depression and has a family that she feels ignored by These three girls all sign p to a website that allocates them a method of suicide and suicide partners the girls are paired together and start becoming extremely close and soon want out of the suicide pact but the website wont let themThe plot of this story was absolutely amazing and full of twists and turns The plot was never boring and was extremely fast pace which is what I love Like I already said I love that this was told in multiple points of view so we got to see the story through three completely different yet so similar people I loved the characters and I actually didn t have a favourite I loved them all eually The three girls personality s were all completely different Mehreen was really smart and an amazing artist Cara was the headstrong girl who was never afraid of getting into a fight and sometimes because she s so headstrong she would say the wrong thing that would offend people Lastly Olivia was basically the rich posh popular girl with an amazing fashion sense Overall I LOVED THIS BOOK It needs a lot recognition and I would definitely recommend this book that deals with mental health and friendshipByeeee Really hurtful ableism for people wih invisible disabilities Goes so far as to make fun of them Thanks Disclaimer I receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAnxiety and depression are illnesses right Not everyone accepts that but it s scientifically correct So anxiety is making you feel like this and depression is making you want to do this The thing with mental illness is that it dominates your mind pushes out everything that was originally there So you could argue that it s not you making this decision it s the anxiety and depression Or your Chaos Reading books on mental health is such an important read It raises awareness on mental health gives reader an nderstanding of how people deal with it in a way how people can help and see trigger warnings of people who suffers from it I believe all of The Ascent of Man us have demons in our heads that messes around withs but each individual deals with it differently All The Things We Never said is one of the books that was written so raw honest no filter beautiful but heartbreaking The issues the girls deals with are real their attitude and personality reflect back to The Grand Sophy us in real life All ofs in some ways can relate to these issues and nderstand the pain and sufferingWe get 3 POV in the book It is a much needed POV It shows even though we all go through something different we deal with it different the depression anxiety demons in our head suicidal thoughts and everything but in a way all of it feels the same We get different personality from 3 POV with culture differences different issues from depression anxiety sexual abuse grief but they all share a common suicidal thoughts I don t want to spoil anything But through the website that help them to decide their own fate of deaths you will see the journey they go through and how it shows communication finding your own voice and bravery. 16 year old Mehreen Miah's anxiety and depression or 'Chaos' as she calls it has taken over her life to the point where she can't bear it any So she joins MementoMori a website that matches people with partners and allocates them a date and method of death 'the pact' Mehreen is paired with Cara Saunders and Olivia Castleton two strangers dealing with their own serious issues As they

Is a big part of the girls journey Through the storyline you can see the irony of how they try to comfort each other of their own problems but in a way it s parallel of how if they try to accept the help they are receiving the same as they are trying to give to the other girls I think it shows how that is s as humans we try to help others but we don t want to accept the help from others because of fear and We also see bits of the girl s family or especially their mothers Their relationship with them and how their mother s have their own problems but they too deal with it differently The way they communicate or trying to help their daughters are too different It is honestly heartbreaking because we all know our mothers try their best to be the absolute best for their children but they too have their flaws Towards the end where something big happens I couldn t take it The emotion felt so real the situation felt so real and the pain it felt like I could feel it but in honest fact the person who was dealing with it definitely feels much worse It reflects back to reality how many of s feel that way and wishes all of it could go away Being brave and finding the strength to voice our feelings thoughts take such a big step But that step could change everything Whoever you are wherever you are in the world whatever pain you are dealing with there is help Talk to your family friends or professional help or just someone you could trust and am comfortable with There is so many solutions it might not be easy but help will always be there to help The pain might never go away but in those hard times there will be love and comfort when we have somebody to go through it withAll The Things We Never Said is another mental health awareness book that is important to be read by everyone to nderstand the issues and someone we can help or to know we are not going through it aloneI never imaged I d be standing here feeling as content as I do right now That s all down to you and the people you ve brought into my life I ve realised that things will be hard There will be many tests and hardships in life But I ve also learned that I can survive it I have survived it and I will continue to survive it All the Things We Never Said is freaking amazing This book has multiple POVs and I find it very interesting because I really like books with multiple POVsThis book is about three girls who are dealing with depression and anxiety Life seems too much for them Especially Mehreen She s the main focus in this book I suppose Mehreen is sixteen years old She has depression and anxiety that taken over her life One day she signed Harveys Revised English Grammar up for the suicide website called MementoMori a website that matches people with partners and allocates them a date and method of death This is where she met Cara and Olivia who happened to dealing with their own serious issues and think that ending their lives could solve all the problemsMehreen Cara and Olivia were trying to follow all the instructions from the website They will need to do this and that to complete the task As they did all the things together they built their friendship and things started to changeThese three girls have their own issues with their family Mehreen with her anxiety and depression and she named it as chaos Cara is blaming herself for her father s death while Olivia is suffering from the things that happened to her when she was fifteen They talked to each other about their issues But none of them are brave enough to speakp about how they feel to their family All the things they never said are just eating them out The concept of this book is something I was look. Ecretly meet over the coming days Mehreen develops a strong bond with Cara and Olivia the only people who seem to nderstand what she's going through But ironically the thing that brought them together to commit suicide has also created a mutually supportive friendship that makes them realise that with the right help life is worth living It's not long before all three want out of the.

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Ing for and I loved how this book focuses on family and friendship The writing is so good and beautiful I liked it when I feel those three girls are really close to me Like I know them for so long and I just don t wanna let them go I ve been laughing cussing and almost cried for them There s no romance part in this book and I feel okay about it because the main focus was on Mehreen Cara and Olivia The very important thing I learned about this book is don t be scared to voice out Just find your voice Be brave and do what you gotta doThe ending of this book was just perfect Overall it was an amazing read for me because I didn t expect it to be this good Highly recommend Keep an eye on this author Disclaimer Thanks Pansing for sending me a copy of All The Things We Never Said This book will be available July 2019 onwards I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All The Things We Never Said tells the story of three girls Mehreen Olivia and Cara as they struggle to cope with what life has thrown at them forming a pact to commit suicide after meeting in an online forum After forming a strong bond and realising they have so much to live for the girls decide they want out of the pact But the forum has other plans and starts playing the girls off against each other in order to reach its ltimate goal I thought this was a rather niue contemporary with a lot going for it It never shys away from presenting a variety of mental health disability and religious view points presenting information in such a way that I found to be respectful and highly researched In particular I appreciated Mehreen s character and her Muslim background It s an intrinsic part of her life and feels important yet is never overly done It feels right for the character and I enjoyed the different perspective I also enjoyed Cara s chapters as she delves deeply into what it s like to be a wheelchair ser following a car accident Her chapters in particular are rather heavy going at times with a lot of reflection on depression and feeling helpless but again I think the author handles the topic well minus the comments about invisible illnesses and the dismissing of them as less than compared to real disabilities However I found Cara s voice to never feel false but like an honest reflection on what depression can be like I wish YA books dealt with topics like this because I know as a younger teen I would have appreciated someone else s perspectives on what it is to feel like this Olivia s chapters I didn t enjoy as much if only because of the format Her chapters are written in verse and to me disrupted the otherwise steady pacing and flow of the story I could have done without it although again I truly appreciate the subject matter sexual abuse and the sensitive handling of it The book really flourishes nder the friendship of these three characters and it was delightful to watch their relationships grow organically over the course of the book The ability to bring hope and joy to another individual is played out well here and is only enhanced by how well the characters are developed All three really channel a lot of emotional depth throughout the novel and are wonderfully complex in nature The interweaving of their personal stories within a sort of mystery setting is also decidedly niue in concept with the overall threat of the Internet forum propelling the narrative forward The ending feels slightly ambiguous but I can accept that given how much the girls change and develop over the novel as a whole Diverse hard hitting YA that s heavy going at times but definitely worth it for the messages it carries. Pact But in a terrifying twist of fate the website won't let them stop and an increasingly sinister game begins with MementoMori playing the girls off against each other A pact is a pact after all In this powerful debut written in three points of view Yasmin Rahman has created a moving poignant novel celebrating life ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER SAID is about friendship strength and surviv.

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