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Nice book to read to try to make the best of your attitude at work Some tips on how to make the most of your emotions I especially to apply it to work culture Excellent resource for workplace communication Balances hard science with a firm but gentle tone Includes lots of illustrations to enhance the message and brighten the mood The book is definitely focused on intra office communication centered almost entirely on corporate workspaces at the exclusion of customer facing enterprises Many of the strategies inside are YMMV if you work a customer service job Spotted this as a new release and thought it would be an interesting read I had a performance review and training not long ago and so that was still fresh in my mind as I thought this would be a good read and was curious to know what the authors had a sayThe book is a good overview on what emo Terrific topic and well researched but too much ground to cover in a book this length It s basically a literature review of the entire field of emotions at work I d have gotten value out of greater depth in a few key sub topicsExcerpts I m stashing for laterDon t extend the logic of the workplace into your time off Many people are overly enthusiastic about optimizing free time Stop falling into the type A trap of compulsively making your hobbies work than work If you love to play piano don t force yourself to practice for thirty minutes at precisely 800 PM every weeknight and then beat yourself p when you miss a day Studies show when we mathematize our experiences by tracking our steps or measuring miles hiked we don t enjoy them as much We The Best Man in Texas usually describe ourselves as happy when we get than we already had or when we find out we are a little better off than those arounds Neither of these are permanent states Contentedness on the other hand can be emotionally stable The most content people craft their The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, ups and downs into redemption stories something bad happened but something good resulted The pressure to be perky is so great that the National Labor Review Board ruled employers cannot. The modern workplace can be an emotional minefield filled with confusing power structures andnwritten rules We're expected to be authentic but not too authentic Professional but not stiff Friendly but not an oversharerAs organizational consultants and regular people we know what it's like to experience ncomfortable emotions at work everyth.

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Force employees to always be cheerful we re guessing a lot of employees sulked in satisfaction after the ruling A better version of the familiar adage Grin and bear it may be Sometimes you have to bear it but you shouldn t force yourself to grin When we try to suppress our sadness disappointment or anger we are likely to feel those same emotions A survey that asked people to rate how strongly they agreed with statements such as I tell myself I shouldn t be feeling the way that I m feeling revealed that those who felt bad about feeling bad had lower well being than their self accepting peers You will feel a lot better about leaving at a reasonable hour or taking vacation if you know you re doing a good job in fact high performers take almost twice as much vacation as their colleagues And the first step to feeling confident is to figure out your boss s priorities Working on the right thing is probably important than working hard notes Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake How can you ask for guidance without looking incompetent If you re not sure whether the launch email or report draft is pressing don t tell your boss you re confused Instead create a list of the big items on your plate and rank them in order of importance Then take this list to your manager and ask her to confirm your prioritization You can say something like Here s what I m working on this week Is there anything you would like me to prioritize differently LIZ My favorite magic moment story comes from Maurice Sendak who wrote and illustrated Where the Wild Things Are One day Sendak received a letter with a charming little drawing on it from a boy named Jim In return Sendak drew a Wild Thing on a card and sent it to the boy A few weeks later he received a letter from Jim s mother that said Jim loved your card so much he ate it That to me was one of the highest compliments I ve ever received Sendak recalled He saw it he loved it he ate it When faced with the choice of doing nothing or receiving painful electric shocks the average person shocked themselves five times Sometime. Ing from mild jealousy and insecurity to panic and rage Ignoring or suppressing what you feel hurts your health and productivity but so does letting your emotions run wildIn this book we'll help you figure out which emotions to toss which to keep to yourself and which to express in order to be both happier and effective We'll share the latest.

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S being close with our colleagues can leave s emotionally exhausted Managing relationships we care about while giving critical feedback or rushing to meet deadlines takes effort Talk to anyone who has worked at a startup where coworkers describe themselves as a family and you ll inevitably hear how tiring it can be Though we tend to be drawn to the status Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way uo research shows change might makes happier In an experiment Freakonomics author Steven Levitt invited people who were on the fence about a major life decision like A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities of a Leader uitting a job or ending a relationship to let a coin toss determine their fate Heads meant make a change Tails meant stick with the statuso Six months after the coin toss people who got heads who made a change were happier People may be excessively cautious when facing life changing choices writes Levitt MOLLIE This might be the most lucrative advice we will give you If you re asking for money either for your starting salary in a new job or for a raise at your existing job try this magic line I don t want my salary to be a distraction to me while I m in this role I have sed this sentence to successfully raise my starting salary at several jobs By saying you don t want your salary to be a distraction ie distractingly low you are stating a fact that both you and the other person believe to be true You are having empathy for both yourself and the other party They also don t want you to be distracted Former Campbell Soup CEO Doug Conant would give people he worked with a DRC Doug R Conant orientation he would explain that he was an introvert and how that affected his work style This helped him ickly get beyond all the little superficial dances people do when they first start working with each other I ve been reading this book off and on at work which I think I heard about on the Get Booked podcast Helpful advice for dealing with emotions of others Taming the Demon (Demon Blade using your own emotions as a tool for decision making and The first idea I want to apply isser manuals where people get to share their perspective of how they thinkwork. Research and helpful tips and reveal the surprising reason why you'll actually be healthier and focused if you're less passionate about your jobDrawing on what we've learned from behavioural economics psychology and our own experiences at countless organizations we'll show you how to bring your best self and your whole self to work every day.