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R was 26 years old Her parents were gone and her husband Gregor was fighting on the front lines of WWII Rosa was living in the country with her in laws She was a German but had never been a Nazis Rosa was one of ten women employed to taste Fuhrer s food to ensure it had not been poisoned against her will EAT UP eat it all Wait an hour live or die There were constant rumors that the British were out to poison Hitler The women had plenty of food veggies with either rice or noodles as Hitler was a vegetarian but each bite from the women was mixed with fear They were victims and privileged They ate to stay alive They were supporting keeping alive the man everyone wanted dead Fear guilt shame catatonic nbearable grief horror rape loss hunger secrets remorse survival forgiveness loveare some of many reasons why Rosa couldn t tell even her husband Gregor when the war ended that she worked for Hitler she couldn t confessed to her husband that she had trusted and loved a Nazi Lieutenant The past doesn t go away but there s no need to dredge it Descent into Chaos up you can try to let it rest hold your peace The one thing I ve learned from life is survival Written with tenderness and compassionThe characters were so realFascinating and repugnant Margot Woelk s tells her story Photos of her before she died at age 96 can be found by googling her name Rosella Postorino writes an impressively researched blend of historical fact and fiction in this translated novel already an Italian bestseller It is inspired by the late in life interview and revelations of Margot Wolk of hernusual wartime role as a food taster for Hitler In 1943 it was becoming increasingly clear that Germany were nlikely to win the war Hitler was feeling increasingly hemmed in and paranoid with his growing number of enemies living in his hidden secure and well guarded headuarters at Wolfschanze Wolf s Lair With her parents dead 26 year old Rosa Sauer escapes the Allied bombardment of Berlin to her husband Gregor s parents rural abode where she stands out like a sore thumb as a rban dweller However safety is the last thing she gets when she is recruited by the SS to be part of a group of women who are to taste all Hitler s meals to ensure he does not get poisoned whilst The Icarus Girl under the gaze of the well armed soldiersThere is an inherent contradiction in Rosa s role on the one hand she eats well in comparison to other Germans facing starvation but on the other hand there is the fear of livingnder constant threat of playing a version of Russian roulette where each meal may be her last one She is not a member of the Nazi party but she is playing the role of collaborator in ensuring that Hitler continues to live She faces a number of moral dilemmas but has chosen to do whatever it takes to survive selecting to remain blind and ignorant to what has been happening nder Nazi rule and the horrors perpetrated by them Insights are provided into the group of women tasters the simmering conflicts strains and tensions between the regime loyalists and those who are critical the abuse the women face and the relationships that are formed between themThis is a story of guilt shame love fear and secrets of what life was like for many ordinary Germans the difficulties of speaking out the moral ambiguities of being at war and the repercussions of WW2 on those who survived Rosa can be a hard woman to empathise with her emotional coldness and distance and her decisions and behaviour hard to nderstand This is a dark disturbing and nsettling read an ncomfortable rendering of how human beings can behave when living Marie Antoinette under the pressures of war where thenacceptable becomes all too normal The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics under a murderous heavily controlling Nazi regime This is a beautifully written novel but anneven read which paints a intensely chilling picture of WW2 and its fallout Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC For all reviews and recommendations and links to article and video please follow me on Book Nation by Jen to Google coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world Eating together and eating at all is Programming in Objective C usually considered a good thing but after reading Rosella Postorino s latest novel you may just change your mindBased on truth At the Wolf s Table is about a group of German women in 1943 who are recruited by the Nazis to taste Hitler s food before each meal to ensure it to be poison free As food becomes scarce and people are going hungry these women are shuttled to the Wolf s Lair A fascinating novel following a young woman named Rosa Sauer who is selected to be one of Hitler s food tasters She and nine other women must eat his meals before he does then wait to see if the food is poisoned Throughout the book we get to know the women some who are absolutely devoted to Hitler and others like our main character Rosa who resolutely insist they are not Nazis even as they risk their own lives for his multiple times a day Not that they have much say in the matter of courseThis was a different perspective to familiar events and one I really valued reading I loved the ending the way things were and weren t tiedp The final page will stay with me for Beyond Band of Brothers uite a while I thinkThe novel was inspired by the true story of Margot Wolk The author read an article about her and was inspired to write this novel I m glad she did and thankful it was translated into English from the Italian by Leah Janeczko which allowed me to be able to read it First I want to thank the Publisher of the book Flatiron for providing me with a copyThe book is a must must read because of one of the most powerful story I have personally ever read I didn t know what the Wolf meant before reading the book I just read the book because of the best selling author Rosella PastorinoShe is the icon of writting excellent and powerful books that stay and make you think for than a whileThe wolf is a nickname for Hitler the book starts with Margot W lk the book is also written on the true story based on herI could not believe at first that this happened for real I mean yes the story was just as if someone really experienced it but who would survive such as what Margot experienced and she still had faith in living I wish no person her fate of live but in the end she was a winner and not her keeperA story of someone s life being not just controlled but and played with every step she has to deal about all these people who don t care if she lives or diesIt was so hard not tonderstand but to think and realise that this was her story she Margot was a real hero in that and this time that deserves to be rememberedThe author describes the story with so much passion and dosen t hesitate to write such Fear comes to me three times a day always without knocking It sits beside me and if I stand p it follows me by now it s practically a constant companion World War II Death could arrive at any moment particularly when your city is being targeted by enemy bombers In a way a sudden violent end becomes the expectation One to be avoided if at all possible of course Rosa Sauer flees the Allied bombing of Berlin in Autumn 1943 Though married her husband had joined the army She goes to stay with her in laws in the town of East Partsch in East Prussia But in a classic case of out of the frying pan into the fire she finds herself in a situation every bit as perilous as the threat she had fled Soon after her arrival members of the SS arrive at her in laws house and inform Rosa that she has been selected to serve her country in a most nusual manner It seems the Fuehrer s base of opera. Away fighting on the front lines of WWII Impoverished and alone she makes the fateful decision to leave war torn Berlin to live with her in laws in the countryside thinking she'll find refuge there But one morning the SS come to tell her she has been conscripted to be one of Hitler's tasters three times a day she and nine other women go to his secret headuarters the Wolf's Lair to eat his meals before he does Forced to eat what might kill them the tasters.

35 stars rounded down Didn t follow through with what was promised Let s talk about the pace of this book first It was a slow start It took me 140 pages all of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2 to emotionally connect with Rosa Given that the book is only 275 pages that s a significant amount of time spent on building Rosa s moral struggle without being exposed to it I m not sure how to describe the content of this book It narrates the victimhood of members within the Third Reich but never truly exposes the darkness of it Maybe that s what s bothersome the fear and isolation of being caught in this profound moral dilemma are held at arm s length Postorino never fully delves into it And though her writing is so lyrical and vivid that you can The Year of Living Biblically uite literally picture the scene she s depicting you can t attune your emotions to match Rosa struggles with her disassociation from humanity She s too fearful to standp for what is right and then condemns those who do the same It s a horrible paradox that choosing the right thing is basically choosing death And yet to continue living is in fact a death of its own Because one must live with the deep conseuence of not making the right decision Which leads me to the end of the book I found it a cop out It followed the very behavior of Rosa s cowardice which was to run away Part 3 seemed written as an afterthought or by an entirely different author It didn t even have the same rhythm as parts 1 and 2 And it lacked any form of wisdom In fact it was petty in nature This is hard This subject is so pivotal within human history that anything stemming from it can t be taken casually I think the perspective was fresh and I remain respectful to Margot Wolk whom this was loosely based off of but the thoroughness lackedThank you to Flatiron for the advanced copy Germany WWll There were plenty of people who wanted Hitler dead One of the ways they tried to protect their leader was to have women assigned to be food tasters Hitler was convinced that the British were trying to poison him so he hired 10 women to eat every meal one hour before he did This book is much than just food tasting This is a well researched historical fiction based on war time experiences The book is based loosely on the real life story of Margot Wolk who was one of Hitlers food tasters for several years As well as tasting the food they were observed for one hour after they had eaten This book was originally released in 2017 written in Italian and called At The Wolf s Table The book has been translated from Italian into EnglishI would like to thank Netgalley HarperCollins UK HarperFiction and the author Rosella Postorino for my ARC in exchange for an honest review The Women at Hitler s Table is UK title This excellent book is based on the true story of Margot Wolk who died in 2014 aged 96 the last of Hitlers poison testers The central character is Rosa Sauer the place is Wolfsschanze the Wolf s Lair in East Prussia where 10 disparate women become test animals or digestive tracts as Hitlers paranoia extends to concern that his food may be poisoned Rosa from Berlin is married to Gregor who is at the front and so she goes to live with his parents in E Prussia her own being dead There she is rounded p to become a taster Rosa tells her story from her early life in Berlin where Germans were licking their defeated war wounds and suffering from the revengeful Treaty of Versailles through to hyperinflation and the rise of Hitler and then to the war years and defeat Rosa makes it clear she is not a Nazi but yet the war makes her collaborative through force but she even becomes the lover of an SS Officer and that is choice The story is so well told with the writing flowing extremely well The style is simplistic but it works very well as it matches what Rosa is reporting Part of the story is told through food and we learn a lot of things I probably rather wouldn t about Hitlers digestive tract Some of the women are ardent Hitler supporters they see him as the messiah and would marry him if they could the group called them The Fanatics Ardent and fanatical Nazism is well described and the novel weaves real events and real people into the narrative For example Rosa meets Claus von Stauffenberg and his plot to kill Hitler is included A few of the girls like Rosa are there because they are forced to be and they go through the motions in order to survive Some of these women support each other through the hardships Rosa s personality is changed by her experiences and when her husband goes missing from the Eastern Front and is presumed dead she becomes very detached feels nothing and cares little if she lives or dies I think that there are many occasions when Rosa buries her head in the sand preferring not to know the truth of what is going on she shuts down and never asks estions preferring ignorance I found this hard although I know it s true and I felt a real jolt when she talks of dictatorship and how they had no alternative which becomes her alibi She like many others sleep walk through these years for a variety of reasons There are many things I admired about this book I found it very easy to read and horribly fascinating However I am ncertain about the final part and the jump in time to 1990 Although this section did tie p some loose ends I think the writing in this section is not as effortless as the rest I do nderstand Rosa s motives for survival lie in letting things rest and I m certain that is how many went on to cope post 1945 Overall I think this is an excellent book and I m glad I got the chance to read itMany thanks to Harper Collins for the chance to read this book Thank you to Flatiron Books for mailing me the advance copy of At The Wolf s Table by the international best selling author Rosella Postorino This book was selling like hot cakes in Italy when it was first released and soon Postorino was one of five nominees for the literature Campiello Prize THIS BOOK WILL BE RELEASED IN STORES IN THE US in January 2019 Rosella is also an editor She speaks Italian French German and English This is her first novel translated into English This is a story that in part I was familiar with from having read The Taster by VS Alexander last year Both books historical fiction are haunting chilling hard to image yet was imaginable from both author s vivid storytelling I learned fascinating information from THIS BOOK than The Taster yet both books are absorbing and well researched I ll soon explain the But first I to comment on Rosella Postorino s writingwhich is so intimate I can almost image that she s a painter Her descriptions are simplistic I mean that in the most complementary way so clearly visual I can see and feel everything she writes easily Rosella doesn t waste any time diving into the heart of the story Perhaps being an editor gives her an advantage skillI ve no ideabut her writing was almost invisible Is that possible Writers help me out I m not sure what I m talking about here a readernot a writer I just know her STORY FLOWED EFFORTLESSLYFrom the first page to the lastI was in the zone the readers ZONE The pure joy of reading an interesting story Kudos to author Postorino The MORE that I learned from reading this bookThe inspiration for this story came from the real person named Margot W lk Margot died at age 96 She was one of Hitler s tasterslast SURVIVING taster In 2014 she told a Berlin TV channel about her experiences THE FIRST TIME EVER sharing those devastating years Later that same year at age 96 she died Rosella Postorino s story begins in Germany 1943 Rosa Sauce. The internationally bestselling novel based on the ntold true story of the women conscripted to be Hitler's food tasters They called it the Wolfsschanze the Wolf's Lair 'Wolf' was his nickname As hapless as Little Red Riding Hood I had ended p in his belly A legion of hunters was out looking for him and to get him in their grips they would gladly slay me as wellGermany 1943 Twenty six year old Rosa Sauer's parents are gone and her husband Gregor is far.

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Tions Wolfsschanze aka The Wolf s Lair now Parcz Poland is only a few miles away and among his other psychiatric challenges he is terrified that his food might be poisoned Well maybe not so crazy about fearing assassination She will be one of fifteen young women drafted to become Hitler s food tasters The pside of course is that she will be eating much better than most Germans The downside is wellyou know Rosella Postorino image from Globalist In the beginning the story alternates between her experience as a taster and the time immediately leading The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species up to that We get a look at Rosa s personal history and some of the events in Germany There is a dark tale of 1933 book burnings led by Goebbels that seemed even a bit much for his own followers It is particularly chilling Most of the story is about the interactions among the women forced into this job Guess all the men were too scared They run a gamut with a few Hitlerian true believers among thesual range of humanity represented there telling dark racist tales that the eagerly gullible relish as wantonly as fans of InfoWars do today with about as much basis in reality There are perils this forced sisterhood face together including mistreatment by the guards and being forced to remain in the facility all the time instead of being bussed back and forth between home and work after a failed assassination attempt on you know who We learn some of the tasters secrets and see their relationships evolve with the impact of shared misery Rosa becomes friends with one taster who is shielding a particularly large piece of information When she is generous with a younger taster the others give her a hard time about it as if generosity were somehow a sign of weakness Their relationships with the guards get complicated Are they on the same team Or are they prisoners There is considerable sexual tension as well During the time when the tasters are still able to live outside the compound Rosa is befriended by a local Baroness eager for conversation with an educated if ntitled woman from Berlin Attending gatherings at the Baroness s place comes with complications of its own And there is the ever present need to make the most of a bad situation Margot W lk at 95 image from Der SpiegelRosa is a thoughtful Virgil leading s through this particular ring of hell offering consideration of Tono Bungay underlying moralestions Why for some time now had I found myself in places I didn t want to be in and acuiesced and didn t rebel and continued to survive whenever someone was taken from me The ability to adapt is human beings greatest resource but the I adapted the less human I felt She must cope with the probable loss of her husband reported MIA Is he gone Should she hold out hope or accede to the likelihood of his demise When push comes to shoot will you find yourself on the flat or pointed end of the bullet Will you be able to decide for yourself or will you leave it to others to decide for you I could have known about the mass graves about the Jews who lay prone huddled together waiting for the shot to the back of the head could have known about the earth shoveled onto their backs and the wood ash and calcium hypochlorite so they wouldn t stink about the new layer of Jews who would lie down on the corpses and offer the backs of their heads in turn I could have known about the children picked Magical Sweet Mermaid up by the hair and shot about the kilometer long lines of Jews or Russians They re Asian they re not likes ready to fall into the graves or climb onto trucks to be gassed with carbon monoxide I could have learned about it before the end of the war I could have asked I but I was afraid and couldn t speak and didn t want to know Pastorino offers The Choice up some darkly comical tidbits about the not so fearless leader including reference to his considerable problem with flatulence I can only imagine what Mel Brooks would have done with that being afraid to go to sleep becoming a vegetarian after visiting a slaughterhouse keeping his aidesp all night regaling them with stories the late nights rich with Hitler humiliating his staff at length which sounds ncomfortably familiar They appeared to enjoy being the focus of his dark attention like sycophants today We learn that Eva Braun hated Blondi the singing German Shepherd that Adolph doted on And for all you white nationalists out there you will also learn the proper way to deliver a Nazi saluteMargot W lk is the actual person on whom Rosa Sauer was based W lk was interviewed on the occasion of her 95th birthday in 2012 links in EXTRA STUFF Postorino happened cross the article in 2014 and thought it ideal subject matter for a novel throwing together issues of daily mortal terror sacrifice adaptation destiny love survival and guilt Trying to relate to this person whose life was so different from her own Postorino gave her characteristics of herself a particular appreciation for clothes vanity chattiness her hair color and her name Margot W lk in 1931 image from BZ BerlinAnother novel about Frau W lk by VS Alexander The Taster was published in the USA in 2018 a few weeks after Postorino s book was published in Italy Alexander s book was released later in the UK nder the title Her Hidden Life A weird coincidence but it seems likely that both were inspired by the same late life revelations by Frau W lk At the Wolf s Table originally published in 2018 in Italy was a big hit there winning the Premio Campiello Literary Prize The translation by Leah Janeczko is smooth It reads as if written by an English speaker My only gripe about the novel is that I found the romantic element less than persuasive The strength of this novel is in giving s a character we can feel for trying to survive in a time and place in which one s continued existence could not be presumed from day to day She is an intelligent feeling person who considers than just the sual externalities but offers an awareness of larger deeper considerations It also gives March Monthly Idea Book us a look at a little seen aspect of Nazi Germany a rare item indeed And finally it presents perspective while written by an Italian from a regular person German neither Nazi nor resistor Postorino has servedp a filling and delicious meal of a novel Bon AppetitReview posted February 1 2019Publication date USA January 29 2019 Italy January 11 2018EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s GR Twitter Instagram and FB pagesItems of Interest Polpettas Magazine In Conversation with Rosella Postorino by Margherita Visentini a very worthwhile interview with the author despite a less than perfect translation from Italian Reading Group Guide Revolvy a bio of Margot W lk with some detail on her pre taster life Spiegel Online Hitler s Food Taster One Bite Away from Death by Fabienne Hurst NY Times What if the Powerful and Paranoid Started Using Official Tasters Again by Ligaya Mishan Wiki on The Wolf s Lair Triumph of the Will Although I had seen clips of this I had never seen the entire film Have now The tasters among others are made to sit through it while at the compound Remarkable film making What a waste of talent in promoting such a dark cause During WWII there were many people who wanted to put an end to Hitler s reign of terror and as the tide began to turn against him in 1943 those tasked with keeping him safe had to come All We Ever Wanted up with every conceivable plan to ensure his continued leadership With this in mind every method by which his assassination could be carried out had to be covered This included ten women who were employed as Hitler s food tasters and this novel is loosely based on Margot W lk who died at the age of 96 Begin to divide into The Fanatics those loyal to Hitler and the women like Rosa who insist they aren't Nazis even as they risk their lives every day for Hitler'sAs secrets and resentments grow thisnlikely sisterhood reaches its own dramatic climax What's one of Rosa's SS guards has become dangerously familiar and the war is worsening outside As the months pass it becomes increasingly clear that Rosa and everyone she knows are on the wrong side of histo.

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