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L real enough that I ove you We need to talk about the sheer fucking power of the other main relationship in the book between Ksenia and Lexi Lexi is Ksenia and Josh s friend she s black has had a steady boyfriend and has grown up in a fairly stable environment To some degree she has historically been Josh s best friend But she also Belonging (Darkest Powers, loves and has alwaysoved Ksenia There is something very wonderful to me about the way in which this relationship is conveyed The reason Ksenia is willing to trust Lexi is because Lexi respects her boundaries and does not see her as a sexual object that s not anything Ksenia is willing or even able to give at this point The two of them Sylvan Summer Smart Workbook love each other as friends do and also asovers do but they re willing to fight for each other whether the other Sylvan Summer Smart Workbook loves them back or not And though they eventually self actualize and define how theyove each other they put each other s boundaries first Okay bear with me When Josh attempts to seduce Lexi into the faerie world there s a moment where she walks up Ksenia s stairs and tells her she s not afraid of what s inside and Ksenia subconsciously Rethinking Revolution lets her because Ksenia wants toet her in There s this one Your Naughty Playmate 2 - Succubus Fantasy line Lexi says to Ksenia during this scene that is just the most tender thing I ve read in my entireife and you don t even think they re going to be a thing at this point but I fully teared up It s a scene 50% of the way through and I am in Exploring Atlantis I love with it So there s that I think I tend to be really sensitive to the idea of saving yourself for another person orove solving personal problems Which is why I so deeply appreciate the degree to which the narrative works against romanticizing Ksenia s self sacrificing nature even when it is technically what saves the day Ksenia is someone who cares deeply about other people partially because she struggles to value herself on a deep Murder by the Book: The Crime That Shocked Dickens's London level and considers herself on aower Envisioning Black Colleges level than other people but this is written as a clear part of her characterization not as a factor of just how inove she is with Josh or with Lexi Like chef s kiss I also think using sapphic Toy Story 4 Deluxe Step Into Reading (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4) love as a force for good in anyiterature is on some Claimed by Aliens (Claimed level a revolutionary decision Even initerature of today ueerness is so often framed as baggage something that makes it harder to A Love Noire live a full and fulfillingife In this book ueerness is a pathway to subtextually identity and textually to healthy World Literature and Dissent love That is such a major shift But what s perhaps even meaningful about this book is that it ultimately decentralizes romance as a path to recovery while still emphasizing that anyone can come out alive from a traumatic past Ksenia and Josh spend much of this book in a toxic relationship that each believes will on someevel save Ksenia or fix her Josh s approach to Elizabeth Tanfield Carys History Of Edward II love is one tied in with ownership of identity with owning who Ksenia is as a person And without hitting you over the head while still allowing the audience to connect their own dots Never Contented Things subverts that narrative time and time again allowing its characters to grow without romanticove as a savior Look I know I ve gone on about this book for a very Comprehensive Dictionary of Psychoanalysis long time at this point but the main point is I don t think I m going to be able to get these characters or these ideas out of my head for a very veryong time This was so scary and so wonderfully cathartic and I know I Simulation of Local Area Networks ll be reading Sarah Porter s next book TW discussion of rape and sexual assault incest between foster siblings criticized codependency criticized parental neglect some really terrifying body horror death on page Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Spotify Youtube How am I just now hearing about this Ahhh I m so ready I was the one who said the magic words and now we re alliving under a spellThis is one of those ratings where I m being objective because though it s not an easy or entirely enjoyable read for me I was still very much in awe of some of the writing here and the subjects tackledIn a small town near Buffalo beautiful and untamed Josh goes missing after partying with a group of beautiful strangers His foster sister Ksenia was there but even she can t find him until one day when a domino falls and kicks off a bigger chain reaction than anyone could have predicted Firstly the good points the writing here is ush and poetic and will absolutely resonate with it s audience The book wraps some ugly and weighty subjects up in those pretty words but they re things teenagers have to think about and for the right reader this book is going to feel ike a revelation and validation all in one Add to that faeries done right full of teeth and torments and you ve got yourself a dark opera of a book emotions always front and centre and everything tinged with pain but Cisco lifted by the ever present promise of escapeFor me being a few years past the teenagetwenties emotional minefield it was always on the verge of edging into too much But I m not yet far enough away that I ve forgotten how it felt back then and for a teenager going through a hard time this book might just be that everything to escape into that some of our characters so desperately neededOverall a very good book even if I m noonger it s target I tried I really triedBut I couldn t get into the story Veganeasy! lineThis doesn t catch my interestDNF 20% 35 If youet yourself feel how empty the sky is you know you re always falling into an enormous hole To start if you are Romans looking for a bookike a certain cruel wicked and fae driven YA series I was this book will NOT make you happy If you are ooking to read something that has non traditional main characters dark fairies as an accessory and a very dark magical Labyrinth yes my age is showing feel to it then you will LOVE this storyThe relationships are unhealthy at best There are betrayals secrets and ies But at the heart of this story it s kind of a uestion of forgiveness Like how can we The Pidgin Warrior love someone who has wronged us Can we forgive someone for wrongs they ve done when they aren t really themselves Especially when it s someone you can relate to so well Someone who understands you on anotherevel that no one else does How can everything become nothing just because someone did something wrong Personally this story DNF 50% Y all I had to do myself a solid and pull the plug on this I Baby to Toddler Month by Month. Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman legitimately feltike I was on heavy drugs reading this it s such a weird story Just when I thought it couldn t get weirder it did and not in a this is uniue type of way it s a what the fuck am I reading type of way The whole foster sibling incest discussion one is in Babys on Fire love with the other was just a big nope Plus this promised TCP vibes but where were the Fae Blog Twitter Instagram 4 starsIt s the nightmare in the corner of your eye when you re about to fall asleep It s the daydream that starts out innocuous and turns sour before you realize your own train of thought It s twisted it s stunningly inventive in its nightmares and the portrayal of its characters is unsettling for a purpose Never Contented Things is one of the darkest fantasies I ve ever read and it s not here to cater to any of your preconceptions Imagination Nightmare uality Pacing Character Introductions Sarah Porter has created a tale that is stunning in its breadth of darkness Because of its deep dive into the unsettling I think it s safe to say that Never Contented Things is not for most readers Take the charismatic glittering world of Holly Black and remove all of the redeeming aspects of her faeries and their world the beauty the inherent hunt for good and the semiikable character traits and you re a step closer to Porter s take Androgynous Ksenia is Randolf Emmanuel Fontanilla (The Billionaire Boys Club, living aackluster Game for Life life with her foster brother Josh and their friend Lexi Things seem normal until Ksenia and Josh find themselves at an outdoor party and the guests areodd This is the arrival of the tale s brand of Fae all cruel and several steps away from the ethereal beauty that the genre is used to and Josh and Ksenia soon finds themselves in an upside down everything is just so slightly wrong world where the details are notike Wonderland or Faerie but rather a completely warped version of their mundane surroundings It s incredibly hard to describe the concept but suffice to say it is haunting and not at all მოთხრობები like any other preexisting trope I can t overemphasize enough how intensely uniue Porter s vision is The plot progresses in the form of six parts which rotate points of view between Ksenia Lexi Josh and Unselle In terms of enjoyability Lexi s sections are the clear winner Lexi s grounded no nonsense approach to the surreal madness of the plot is a refreshing breather from the occasionally disturbing sections of the othersWhile we re on the subject of disturbing aspects The reason Never Contented Things stalled out at 4 stars was due to its frankly alarming character introductions for both Ksenia and Josh They are foster siblings with hard backgrounds which are not their fault but due to their intensive closeness fostered out of past trauma there is the introduction of romantic feelings that have bubbled up out of their closeness It s incredibly hard to push through especially as it s our introduction to these characters It s convoluted andeaves a bad taste in your mouth I almost considered DNF ing it due to the unsettling relationship discussions BUT Never Contented Things needs this confusionbad taste Without divulging spoilers I Flames of the Dark Crystal ll just say that by the end of the story I understood why the romantic confusion was included I still think it was made weirder than it needed to be and probablyost uite a few readers before the plot became unputdownable but the justification is there It s just buried in the One Night at the Lake last sections of the plot Overall I do think Never Contented Things provides a new slice of the Fae genre and is extremely uniue in its approach I don t think Il ever uite forget itand it certainly will come to me the next time I m in the dark Many thanks to the publisher via NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest revie. Entrapped by the fairies Josh and Ksenia earn that the fairies' otherworldly gifts come at a terrible price ― and they must risk everything in order to reclaim their freedom.

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Let s get one thing out of the way first this is not ike The Cruel PrinceThe synopsis might make you think it is but there s no court intrigue no hate to Ask Me No Questions love romance and they are just very different stories with completely different messages Going into this expecting them to be similar will onlyead to disappointment Never Contented Things is a dark contemporary fantasy story about a codependent relationship between two foster siblings It s ugly messy disturbing and hard to read and if you re the kind of person who The Gnadiges Fraulein. likes to read about teenagers doing the right thing I really don t recommend this book The main characters in this story are in no way role models and they aren t meant to be However I think that stories about messed up teenagers finding a way out are very importantThis is a very uncomfortable read with a beautiful message A story that says that no matter what you went through there s hope You can heal And maybe you will always be haunted by those memories but you can get betterI think we need this kind of stories too because teens go through similar things well not the part were they re trapped by creepy fairies but you can see that as a metaphor and this deserves to be recognized And we need messed up stories from the point of view of marginalized characters all main characters here are ueer as well It may not be the most positive representation ever but it can help Not everyone sees themselves in stories about unproblematic peopleThis book follows three charactersKsenia Adderley arguably the main character She s currentlyiving with her foster brother Josh and her foster parents Mitch and Emma who accuse her of having a bad influence on her brother She s white presents as masculine and is described as not a girl in some parts of this book which makes me think she is nonbinarygenderueer but she never says anything about it or at Unscrewed least if she did I missed it She is attracted to multiple genders but doesn tabel herself She has been in multiple traumatic situations before including sexual assault and she s perceived as cold by many because she s very closed off She says and thinks a American Musicians lot of messed up things but I understood her and she grew on meJoshua Josh Korensky chubby pansexual and gender non conforming He s perceived as the good sibling by his parents While I understood his motivations and he is after all a victim too I still kind of despised himAlexandra Lexi Holden black mostly into men but not only grew up in a supportive family and is a good student She s Josh and Ksenia s friend she sees how the situation spirals out of control and she has a major role in Ksenia s recovery I reallyiked her PoVThe relationship Josh and Ksenia have is unhealthy codependent and becomes abusive throughout the story Ksenia is over protective because she feels His Convict Wife (Convict Wives like Josh is the only one who understands her andoves her She is really afraid to Toyota Management System lose him as she hasost many people before She takes all the responsibility for every time he messes up and she is seen as the one who has a bad influence on Josh even if she s actually the one who sees him as a brother Josh however doesn t really see Ksenia as a sister disregards her ack of consent because he believes he knows what she actually wants and pressures her in romanticsexual situationsThey re doing all the wrong things to remain together and it s difficult to readBut Never Contented Things isn t just about unhealthy relationships The friendship between Ksenia and Lexi was healthier and even the romance ff fgenderueer that develops from it seemed to be I really iked Ksenia and Lexi togetherOne could argue this is a story about a romance helping a person get out of an abusive relationship but I don t really agree Ksenia isn t saved by Lexi or by Lexi s Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, love Lexi helps her realize she has a problem but the decision to confront the truth about herself and her relationship with Josh was ultimately Ksenia s Ksenia doesn t just get out of a relationship she gets out of the mindset that got her there and that s why I didn t mind that this book ended with a romanceI won tie I didn t enjoy reading most of this While it does have its fun moments the scene about Prince on the burning chair made me A Seductive Revenge laugh outoud I almost DNFed it multiple times It made me feel sick I also highlighted entire pages of it especially near the ending because the character development was wonderfulWhat I California Living liked the most about Never Contented Things was Ksenia s character arc It s one of the most well written arcs I ve read in a whileThis is a story about denial and self hate Ksenia believes she can t beoved or understood and that s why she gets too close to the only person she believes So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, loves her she also believes she is a bad person that she doesn t really deserve to be happy That part in which she says that she struggles to appreciate the good things about herself that she gets she should in the abstract but doesn t really feel it I understand this kind of double standard than I dike toYou might have noticed that so far I ve barely mentioned the fairies That s because this is not really a fae book the fairies here are kind of incidental They make the situation worse and they add a Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty lot of creepiness pool party with dying ghost horses Door graveyards Eyes growing on your hat There s aot here but they re not the focusThat doesn t mean they weren t awesomely disgusting Especially Unselle She s the girl on the cover of this book and everything she says and does is very creepy and wrong on so many Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book levels Ioved reading about herTrigger warnings for foster brothersister incest codependency parental neglect emotional abuse sexual assault on page death body horror mentions of suicide I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewing purposes but all opinions are my own 45 stars rounded up after careful considerationThis book s biggest flaw was the way it was marketedFirst things first I A Study in Scandal (Scandalous loved this book I think it might have been a 5 stars under slightly different circumstances and if I can ever bring myself to read it again I think I will be able to give this the 5 stars it probably deservesBefore we get into what it did right and why Iiked it et me once again do the job that the publisher failed to do and clarify that first of all that blurb is totally misleading Prince is not the protagonist of this book and he s frankly not even that important Fairies in this book are just a clever excuse to explore humanity or better said some very fucked up and ugly sides of humanity And that brings me to my second point which you should keep in mind before even thinking about reading this book this is fucking dark It s ugly it s triggering it s maddening and if you manage to read enough of it it has one of the most satisfying character developments and conclusion of any book I ve ever readTo put this on Netgalley without a single trigger warning and especially to set it as Read Now was a huge mistake and a huge disfavor to both readers and the book itself I m sorry if I come off as harsh but I m not just here to review the book if the publisher really cares about feedback I hope they will take this into consideration for the next books they put up for review hi publisher person that will read this when I send my review through Netgalley please don t take this review as your cue to never approve me for your books ever again thank you This is initially a story about the codependency between two foster siblings Josh and Ksenia Their relationship gets about as unhealthy as you can imagine and because for the first good chunk of the book we only get to see things through Ksenia s eyes our reading experience can get incredibly frustrating If you re someone who while reading needs to be told at any given moment This is wrong btw then you should stay away from this book You know it s so so wrong but the book shows you that it is instead of telling you because character perspective matters and that s the whole fucking pointAs the story progresses and the codependency slides pretty heavily into abuse you get a different healthier POV And thank god because reading Lexi s POV chapters are ike emerging to finally take a breath after being held under water by Ksenia and Josh And still it s a while before things can get better because they need to get worse firstWhat truly struck me about this book were two things the writing which is absolutely stunning and it completely captured me from page one and the fact that Ksenia is given all the compassion all the redemption all the healing and forgiveness we usually bestow upon male characters And I don t know if she s a female character other reviewers have said she s possibly genderueer although this isn t explicit in the text but she s a character I feel was missing in YA or maybe I just haven t encountered one The One Who Stays (Summer Island, like her yetTheeading theme in this book is how abuse will affect the mind and affections of a victim How a victim is Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, left alone ignored blamed even and iseft so vulnerable to the slightest hint of what they think is Smijurija u mjerama love They think this is the best I can ever hope for This is better than it was before so it must mean it s all I m worth And sometimes things really are good but sometimes they re really fucking not and Ksenia was unlucky enough to first read the definition ofove from the dictionary of Josh except Josh is a victim too and his definition of Speer love is all wrong too This book does an amazing job at never victim blaming anyone but also at showing the effects of your first your second yourife Ultralearning long abuse because those things can t be ignored when we talk about abuse and especially when we talk about surviving itKsenia isn t magically saved by herove for Lexi or by Lexi s The Ring Of The Dove love for her but she s given the tool to dig herself out of eighteen years of wrong and that s the most powerful message you can send readersThere are so many other things Ioved about this book Everyone is ueer Ksenia is possibly genderueer and attracted to mult. Seductive Cruel BoredBe wary of Prince and his fairy courtiers are staggeringly beautiful unrelentingly cruel and exhausted by the tedium of the centuries ― until they meet fo.

Iple genders Josh is fat pansexual and gender non conforming Lexi is Black and discovers her multiple gender attraction throughout the novel the writing as I said before is absolutely beautiful and atmospheric The faeries are seriously creepy as fuck and I The Lost Literature of Medieval England loved hated them The conclusion was the best one I could hope for But seriously the best thing of all is everything I talked about for most of my reviewNow than ever I encourage you to read the trigger warnings and know that it s okay if you think you can t handle them these aren t things that are just mentioned in passing they are very real in the novel and it WILL get super uncomfortable even if this stuff isn t usually a trigger to you But if you think you can give this book a try because it s so so worth itTrigger Warnings incest codependency abuse sexual assault and rape death on page violence body horror parental neglect This is a dark creepy book It s not horror but it s skirting theine While this is clearly written in the tone of YATeen it is maybe only appropriate for about 15 due to the sex scenes and gore Sarah Porter takes us into the realm of the Fae without actually ever referencing fairies that is far from all happy and delightful Some things are easy obtaining food having clothing no money needed etc While other things are harder no real people creepy fairies mini versions of yourself crumbling infrastructure etc The overall morale is uite simple even if the story itself is complex in order to get something you must give something Be careful that what you re getting is worth that is being sacrificed Yes it s true some believe there is incest in this book Read 10 below for Tips to Reading Never Contented ThingsI m gonna give a A Curse of Kings list of tips These are things that I found I had to accept or make my brain ignore in order to get a bit of enjoyment out of Porter s novel 1 Fairies exist They will not be called fairies and they are clearly evil2 Remember the standard fairy rule never eat or drink while in the Fae realm3 Stop thinking you know what will happen and just go with it This story is teens making decisions and of course those decisions may not always beogical or make sense to you as the reader Remember being a teen is confusing4 Yes teens have sex If you d Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, like toive in a world of ignorance Im a Narwhal leave this book behind 5 Children are creepy and vulnerable 6 You might want to keep theights on while you read this7 Little mini gremlins as I called them in my head are clever Not weird or stupid but clever 8 Just because it s obvious what is happening to us doesn t mean our characters see the whole picture 9 This is a fictional story with magic Therefore anything can happen 10 Finally and the most important FOSTER SIBLINGS BEING ATTRACTED TO ONE ANOTHER IS NOT INCEST They met at 11 and 14 This is NOT incest at all They are not blood related They merely Madame Timide live in the same house You may find it awkward or weird and you re supposed to but it doesn t make it wrong illegal and is technically not inappropriate They are just two teensike any other that met each other as teens Sorry to yell but it infuriates me that people are condemning this book because a core plot point is incest It s not incest as there is zero blood relationChoosing Who To LoveEven were the attraction between our two Girl, Woman, Other leading teens incestual it would be okay to be in this book Why Because it s fiction You may not want to read it and that s fine Then put it down One of my favourite books as a teen was Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews Partially because it s so horrifying but also because it made the point that you don t choose who toove You just fall in A South African Night love It helped 14 year old me understand that the world is messed up and as we humansive in this weird world so too can our desires be explainable It doesn t make us bad people it s merely a complication that we have to deal with as we ourselves deem appropriate We may need to follow a few Bismillah Soup laws in place for our own protection and that of future offspring but that doesn t mean that we are fundamentally bad people Writing StyleThisikely would have been a higher rating had the writing style been a पिंजर little smoother At times Never Contented Things felt disjointed Like there were chunks of the story missing I also felt that too much was revealed too soon It was very obvious to me from the get go what was happening I d haveiked a Venous Catheters little mystery to the events transpiring and subtle foreshadows Readers are smart yes even teenagers and can sort certain things out in their mind In fact many readersove to have ah ha moments that have pieces falling into place perfectly But you can t have an ah ha moment if you ve known what s happening all along OverallThe idea here is not necessarily new Fae realms and trapping humans has The Marines E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, long been a fundamental piece of most fairy stories What s uniue here is the driver thateads our characters to decide to act the way they do One of those pieces is the uniue relationship between our two Android Studio Application Development lead foster kids It would have helped understand their co dependent relationship had there been back story on where they came from and how they got to the foster home where they met I also feltike no time was given to the foster parents who obviously have an influence on the teens and setting rules More early development of all our characters before any fairies show up would have been great My favourite part of all is the Å Skrive Jus til Eksamen little nod to traditional fairy stories by making one of the most evil of them named Unseelie This is the name commonly used to describe theower or underground or evil Fae court It was perfect and an early tip off to just how far these crazy fairies might be willing to go To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review This is a book about the attempt to find relationships and connections when in circumstances where it is hard to develop either and how that can ead both to unhealthy behavior and to real ove it simply depends how it is expressedDon t ook at the average rating yet We l talk about it Never Contented Things follows two foster siblings who are in The Firebirds Tale love or so they think no this is not romanticized and their journey after one makes a deal with faerie So yes the first half of this book is deeply fucked up but that s the point we see these characters hit theirows and we are forced to empathize deeply with the situation they ve been put in Josh and Ksenia s relationship is based on intense codependency one where they have been forced into a mutual relationship based on necessity the narrative does a frankly impressive job of showing this while still sticking in what the characters actually feel about each other By 50% through you re rooting for both of their characters in very different ways but actively rooting against their relationship Also you are very fucking terrified of the faeries The reason this probably shouldn t be a five is that I actively did not enjoy reading the first 20% and indeed struggled with a One Night of Passion (Danvers, lot of this book you read because you re almost too horrified and scared for these characters toook away I do get why the average rating is somewhere around a 3 It s not a fun novel This novel was also marketed as I believe my reviewer friend Acua pointed out somewhat poorly Never Contented Things is asking for a very certain type of reader I think Little Bitty Lies leaning older teen and new adult demographic and is certainly not a book that should be placed on read now on Netgalley I also have noticed that a great percentage of the bad ratings are readers who DNFed this and rated it one star which is perfectly fine it s just that this has dropped the rating pretty damn far The reason this is for me ateast a five is that it is frankly one of the most emotionally cathartic novels I ve ever read Here are just a few things we should talk about in regards to this book gender as it plays into self image the idea of only oving what you want to see in someone the fact that one of the plot points is essentially about the mortifying ordeal of being known and it made me cry rape culture and the way in which Ksenia s character has closed herself off due to being an unspoken victim the degree to which the narrative works against romanticization of self harm the narrative s focus on healthy ove as not something revolving around ownership the sheer tenderness of The Outcast loving someone as your best friend before your crush and being willing to sacrifice aot for them simply because you Katerina love them without it mattering how or whether theyove you back the idea that no matter what your past is you can always find your way out I m going to really unpack all of these in further depth because I honestly just have so many feelings about this But if you re already intrigued and want to avoid any possible spoilers please do just go read it yourself Seriously It s one of the most wonderfully well written narratives I ve had the pleasure of reading go buy a copy etc Ksenia is a character who projects to the outside world being very comfortable in her identity Actually she dresses androgynously to the point where characters mistake her for a boy also every description of her outfits within this book made me cry she s such a The Sisters Brothers legend But inwardly she s not there for herself at all not yet There s a plot point in this book involving Ksenia s inner selves being captured into tiny bodies and being used to create the upstairs of her and Josh s house it s terrifying and I m such a fan of it And neither she nor Josh can get than two steps on the stairs to the upper floor This makes sense given that Josh doesn t want to see who she really is it s just that she doesn t want to see who she really is either The truth is that Ksenia is dealing with aot of trauma from being sexually assaulted something she has refused to allow herself to truly process because no one has given her the space to process what happened to her You re stil. Ster siblings Josh and Ksenia Drawn in by their vivid emotions undying Vapor Trail (Phil Broker, love for each other and passion forife Prince will stop at nothing to possess themFirst seduced and then.

I'm no longer checking goodreads If you'd like to contact me please write to wateryden at gmail dot com Thank youI write stories that seem to me to be uite true enough for all practical purposes Among them are VASSA IN THE NIGHT THE LOST VOICES TRILOGY and the forthcoming WHEN I CAST YOUR SHADOW and TENTACLE AND WING Realism makes little sense to me and I experience truth in the