Cristina Bicchieri: The Grammar of Society The Nature and Dynamics of Social Norms

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At I could skip the formal stuff and still find the book seful and interesting christina bicch. Ditions and methods including those of social psychology experimental economics and evolutionary game theory Bicchieri provides an integrated account of how social norms emerge and why and when we follow them Exami.

Phil of social science is really not my thing but there s enough of a normative project here th. Cristina Bicchieri examines social norms such as fairness cooperation and reciprocity in an effort to nderstand their nature and dynamics generated expectations and evolution and change Drawing on intellectual tra.

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Ieri makes game theoretical acconts of social norms exciting again seriously this is good stuff. Ning the existence and survival of inefficient norms she demonstrates how norms evolve in ways that depend pon the psychological dispositions of the individual and how such dispositions may impair social efficienc.

Cristina Bicchieri is the SJP Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Philosophy Politics and Economics program She is a foremost scholar of rational choice and philosophy of social science and a leader in behavioral ethics