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Sixteen year old Gail is living the upper class suburban life when she begins receiving terrifying phone calls and notes in her locker And the calls keep coming When she s attacked by the town s golden boy everyone refuses to take action against him and his powerful family A frightening rama that Werewolf Smackdown (Felix Gomez, deals with heavy teen issues and the idea of justice or lack thereof from bestselling author Richard Peck The first book in a while that s made me cry it took a lot to not let myself bawl Iid not like the ending because it s not how it should ve happened but unfortunately that reality happens freuently than it should This book being written by a man makes me like it It s not just as if a woman is fighting for her voice to be heard but a man sticking up for a woman and speaking for her as well It can be My Jesus Year depressing the book but it s well written and grasps your attention It feels controversial to say I enjoyed it which you understand if you know what happens This isn t your Lifetime Channel rapiststalker on the prowl movie of the week where the shaken victim gets in a couple of girl power moments and has the community or court room on her side by the end Are You in the House Alone takes the rare observation of the internal psychol Are You in the House Alone was published in 1976 before caller id and cell phones back in theay when phones were attached to the wall and prank calls were not easily traced and when people used words like sweathog Gail the narrator is a high school junior who is harrassed first with prank calls while she is babysitting then with creepy notes in her locker and finally with a violent attack I enjoyed the story but it was especially interesting to see how things have changed since 1976The book is shocking to read now not because it is graphic the Try This disturbing elements of the book are notescribed in etail but because of the characters attitudes towards class and especially rape Gail s parents o not trust her boyfriend because his parents are working class Gail s best friend s only ambition is to marry well There is a The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl definite linerawn between rich and poor in Gail s town and the two Poisonous Snakes do not intermingle Gail s stalker is able to get away with his crimes because he comes from the richest and most powerful family in town But even if heidn t the police probably would not have taken Gail seriously When the policeman interviews Gail his tone is appalling implying that there is no such thing as rape only girls who tease and change their minds And he kept calling her honey so sexist and condescending There are many reasons I enjoy this book First it Dirty Deeds (Mechanics of Love, deals with a real world threat that many people confront on aaily basis Second it gives voice to the age old belief that women ask for it when they are raped Third it shows the process of what happens after a girl has been raped uring the hospital proceedings and finally it offers the perspective that some will fight for justice Gail knows the realities of the situation that Phillip will probably escape prosecution As in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson there is no real punishment for Phil so there is still a resounding lack of justice However there s a process of healing for Gail which is a strong message for other adolescents who may be victims I would probably teach this novel over Speak in a high school classroom I like that the hospital experience is involved and I like that Gail stands up to her attacker espite the small chance that it will actually receive the fairness it Chore Whore deserves As for actual themes I wouldevelop I would ask students to consider prejudices against females the concept of a girl The Forgotten Man Graphic Edition deserving or asking to be raped and the comment that Gail is a slut for not wearing a bra I would also have them consider the power that is in a letter in a good letter like the love letters of Jane Austen s characters or in a bad letter such as the stalker notes Gail receives It was a really good idea Creepy and scary in a fucked up this is way to real for my tastes kinda way I prefer my horror haunted housey less slashed manic And I felt it was an important book Scary mostly because shit like this happens often then we want to admit and nothing isone about it But the writing simply wasn t good enough to. 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Er trying to cope with this tragedy which is even harder when Phil roams the streets Phil even sent her flowers Gail tries to warn her best friend Allison but Allison just gets furious and refuses to believe it Gail eventually goes back to school but Phil harasses her on her walk home Before the end of the book Phil attacks again He almost kills a girl who was wearing the same coat as Gail Phil is finally taken away somewhere but no one knows where Then the book ends with everyone in an uproar Gail can t stand men Steve is mad at Gail for not taking action against Phil Allison is epressed because her boyfriend is mentally sick the other girl is almost Croma Venture: The Spiral Wars, Book 5 dead everyone in town is scared etc This book might be a good book for a rape victim to read because it might help the victim cope everything However it is a really intense book The rape scene is especially intense Therefore Io not think children should read this book It should be an adult book It Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, definitely should not be placed in school libraries I loved this book not because it was an especially easy or fun read but because books like this oneiscussing tough topics need to be written So thank you Richard Peck for writing this book This whole review is going to be a big spoiler because to talk about why it s awesome I kind of have to give away the big surprise So be forewarnedview spoiler Despite being filed often as mysterysuspense this book is really only half mystery In the 1970 s in a small conservative suburb in western Connecticut Gail starts getting a lot of hang up phone calls while she s babysitting or home alone Then someone starts leaving obscene notes in her locker at school Finally about half way through the book Gail is raped and beaten by her best friend s boyfriend and the town s golden boy Phil End of mystery The whole second half of the book is about Gail The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant dealing with the aftermath Many of those around Gailon t want to believe she was raped The police officer who uestions her insinuates that she One Girl One Dream deserved it She s pretty after all she must have been teasing her boyfriend and he got a little riled up You can t blame a guy The lawyer Gail s family hires who s awesome basically says she ll probably lose if they go to court because a Gail s taking birth control b she s having sex with her steady boyfriend and c she s pretty Basically she s a scheming easyelinuent youth trying to ruin the chances of an all start athlete and son of the richest family in town I just about lost it at this point and sat silently fuming and muttering to myself for a while until I was calm enough to continueThere are a lot of reviews of this book on Goodreads talking about how the subject matter is too adult for this story to be considered young adult The book starts with Gail and her boyfriend skinny The Amazing SAS dipping and there s a fewiscussions between Gail and her mother about how she s been to Planned Parenthood to get birth control and how Steve and her are sleeping together And there is the rape scene But Peck was obviously very careful to avoid anything that could be considered obscene or indecent The contents of the notes left in Gail s locker are only alluded to The rape scene ends before any actual rape begins And not once is there an actual sex scene This book is The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter downright clean compared to some of the passionate scenes found in other YA novels The only thing that this book has that otherso not is frank Broken Prophecy discussion of a young woman s sexuality and her right to identify as a sexual being without being harangued for itYes it sifficult to read at times especially The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, during and after the rape scene It s an intense experience what Gail goes through But it s so important to continue this and similar kinds ofiscussions with teen girls This book made me want to get Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, down on my knees and thank the women s rights activists who fought to change the perception of rape in this country since the 1970 s But girls still need to know that these things can happen that it s often someone you know that their silence will only further hurt themselves and maybe even others as Gail soes when her silence leaves Phil free to strike again Young adulthood is the perfect time to read this kind of story and begin The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker discussing these issues hide spoiler. 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Make it truly scary or suspenseful for me it was ok But efinitely not great Great bookreview to follow in a sentence it all starts when gail gets a very graphic and sexually violent note in her locker at schooland then the phone calls start but only when she s all alonei must confess this has been on my to read list for awhile but after a recent conversation with my friend elizabeth about goosebumps and fear street i The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated decided that now was the time to read it i was hoping for something that would be so absorbingly scary that i could jump up in my seat as i was reading high expectations i know but this bookid a pretty Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue darn good job of getting thereyou re introduced to a multitude of characters that could be the creepoing these things to gail so you re guessing along with her to try and Silent Confessions discover who the guy isthe first 23 of the book was what i expected mysterious creepy scary angsty after the event that shifts the story i was not sure what to expect for the last 13 of it however this was a scary story and if the scary part happens before the end what are we too with the rest good thing richard peck had an idea of what to A Texas Holiday Miracle do and executed it wellat the same time viewing the entitlement issues of small town high schoolynamics and relationships paired with a suspensefully uncomfortable undertone this book takes a hard look at some tough issues as someone who is an avid Lifetime Movie Network fan and Law and Order SVU this book particularly spoke to me happy endings are not a given punishment isn t always just victims sometimes make themselves of a victim from their lack of action if the first 23 of the book is the mystery the last 13 is the genius of the author for taking that mystery and making it feel tangible and realthough a bit clumsy in parts especially with the veiled conclusion at the end are you in the house alone was a thrill ride for the first part and a thoughtful pondering for the last part which made for a uniue and relevant book in particular the last conversation between the mother and 74 Seaside Avenue daughter about the overall conclusion that gave me the heebie jeebies i was hoping for something better than Fear Street my memory of Fear Street rather as i have not read them since i was about 10 and i was notisappointedfave uotes When you ve got a problem your friends can t face you become aleper 87I felt The Note drunk with all the knowledge I knew hew was missing an important human part Call it insanity if you feel like making excuses for him He thought everything belonged to him and that he couldo no wrong Nobody had ever told him otherwise At that moment it The Loving Gift didn t even chill me to realize how many people there are like that in this world 147fix er up there were some loose ties i was notown with the family s lawyer after the incident just sorts of fades into the background for example I am shocked that this book is considered a young adult book If I had children I wouldn t want them to read this book even if they were in high school The synopsis on the back said it was about a sixteen year old girl who receives strange notes and phone calls She feels she is always being watched I thought this would be a normal young adult mystery where the characters get scared and try to solve the mystery In the end they catch the person and everyone is saved However this book is much The Wildcatter different First of all they talk a lot about Gail the main character having sex with her boyfriend Steve Then the notes and phone calls that Gail receives are very vulgar The stalker tells her what he plans too with her Half way through the book Gail is beaten and raped by Phil Lawver her best friend s boyfriend and the son of the most powerful family in town His family is so powerful that they have complete control of the police the school board etc No one wants to persecute him because all authority figures are where they are today because of the Lawver family The police try to make Gail seem like a slut and Phil seem like the victim Gail Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, decides not to go for an arrest because if the case even makes it to trial which is highly unlikely she will have to relive the event and undergo harsh uestioning on the witness stand Even after that Phil will probably not be persecuted The rest of the book is about You fall Et ne pas avoir peur si tu tombes You only living one so tell me? 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Richard Peck was an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2001 for his novel A Year Down Yonder For his cumulative contribution to young adult literature he received the Margaret A Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 1990