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His seriesFor people who enjoy context a little background The entire series was conceived by SF writer Randall Garrett and his wife Vicki Ann Heydron They had an outline and I m guessing some detailed plots but a couple ears before the first book was published Garrett became ill from encephalitis and spent the rest of his life about eight Călătoria unui fiu risipitor. Eseu romanţat asupra neizbânzii years in a come that he never recovered from leaving his wife to see it throughBy all reports and by that I mean the author bio in the back the outline they had come up with for the series got sketchier toward the end and so by the time she reached this book she was mostly completely on her own Would it have deviated too much from what the two of them working fully together throughout would have come up with We ll never knowThat s fine though Having not been exposed to Garrett s fiction its hard to say whether his full input would have markedly changed anything let alone improving it What we have though is pretty goodHaving made it this far into the seriesou know that Ricardo has merged with the memories of a Things for the Surgeon young man from Gandalara He s bonded to a giant telepathic cat and is in love with Tarani an illusionist who has also merged with the memories of the lastoung woman Ricardo talked to before they were both apparently hit by a meteor and sent to this world By a stroke of luck it turns out that she s eligible to be a High Lord of Eddarta which is cool but not as cool as the fact that she also managed to gain a telepathic giant cat that is partnered with Ricardo s and given birth to his cubs Its all cute Unfortunately a good number of people who are handy with swords want them dead which isn t as cuteWhen we last left our heroes they had discovered that the magic gem the Ra ira which has the benefit of elevating someone s mental powers was not in their possession as they thought and instead was in the hands of someone who had pretended to be an ally earlier in the series and was now controlling the entire city of Raithskar for the purpose of bwhahahahchaos Their mission is simple stop him preferably by separating parts of his body from the rest of him But the actual accomplishing of that task is the hard part and even if they succeed is that going to be end of their troublesOne thing this series has done well is give us seven distinct novels that use the completion of one plot to springboard into another mostly organically As we ve been going along our understanding of the world has been expanding something that finally culminates as Ricardo realizes the natu. Ear In this stunning epic this sweeping saga of Grandalara reaches its unexpected awe inspiring conclusion as the secret of this strange desert world is revealed at las.

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Y wraps up everything mysteries are revealed the earth moves the real Ra ira is found the last known baddies are defeated and there s at least a chance that all will live happily ever afterIt s a exciting book than its predecessors Up to now we ve been stepping through the long and complicated plot not slowly but at a measured pace and now things really start to happenThis has to be the best of the series since the first one which was good in a different way it had the novelty of Ricardo s arrival in a new and surprising world and I suppose that Randall Garrett made a substantial contribution to it before he was incapacitated Whereas I guess that books 2 to 7 were largely written by Vicki Ann Heydron with Randall Garrett contributing mainly to the initial outlineThe weakness of this book is that all along people and even sha um are too easily persuaded by Rikardon and Tarani It s pleasant in a way that goodness prevails in this world but it seems too easy it s unconvincingThe baddies are not usually persuaded they have to be defeated However in the real world well meaning goodies have to struggle with the great mass of people who are not particularly bad nor particularly good but uncommitted unpersuaded and uncooperative And it s these in between people who aren t properly represented in this bookThe series as a whole is well conceived The scenario was a good idea and the details of the environment feel right The plot was carefully planned It could have been a classic series but some magic ingredient in the writing is missing and so Garrett s Lord Darcy stories remain enjoyable and therefore better known than this very different exercise in fictionI find the central character of RicardoRikardon rather annoying He s mostly presented as wise good and able His tendency to self doubt should be endearing But it s coupled with intermittent attacks of bad behaviour stupidity and foot in mouth disease Perhaps Randall Garrett had this kind of dual personality himself but it s not easy to live with even in fictionAlthough some explanation and justification is attempted it remains hard to believe that the sha um great cats of this world are willing to place themselves in the service of men for very intangible rewards and to tolerate considerable hardships when they could easily live free as most of them continue to do Perhaps one of the most poignant dedications I ve ever seen in a book is the simply stated For Randall I hope I have done well that comes right before we launch into the seventh and last book of Through the mystic force of the sacred stoned called the Ra'ira Outlawed and hunted Rikardon and Tarani stage a daring and desperate raid to shatter his death grip of

Conclusion of the series where many mysteries are revealed Great book still a favorite Amazing Series This is one of the best series I ve ever read Even after having read it several times I still find something new each time I read it The exciting end to the Gandalara Cycle Truths are uncovered people we think we know turn out to not be what they seem and disaster is somehow averted Check it out Reread in May 2013 The last book may be my favorite of the series The surprise time travel element of the plot still seems uestionable to me but it s a pretty awesome concept Great ending that I didn t immediately see A worthy finale Gandalara Cycle 4 6 were definitely the weakest of the series so I was pleased the last book improved The set is still worth the read very creative The conclusion to the Gandalara Cycle written mostly by Randall Garrett s wife This book does very well in wrapping this series up Sad to end it but happy that a long term solution was implemented thus changing the evolution and history of the human race So a satifsfying conlusion Nice wrap up book to end the series all the story lines get resolved in a nice way and not in a predictable manner Above average SiFiFantasy read Very recommended While I enjoyed the wrap up of the series a cracking good adventure overall I find this somewhat lacking in a number of ways largely because the story dragged out for the last three books and then everything necessary was CRAMMED into this one There were at least four major climaxes shoved into this book and it left the huge overall arc dangling at the endEvery dangling plot line is hastily wrapped up as new dangers are introduced with Rikardon running once again back and forth across the face of Gandalara as the land starts to fall apart around them If it s not one thing it s another as we finally learn WHERE they are and why they were sent but between earthuakes and volcanoes and trips into the All Mind plus getting back to Raithskar to finish off the main storyline from book one which is glossed over in the excitement over the impending disasterIt s all too much Most of this should have been wrapped up sooner and told with grace instead of shoved into a few chapters at the endI would also have loved to have seen a final frame with some of the descendants accessing the life memories that we ve seen being recorded to see if the Gandalarans made it to the top and that this all worked That would have been niceI liked the series a lot but I was disappointed in the end This seventh book finall. In the Valley of the Mists Rikardon and Tarani have discovered an ancient truth that will alter the destiny of Gandalara forever But an evil lord has enslaved the land.

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