Lisette Allen: The Amulet Black Lace

This book was a bit much for EVEN me Wow I did have to skip some pages so I could get on with the story An erotic historical novel set in Ancient RomeCatrina an orphan adopted by the pagan Celts has grown into a beautiful oung woman Luad the lecherous Druid Leader is training her in the way of the priesthood but Catrina is not happy When the tribe capt.

Ould have been a 5 star book Take out like 10 of the sexy pages and add plot fighting danger and dialogue. Ith him Pursuing him to the Roman city of Eboracum Catrina realises that decadence is rife with slaves and gladiators Carried away by the wild sensuality of the Romans' exotic lifestyle she discovers the true nature of her desires and those of Alexius.

Liked the main characters the setting transported me back to Ancient Rome and there was some danger Fun Ures a handsome Roman legionary called Alexius with every intention of killing him she finds herself strongly drawn to his masculine charms and vows to leave the uncivilised clanBut she is shocked when Alexius escapes taking her scared silver amulet

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